crush talking to someone else


  • Bin is that friendly kid that goes out a lot and rarely studies but still ends up with good grades somehow no one knows how he does it
  • (even his best friend/roommate minhyuk who manages to balance studies + dance still gets lower marks than he does, neither of them really know why)
  • so Bin never really goes to the library, he’s never had the need to.
  • up until the day he’s on his way back to the from class and sees this really really pretty boy cross his path
  • the boy looks about his height, he’s got coffee in one hand and he’s gripping the strap of the back pack over his shoulder with the other 
  • he doesn’t really know why he feels compelled to follow the boy but bin’s always been the whimsical type and he’s really got nowhere to be and no one will know suspect that he’s going to the library only to stare at the pretty boy since he has his bag from class
  • maybe he’ll do some work while he’s there ONLY so he doesn’t look suspicious
  • the boy walks into the library and bin follows, choosing to take a table far away enough from the boy but also close enough that he can still stare.
  • its only 5 minutes in and Bin is seriously wondering what he’s doing 
  • did he really just come to the library to stare at a handsome stranger
  • its not like he has a crush or anything you can’t crush on someone you’ve never talked to 
  • except anyone else who knew of the situation would probably call it a crush, since bin starts going back to the library regularly to stare at study boy. 
  • he’s pretty lowkey about it and he’s sure study boy hasn’t caught on, since study boy is always absorbed in his work
  • except for dongmin has caught on. 
  • the first couple of days he thought nothing of it, some guy just hanging around at a table across the library for a few days, probably has a big project or test and needs a quiet place to study. 
  • but after two weeks of consistently seeing this same guy he starts to get curious. one time he walked passed the guy’s table on his way to the reference books (which he didn’t actually need) only to notice the guy wasn’t actually working he was just doodling in his notebook which made him wonder
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw in a regular lined notebook
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw in a regular lined notebook every single day 
  • dongmin began trying to break it down - this guy wasn’t an art major (no offense his drawing skills needed quite a bit of work, and usually art kids had sketch books to draw in) - but that’s really the only thing he knew
  • back at moonrock dorm, rocky questions why bin’s been going to the library so much, it’s not like he ever studies
  • bin counters that maybe he’s just decided that he should study and the library encourages him to do that
  • minhyuk rolls his eyes and goes ‘mhmmm’ but drops the subject
  • bin sticks his tongue out at the back of minhyuks head
  • but it does make him realize, he’s been staring at study boy for three weeks and he still doesn’t know his name
  • so day 16 of going to the library (he only goes on weekdays), Bin sits himself down across from pretty study boy
  • he doesn’t really have a plan of action but nothing is ever gonna happen if he just sits around and stares from afar, might as well go for it 
  • “hi i’m moon bin”
  • “….dongmin”
  • “uh, what’re you working on?”
  • “calculus”
  • “are you any good at it?”
  • “i suppose, why” 
  • “i’m really struggling and you seem to know what you are doing”
  • (which by the way is a total lie bin isn’t struggling with calculus, it’s not his best subject but he gets by fine in the class)
  • “its not too bad as long as you understand the concepts first.”
  • “would you be willing to help me understand those concepts?”
  • dongmin is hyper aware that this is library table number 7 boy that always comes to doodle and not study, and he’s really got no reason to help the kid out since the kid never seems to even study anyway 
  • BUT library table number 7 boy is really really cute up close and dongmin would be even more stupid to turn down the opportunity to make library table number 7 boy into library table dongmin boy
  • a few days of tutoring sessions later and if bin wasn’t head over heels before, he definitely is now. 
