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reaction compilation #72

Reactions to page 35. From smiles to tears!

(Is it the eyelashes again.)

Thank you!~

Too much sweet stuff is bad for you. Here at Caretaker AU, we believe in providing a balanced meal!

Who could ever hate a sweet kid like Chara?

The King has a king-sized bed and king-sized horns.

This ask made me laugh so hard. Yes I ASSURE YOU IT’S JUST A BOOK

Oh my gosh… so that means… you are a 14 year old who has crushes on the three kids in this AU?? THAT’S HILARIOUS

starcre8tion  asked:

If you already have pages you've completed, how do you resist the temptation of posting them straight away? Or do you not have this temptation at all...?

TRUST ME THE TEMPTATION IS SO REAL. but we have to stay on schedule! we’re determined to keep this au alive, which means fighting the urge to post our entire backlog.

as much as it pains us to wait, it’s worth it for the ease of mind. if one of us gets sick or goes on vacation (like minty did a while ago), the comic will still go on!