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So I went on my first date in years earlier this year and the girl said to me with unbelievable confidence and condescension that I “don’t know who I am yet and have no goals” and honestly it still bothers me how rude that was??? Who says that the first time meeting someone tho?? She really made me feel like shit that day, so rude man

So what if I’m still learning about myself, like she was only a few months older than me like why did she feel the need to do that to someone the same age as her, we’re all learning and growing girl wtf 😒😒

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For Halloween~~ Scenario where Zen's crush actually turns out to be a ghost?

Zen was beginning to see a pattern with you. How you couldn’t come out to see him performe in a certain area or how on date nights when he wanted to whisk you away you were suddenly to ill for it. Maybe you didn’t like him as much as he liked you or perhaps you didn’t like the crowds that flocked to him.

Zen loved you he adored your very being, and that was the problem with for you. You didnt mean to fall in love with him, it was meant to be one last haunting before you went to the ghost world to stay until next October. But he had been so sweet and had looked last your pale every thing. He called you the sweetest things and didnt mind that you were landlocked (even if he didnt know) he cared for you in the most adorable way ,

When Halloween rolled around and you felt the pull on your corporal form slipping you knew what you had to do. You needed to tell Zen the truth and hopefully his love was strong enough to look past this, what was that human saying “to death do us part?” maybe it could still work out in a weird way.

Zen stared slack jawed as the ball from a little kid passed right through your stomach.
The sheepish smile on your face as you through up your hands

“surprise I’m dead!”

Zen fainted.

He did promise to wait for you until next October, you would be his one and only even if you were dead.

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How would Spy react if he had feelings for someone but they are allergic to cigarette smoke or being around someone allergic to cigarette smoke in general?

Ooh, I do love talking about Spy! If people haven’t figured it out already, Spy’s pretty much my favorite merc. And nonnie, did you mean what if someone who Spy fancies is diagnosed with asthma? When you think about it, everyone is ‘allergic’ to smoking from cigarettes. (Well, I don’t have proper medical knowledge, but still). I’m going to answer the question as “What would Spy do if he finds out his crush has asthma?” Hope you don’t mind! Onto the answer!

As soon as Spy suspects his crush - no, a person who he happens to fancy - shows any signs of asthma or health problems because of smoking, he’d try to stop when he’s around them. He’ll have a real difficult time, though. (Spy in canon is a fucking smoke addict. In game and comic. HE’S SMOKING 24/7. How is the dude not dead from lung cancer…?) It’ll tear him apart on the inside - spend as much time around the person as much as possible, or face even ten minutes without a smoke? Are they even worth this much trouble? Why is he letting himself get attached?

Eventually, Spy would get over his self doubts, if he thinks it’s truly worth it. He’ll restrain his smoking habits into a challenge. Make it into a game. Something he can overcome. Spend short period of times around his crush without smoking. Five minutes for a week. Fifteen minutes next week. So on, and so forth. Eventually these periods stretch, until Spy can hang around his crush without smoking. Doesn’t mean he completely gives it up - he’d just train himself to the point where whenever he’s around the person, he’s not smoking at all.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Have I mentioned that my favourite thing is Adam Parrish being bisexual af?

Just casually describing people as heart attacks like you do

Dude this is not subtle
you are a mess