  • not only is study boy really pretty but he’s also really kind and smart and his voice is soft and sometimes bin makes a joke and study boy laughs with this really pretty opened mouthed smile and his eyes curve up into crinkles and wow #bestdecisionofhislife was to start talking to pretty boy
  • one day dongmin is explaining integrals to him but bin is getting distracted by how long dongmin’s eyelashes are and the way his lips move as he speaks 
  • wow he kind of really wants to kiss him 
  • oh wait is he already kissing him something feels soft against his lips
  • dongmin’s eyes go wide and he drops the pencil he was holding
  • shit fuck abort abort bin did u really just do that did u really just kiss study boy while he was showing you how to do calculus
  • bin drops everything and just gets out of there as fast as he can
  • study boy will probably never talk to him again
  • he can’t go back to the library again ever
  • he doesn’t stop running until he gets back to his dorm room, flings himself on to his bed and buries his burning red face into his pillow
  • god he knew he was whimsical and spontaneous and just did things because he felt like it and didn’t try to over think things but that was #thestupidestdecisionofhislife
  • what bin doesn’t realize is dongmin never actually pulled away from the kiss
  • dongmin is confused to say the least 
  • he was surprised and not surprised when bin kissed him
  • he didn’t expect it to happen when he was writing out a formula but its not like bin was ever really subtle about liking dongmin anyway
  • after dongmin recovers from the shock of bin kissing him then running away, he realizes bin left all of his stuff at the table. 
  • he packs up his stuff for him, noticing the notebook that bin had been drawing in so much back when he was still sitting at table number 7. 
  • he knows he probably shouldn’t open it, but he’s curious and bin doesn’t have to know
  • he flips it open and finds countless doodles of himself accompanied with small notes of “how can someone be so pretty”
  • now it’s dongmin’s turn to go red
  • he ruffles through the bag to find a couple of stickers they hand out the dorms, kind of like a ‘dorm spirit’ kind of deal, and he figures that must be bins dorm
  • he swings his own backpack over his shoulder and carries bin’s in his arm
  • he’s walking up to the building and notices another kid locking up his bike in a hurry at the dorm’s bike rack and figures he probably lives there and might know bin
  • “hey there, do you happen to know a moon bin?”
  • minhyuk looks up at him
  • “yeah, he’s my roommate actuallly, why do you ask?”
  • “he left his stuff in the library.”
  • minhyuk raises an eyebrow at the mention of library. 
  • “….he left all of his stuff in the library?”
  • “yeah.”
  • minhyuk sighs, now realizing the reason bin had texted him ‘CRISIS’ and that he should ‘COME TO THE DORM ASAP’ because Bin ‘REALLY NEEDS TO TALK’ to him.
  • he offered to take it up to him, but dongmin shook his head, saying he would rather deliver it himself
  • (he didn’t want to risk this kid stealing any of bins stuff because how would he know for sure he’s really bins roommate) 
  •  minhyuk thinks thats a fair reason, and gestures for dongmin to follow him into the dorm, swiping his ID at the door. 
  • he opens the door to moonrock’s dorm room, only to find bin curled up in his bed head smashed into the pillow. 
  • now minhyuk could either be a good friend and take bin’s stuff from dongmin and thank him and then talk to bin about what happened like bin wanted.
  • or he could be a really good friend and let dongmin return the stuff to bin himself while minhyuk goes to the vending machine and buy himself snacks.
  • minhyuk decides to be a really good friend
  • and so dongmin is left in bin’s dorm room, bin unaware that its dongmin and not minhyuk 
  • “….uh….hi….you left your stuff in the library.”
  • dongmin’s voice makes bin squeak in shock and remove himself from his pillow, locking eyes with dongmin
  • “ohmygodi’msosorrypleaseforgetieverdidthatiwasntthinkingjustforge-”
  • “i prefer to kiss after the first date, but you’re cute so i can make an exception. just please don’t run away after you kiss me the second time”

