crushed coriander seeds

Peter Morwood's "Pork with Chilies and Chocolate"

attn @petermorwood: What is your signature recipe doing in my Google Drive? You want to store this somewhere for future generations.) :)

…For those who may be interested: This is a Mexican recipe that Peter devised from one originally intended to use a whole pork roast. It’s really good. The last time he made it for a big crowd, @georgetakei was seen polishing out the near-empty casserole with a piece of bread to get at the last of the sauce. The pic above was taken while Peter was making it in Vienna for a couple of opera singers of our acquaintance.

Recipe details under the cut.

(Note to @alesandriana: Re the tarragon vinegar: In places where you can’t buy it, you make it. Get white wine vinegar, heat it to a simmer, stick tarragon into it, take it off heat, bottle it back up and leave it alone for a week or so. [Even dried tarragon will work if you’re desperate.] Re juniper berries: a good grocery will have them from one of the major providers [Schwarz in the UK, or McCormick/Schilling in the US]. But they are kinda regional. Health food stores or specialty ethnic groceries sometimes have them.)

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