crush tho

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d

“I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?”

  • Kevin: The only thing I care about in life is exy
  • Neil: lowkey same?
  • Kevin: Nothing and no one will ever compare
  • Neil: right
  • Kevin: Anything and anyone else is a waste of time
  • Neil: sure
  • Kevin:
  • Neil:
  • Kevin:
  • Neil:
  • Kevin: but I would marry Jeremy Knox if he asked

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Random Wild Theory Time

It’s way too soon for so much work and theorizing but I was watching this interview…

When asked about their favorite episodes most agree its either 6 or 13 but Joshua hops in and says “I gotta go with number 4 nobody else actually like generally mentions four when we get asked that question but I loved shooting episode 4.  Can’t talk about what it is but it’s awesome.” 

According to IMDb (which granted isn’t always reliable)  it states that Andi has a party at her house.  So yeah I could see why that would be fun for them to film but there’s something else.

This actor named Garren Stitt is also going to be in this episode and he’s a recurring character. He’s credited with 4 episodes in the first season.  So this is all just a theory but maybe he will be a boy that Cyrus likes?  Garren signed that post on IG as “Marty from the party.”  That is something I can totally see Cyrus calling him.  He doesn’t know him well at first he’s just “Marty from the party.” This is all just a guess of course but I need Cyrus to find a boy to be cute with. 

I’m probably wrong but I thought I’d share this anyways.

Keith probably has the most game out of all the paladins/people and he doesn’t even know it sorry I don’t make the rules