Anonymous said: May I request a scenario where Todoroki gets jealous when his crush talks a little too much (in his mind) to someone else in their class, like maybe Midoriya

Oh, absolutely, Anon. I actually went with Midoriya being the “someone else” in this scenario, which seemed perfect for the sports festival. Thank you for the request!

Warnings: For the manga, spoilers for the Sports Festival Arc. For the anime, spoilers for Season 2, episodes 14-19.

“I will beat you, too!”

Midoriya Izuku had said this to Todoroki in his own declaration of war, and for a boy whose own quirk hurt him whenever he used it, he’d meant every word. That, Todoroki knew for a fact and couldn’t help but acknowledge his determination, if only for a moment, as he thinks over his exchange with Midoriya, feeling the outdoor breeze ruffle his hair.

He stops walking when he hears sudden footsteps behind him. Did Midoriya have something else to say? Todoroki turns to his side, expecting to see green eyes and curly hair, when instead he sees you, and the cold expression he’d had before changes into surprise at you jogging up to him.

“What are you doing here?” Todoroki asks, using a lighter tone than the one he’d used with Midoriya.

“Looking for you. You missed the lunch break.” But the look you give him tells Todoroki it isn’t the lunch break you’re here for, and he waits for you to speak again.

“I ran into Midoriya just now… Were you guys talking?”

Todoroki is sure what had happened between him and Midoriya couldn’t be considered as simple talking. He’d not only revealed some deeply personal information to Midoriya, he’d also proclaimed he’d defeat him with just his right side. It wasn’t quite a threat, but it did come close to it.

Todoroki says anyway, “Yeah.” And it’s unconvincing to you both.

After openly declaring war on Midoriya, no one in their class would think he’d interrupted Midoriya’s lunch break for a harmless talk, so it doesn’t shock Todoroki that you see through his weak reply.

With some concern, you say his name. “Shouto,” you pause, your eyes elsewhere, which Todoroki interprets as you trying to figure out what to ask, then you look at him. “You targeting Midoriya, there’s more to it, isn’t there? I can sort of understand the rivalry since competition’s high right now, but confronting Midoriya for a second time?”

The connection between Midoriya and All Might, that was the main reason why Todoroki had gone to Midoriya after the cavalry battle and confronted him, like you said. He didn’t have any solid proof of the connection’s existence, but Midoriya’s nervous behavior earlier had practically confirmed it.

Even so, you’re right. The connection wasn’t the only reason.  

Early into the year you’d made fast friends with Midoriya, and Todoroki had thought he was fine with it, but in the two weeks before the sports festival, that friendship had progressed enough that it caught his attention when, in class, you’d stopped talking to Midoriya occasionally and started talking to him every damn day. 

It annoyed Todoroki. From what he’d seen, which wasn’t much, Midoriya wasn’t that interesting, yet he’d been on Todoroki’s radar ever since.

That time in the waiting room, he’d wanted Midoriya to know how he compared to him, that he was stronger and that he was catching on to that strange connection the boy had with the number one hero.

That same boy ended up in first place in the obstacle course race, and it only made Todoroki more annoyed, so much so he may have been more overbearing than necessary to him in the cavalry battle, and even then Midoriya had pushed him into relying on his left side.

With every event of the sports festival so far, it was looking as if Midoriya was his competition for you.

But to put all of that into words, Todoroki would be needing more than an hour lunch break, so finally, he chooses to ignore your question.

“You talk to Midoriya a lot. Why is that?”

Unsatisfied with his answer, your face scrunches up, but it quickly relaxes as you say, “In our class, there are a few strong personalities and eccentrics, but Midoriya is easy to talk to, and he’s my friend.”

Softly, you add, “…but you know I’d never date him.”

Todoroki can’t stop himself from asking, “Why?”

“I have a thing for strong personalities, Shouto.”

Todoroki is confused, but then it dawns on him what you mean, and you wink at him playfully, leading the way back to the arena.

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Bts reaction to you being drunk and saying you have a crush on the member thinking you're talking to someone else (if that makes sense) ❤❤❤

BTS Reaction to You Being Drunk and Confessing Your Feelings Without Realizing:


He raises his eyebrow, a smirk pulling at the side of his lips. “Sweetie,do you realize who you’re speaking to right now?

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Hobi would laugh softly, his face breaking into a brightening smile at your confession. He would then place his hands against his chest and nod. “Don’t worry y/n, Hobi will not hear a single word of this. I feel so honored that you would entrust this secret to me!”

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Yoongi would just look at you with a judging look, shaking his head slightly. “You do know…I..I am Yoongi right?”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Namjoon would look towards the boys with a ‘what should I do?’ look before turning back to you. “Uh..yeah don’t worry. I won’t tell him.”

