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What does it mean if my crush makes out with me and leaves a hickey on my chest... But has a gf ? 😒

you take pictures of your hickey and send it to her because the guy is a cheating piece of shit and deserves to have his ass exposed

girls should have each other’s back

ya feel

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the fact that you've gotten into star wars is absolutely amazing to me. the aus just make everything better. i rly need to finish clone wars myself and seeing it from you is making me actually want to, lol. so thanks for the indirect motivation?

It was kind of an oddly spontaneous thing. I mean people had been muttering about The Force Awakens for a while, but it didn’t really stir me because the post-RotJ expanded universe never particularly interested me. I was excited, but not bouncing outta my seat “OMG STAR WARS OMG OMG” excited.

But then I was visiting my parents one weekend and decided to borrow their DVDs for a marathon. Like a week later, that second trailer came out. Maybe the Millennium Falcon is what did it for me, idk. I started replaying the LEGO video games and getting into TCW, and then eventually I totally broke and started wearing a padawan braid to work and walking around my apartment with a cheap plastic lightsaber on my hip.

I’d been keeping it a low-key fandom for a while because SW was part of my childhood and felt slightly, idk, sacred to me? I didn’t want it to be “ruined” by fandom wank or whatever. But then I remembered that fun exists, and got over myself :P  So now I’m reading the JA series and leaking squee all over tumblr XD

I’m glad to be dragging other people back in with me! :Dc


I’ve been up from 5am, went on a school trip, got several bruises, and I still look cute as shit. I’m goddess tbh

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"I am not going to eat that." Hermann cringed when Newt offered him the package.

“They’re chocolate-covered gummy kaiju, dude! Do you know how hard it was to find these?” Newt popped one in his mouth, smacking his lips. “And besides the fact that they’re freaking delicious, you can totes pretend that you’re a badass jaeger, crushing the hell out of a Cat III or something.”

Hermann held out his hand silently.

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hello!! i think im going to ask out my crush next week after finals are finished. i want to do it before school ends. he's not very verbal about his feelings but i see him blush a lot when he talk and he looks at me and we stare at each other (not in a creepy way, in a cute way) and we're always finding excuses to be around each other. i text him sometimes too. i really like him and im really nervous, what if this messes everything up?

you’ve got this mate. im glad you have the confidence to even THINK about doing this and being nervous SUCKS but hey once you get it out there everything will be okay!! he sounds like he likes you so why not try?! and even if he rejects you it’ll be alright because it wont mess everything up FOREVER. trust me it might be awks at first but not forever! and hey look on the positive side he might like you back!! #yolo


sleepover friday!!

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Is it weird that I have a crush on Alaska in drag (I also have a crush on her out of drag)? Like she (to me) is so convincing as a woman that I would be "straight" (even tho I know she's not) for her even tho I'm gay... I feel like that's weird and I don't know why? Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this.

NOO IT’S NOT WEIRD! drag queens are so confusing!! im (bi) attracted to adore in girl drag but not boy drag, i think sharon’s hot in boy drag but not girl drag, and then violet’s hot in both. my straight brother might be attracted to katya in girl drag lol.

just go with it!