One thing I really want to do when I find the person I love is take them around my hometown.

I just want to walk around with them through my neighborhood, show them the little secret places only the locals know of, look at the old carvings on trees, tell them stories about the told things that got destroyed and the new things that got built, what’s gone forever and what’s here to stay, take them to the old playground to swing over the lake, walk with them through beaten paths in the forests, tell them urban legends, and recount stories from what I was younger. 

I want to drive them around my town and take them to the little thrift stores and ice cream shops, to all the places that would have otherwise been boring to me because I’ve known them all my life and have been going to them for years, but in going with the person I love, it will be a new, exciting experience. I want to talk to them about everything. I want to show them everything and make it special. I want to share everything.

And then I want to do the same for them, go to the place they grew up in and are probably tired of, but to me it’s a whole new world. My enthrallment with it will make them smile and enjoy their town even more than they normally would have otherwise. 

I just want to walk around together and share what’s mine, and maybe get a little bit of what’s theirs in return.


so there’s this girl at my school and she’s super cute ok and i see her from time to time bc i have to work with her sometimes and i saw her in the photo lab when i was doing my project and we started talking bc she noticed my fall out boy themed still-life and then i friended her on facebook 

OK BUT HERES THE BEST PART she brought up chernobyl and u know me i’m a history fuckin nerd and we talked about it over her status and she said WE SHOULD HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT IT and WE SHOULD GET COFFEE SOMETIME!!!

maybe 2015 will be the year i get laid