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He would be so confused in this situation. ‘Like, should I tell her or..????’ He would want to tell you that he felt the same way but you didn’t even realize that you were pouring your feelings out to him.

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He would get all giggly and would never let you forget that moment. “But please don’t tell Taehyung oppa~~” He would mimic your voice while batting his eyelashes.

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“Oh really? Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.” He would give you a sly smile, chuckling softly to himself at the fact that you were completely oblivious to what was happening. He would make sure that next time you guys were out, he would watch just how much you drank.

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Hi! I really love your work and also REALLY liked the Genji x ASL reader and was wondering if you could do one with Zenyatta? keep up the good work and ur an awesome writer

Awwww, thank you so much for the compliment! Let’s get you some Zenyatta love.

Zenyatta with an ASL crush:

  • He’s very good at signing, because he already learned it in his travels (it’s just one more way he can communicate with people!). However he asks his crush if they have any pointers for him. 
  • Always signs when his crush is around, regardless of if he is talking to someone else. He even signs what the other person he’s speaking to is saying.
  • Gently encourages everyone else to sign more so as to not make his crush feel left out at any point.
  • Zenyatta always signs a compliment to them the first time he sees them in a day (except in case of emergency). He tells his crush they are handsome/beautiful, they are loved, they are wonderful.
  • If it’s dark (a situation where other people might whisper to each other) and it’s safe to do so, Zenyatta will have one of his orbs make a very faint like, just enough so he can sign to his crush.
Believe It or Not. Part 2.

Here’s part two of my Stiles Stilinski imagine series(:

(Based off 1x02 “Second Chance at First Line”)
I had nothing better to do, so I sat on the bleachers trying to do some homework while the boys were at practice. My practice starts when theirs ends, so I figured I would just sit here. They were doing a bunch of weird drills that I don’t understand, and then I noticed Scott was leaned over and it looked like he was breathing really hard. Stiles was bent over next to him saying something to him, of course this far away I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I shut my textbook and stood up trying to get a better view of the scene, that’s when Stiles and Scott ran off the field and back towards to school. I decided to follow.

I couldn’t find them anywhere, the last place I could think of was the boys locker room but it’s not really like I can check in there, and I had practice anyway so I was really needing to get back to the field, I’ll just ask Scott about it later.
- - -
I walked through the front door only to be greeting by my mother going the other direction.

“Good luck tonight.” She said frustratedly.

“What? With what?”

“Scott’s in a bad mood, I don’t know if it’s a bad mood really I think he just needs to sleep but he wasn’t particularly the nice son just now.”

“I’ll talk to him a little bit, see if something’s up.” I reassured her grabbing her shoulder as she continued to walk out the door.

She gave me a smile smile before leaving completely.
I walked up the stairs to head to my room first, I really needed to take a shower. The first game is on Saturday and we have barely got one routine down. Im really excited though, despite being sore. Something will be really cool cheering for Scott while he plays first line.

I finished in the shower and got dressed in some sweat pants, I walked to Scott’s room only to fine he wasn’t there. Weird. I just ignored it an decided to get some sleep before school tomorrow.
- - -
Later that day in our math class, our teacher assigned Scott and Lydia up to the board to solve equations. Despite being dumb, she was actually solving hers rather quickly. Scott wasn’t solving his at all, which I blame Lydia for. I couldn’t hear anything but was definitely bothering him about something and he looked really annoyed.

“Mr. McCall, you’re not even close to solving your problem.”
- - -
I walked through the hallway during passing period only to see Lydia introducing Allison I practically every player on the team, poor Scott.

Speaking of, I see him watching the same thing I am a little ways down the hall. I go to approach him but he walks right past me straight towards Lydia and Allison, and he looked pissed. So I stand where I am and watch.

After Lydia left, his conversation with Allison sort of looked like a disaster. She just left him in the middle of the hallway. I would’ve helped but there was nothing really I could do. That’s when the bell rang and I yelled, “Scott.” Too grab his attention, but again he walked past me and out the front doors of the school. But it’s fine, I love being ignored.

I sat down next to Stiles in my next class and figured he might be the only way I know what’s going on with my brother.

“Hey.” I start.

“Hey!” He smiled back at me.

“Can I ask you something, it’s about Scott.”

Maybe im just imaging things, but it looked as if he stopped breathing.

“Uh- yeah, yeah sure, I guess.”
That was weird.

“Okayyyyy, well is he okay? Is it just stuff with Allison or-”

“yes. YES! That’s exactly what it is. Allison, everything wrong with Scott has to do with Allison.”

He cut me off very abruptly. Very confused I turned my attention to the boring history lesson I front of me, he was totally lying, but I guess I can handle it for now.
- - -
I stopped by the hospital during lunch to bring mom some coffee, she doesn’t like us to worry but I think she’s been pretty stressed lately so I thought I’d surprise her, make her smile.

“Hi Julie, is my mom available right now?”

I asked the woman sitting behind the front desk.

“You’re so sweet y/n, I’ll go let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you!” I propped my arm up on the counter and faced the other direction only to see Stiles sitting around the corner from Lydia, who was probably here with Jackson about his shoulder.

Stiles pretended to be reading a magazine whilst actually staring at her, which is how I witnessed probably the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever seen Stiles caught in.

“Hey, Lydia. You probably don’t remember me. Um, I sit behind you in Biology. Uh, anyway, I always thought that we just had this kind of connection. Unspoken, of course. Maybe it’d be kind of cool to, get to know each other a little better.”

“Hold on, give me a second. Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?”

I literally wanted to walk over there and slap her so bad for being so rude to him, he deserved so much better.

“ No. Sorry. I’ll just sit. You don’t care.”

After that Jackson came out and all her attention was focused on him, so I walked over and sat down next to Stiles.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked looking at him as he looked down at his hands in his lap. He looked up at me then,

“Nothing. Why are you here?”

I held up the coffee in my hand, “thought my mom could use some caffeine.”

He laughed, he looked so happy and almost childish when he laughed. I loved it. The moment was ruined by his phone singing in his pocket. He read it quickly and his facial expression made it seem urgent.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine,” he stood up and faced me, “look I gotta go.”

He started to walk away but before he got too far I shouted, “Bye Stiles!”

“Bye Lydia!” He shouted back, “I mean, y/n.”
I couldn’t really be mad or hurt, but I gotta say that really sucked. Nothing better than talking to your crush only to realize he wanted to be talking to someone else the entire time. Oh well, im here for my mom anyways, not him.
- - -
I came home that night after practice at around 6:30, mom had the night shift again so I knew I was making dinner for Scott and I. I decided ordering pizza was a good idea, so I called in the order.

“Scott?” I called throughout the house once I hung up on the pizza place, “Scott you home?”

The silence that followed after what I said answered my question for me. Of course he’s not home, he’s got the lacrosse game! And so do I. Although to don’t know why he’d be there already, it starts at 8.

I called him, and then Stiles. No answer from either. I ate my pizza by myself and then changed into my uniform.

I admired myself in the mirror a little bit, I really did look good in maroon. I tied my straight hair up into a pony tail, and headed towards to lacrosse field.

When I got there, there were a lot of people. Which I guess is to be expected for the first game of the season. I spotted Allison and Lydia making their way to a seat on the bleachers with an old man, I assumed he was Allison’s dad since he obviously wasn’t Lydia’s.

I then glanced around the rest of the field, I then saw Scott and Stiles sitting on the bleachers secretly discussing something, and I didn’t really feel like getting blown off again so I decided I would talk to them later, even though I really wanted to wish my brother… And Stiles good luck, it would have to wait.

I saw my squad across the field individually stretching and preparing and started to walk towards them only to be cut off by Stiles himself.

“Hey Stiles, are you ready for the game?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I mean, not really, but I don’t really have to be. It’s not like im gonna play anyway.”

“That’s the spirit!” I said sarcastic making him laugh. Then we just kinda stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before he spoke again.

“Actually y/n, I wanted to apologize.”

“Stiles you didn’t do anything, apologize for what?”

“Calling you Lydia, earlier. I don’t really-”

I cut him off not really wanting to talk about this at the moment, “it’s totally fine, you were just in a conversation with her before me. It’s not a big deal, you don’t need to apologize.” I gave him a weak smile and tried to walk away but his arm caught mine.

“I do need to though.”

We just stared at each for a little bit before he finally let go. Without saying anything I continued walking to join my squad in the grass by the bleachers.

*she didn’t know, but Stiles watched her walk away, sadly. He really did feel bad, and he really needed to apologize. Although he didn’t quite understand it himself, he never wants to hurt her. And with everything with Scott he’s been kind of shitty to her lately, they both have. But he shrugged it off for now, he had Scott to worry about for the time being.
- - -
The game was going good, we were winning already. Scott was doing great! I’ve never seen him play this good, or, at all honestly.
Also cheering was going great, I didn’t forget a single step of any routine, I was good at this, and I liked that.

Although the more closely I watched, the more Scott looked really angry, nobody was passing to him and I didn’t understand why. But he started to play more aggressively. He didn’t wait for the lacrosse ball to be passed to him, he just took it. I looked over to Stiles sitting on the bench and he was chewing on his glove, watching Scott’s every move. Something more was definitely going on. I moved my attention back to Scott on the field, but he wasn’t even paying attention. I followed his gaze up to the bleachers were Allison was assisting Lydia in holding a sign that read out, ‘go Jackson.’
That’s gotta be rough.

Once the game was over I ran on the field to greet Scott but he was nowhere to be found, instead I ran into Allison.

“Hey, did you see where your brother went?” She asked.

“No clue, I was looking him myself. Sorry I could be much help.”

She just smiled and waved, I decided if I couldn’t find Scott I would look for Stiles. I spotted him not too far from. I started to walk to him but not even two steps later he took off running towards the school not far behind Allison. It’s whatever though.

I guess I’ll just go home and congratulate Scott when he decides to show up.

*please feel free to send me a message to let me know how I’m or if you have any suggestions. Or just to say hi(:*

moodyfujoshi  asked:

Hello! <3 Could I request how Todoroki, Deku, and Iida would act around their crush? :)

Hello! =) And of course you can! I really hope I could do your request justice =)


- He’s feeling drawn to them, though he wouldn’t ever force his presence on them if they seem uncomfortable with him. Aside from that, he’s one of the least obvious guys about having a crush, since he’s good at keeping his feelings to himself.

- He’s very willing to help them, be it by explaining a school problem or picking something up they dropped.

- Todoroki likes talking to them, getting to know them bit by bit, while he also discovers for himself how deeply his feelings run for them. Generally, he like spending time with them.

- If they touch him, he’s very aware of where their hand is and he feels their warmth and when they touch him more and more frequently, he slowly starts to return it, always making sure it’s welcome.

- A light blush can be found on his face when his crush gives him a compliment that’s just earnest and they say it because they really mean it. It warms his chest when they think positively of him.

- He wouldn’t confess if his crush likes someone else or isn’t talking to him. He doesn’t want to bare his feelings like that by confessing to someone he doesn’t know and doesn’t feels connected to at least on some level.


- Help this poor kid because he’ll be blushing and practically swallowing his tongue, especially at first when he realizes he has a crush.

- He knows a lot about the person he likes, just simply by overhearing conversations and once he grows more comfortable with his feelings, he’s also able to properly talk to them once they approach him about something.

-When they leave after talking to him, he’ll instantly get red-faced, though he just looks very happy too, so if his friends see it, they just smile and don’t feel worried.

- Should his crush ever ask him for help, he’d say yes immediately and he’s going to do his best to be helpful to them.

- Be prepared for a lot of shy, small smiles that look a lot more endearing than he knows.

- When his crush touches him, he practically freezes up inside, hyper aware of their touch and he’s making sure to not move a muscle in fear of maybe chasing them off.

- If his crush is comfortable with touching him and does it often, he’s still going to take quite a while before he dares to reciprocate and then it would be small, soft touches at first, that would barely register if one didn’t pay attention to Midoriya.


- He feels nervous about being near his crush, though he somehow avoids being stiff and unapproachable.

- When he talks to his crush and feels nervous, he’s touching his glasses, or adjusts his sleeves or smoothes down his jacket just to keep his hands busy until he calms down again.

- He’s always willing to talk to them and answer questions if they have any and he’s willing to help if they ask him and it’s within his capabilities.

- He would often face the problem that he’s not quite sure what he’s supposed to talk to them about. It’s not that he’s a boring person or doesn’t know a lot, he just sometimes doesn’t know how to approach them.

- He’s one of the guys who would dare to touch their crush without being prompted to once they’re closer and he feels like they’re both comfortable around each other.

- They’re able to make him smile easily and he’s not aware of it, but his laugh is often contagious and his crush chuckles along, especially if it’s because of a joke.

- He takes confessing very seriously, so he wouldn’t think of doing it if his crush shows absolutely no interest in him despite talking to him often. When he does confess, he’d do it the traditional way, asking them for a moment of their time and picking a secluded part of the school to admit his feelings.

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What about Yuri.p ,pitchit and Leo when they accidently blurt out that they have a crush on s/o while in conversation with someone/people and the person / people that hear it just smile real big and tease them about it ~sorry its so long -H

No worries, darling~ It’s just fine! I’m a little confused what with the constant mention of people, but I think I get the gist of it! Hopefully this is alright

-Yuri’s just chatting with Mila when it happens
-But I use the term “chatting” incredible lightly
-It’s more
-Her talking and asking things and he just
-Grunts confirmations while looking through his phone
-Like wow, thanks, you silver-tongued rascal
-And Mila totally knows, by now the conversation is a fucking mess, she’s just saying weird shit because it’s funny how it flies over his head
-”Yuri, you know a cow can’t digest it’s food until it makes sweet love with a squirrel?”
-what the fuck Mila
-But now she’s getting bored, and a bored Mila is a dangerous one
-ESPECIALLY when she notices you nearby
-So she grins slyly, and leans against the table, propping her chin on her hand
-”Hey Yuri.”
-”Don’t you think Y/N is super cute?”
-You totally hear, and you begin to blush, and hunch your shoulders, you can’t help but smile a little
-Mila continues, grinning, “In fact, I distinctly remember you telling me you have a crush on them, isn’t that right?” oh fuck here it comes
-”Mhm.” He replies. But now he’s coming back to earth,since whatever the fuck he’s looking at on his phone is boring af now, and his mind is rewinding what he’s missed
-Wait what did he just fucking agree to, hold up-
-Yuri’s head snaps up, his face looking as if he’s been shot, and he sees Mila smiling, and you smiling, and oH NO, FUCK FUCK FUC-
-You grin, “What? Is it true, Yuri? You liiiiike me~?” You flutter your eyelashes, and he’s blushing up a storm, help him
-He doesn’t hear the end of it for like a fucking week, he curses Mila out and swears vengeance, hE WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN GODDAMMIT

-Did you know Yuuri’s a piece of SHIT
-He’s not but Phichit will never forget this
-He did this on purpose, he must have
-Phichit’s just chatting with him, they’re talking a ten minute break during practice
-and you’re loitering nearby, just checking your phone, checkin texts, kinda zoning in and out, that’s chill
-Phichit glances at you now and then, and when you catch his gaze, you smile and wave
-And he does the same, laughing slightly
-Yuuri looks from you to Phichit and decides to take one for the team
-D On ‘T
-”So, Y/N…” He starts, leaning his head back
-”Yeah, what’s up?” says the unsuspecting you. Phichit tilts his head, curious to hear the conversation
-”You ever think about dating anyone? Got your eye on anyone?”
-Okay now Phichit knows somethin is up because Yuuri couldn’t give two shits about this kind of stuff
-You blink owlishly, and you’re kinda speechless
-”Oh, well, um-”
-Phichit laughs nervously hahaha yuURI WHAT ARE YOU DOING–
-Yuuri’s just smiling nonchalantly, and looks at you expectantly
-”Well, I’m sure Y/N is too busy to think about that kind of stuff, right?” Phichit presses, hoping that you won’t answer
-Because if you do it might crush him
-But you laugh slightly, “Well, actually… I may have my eye on someone…”
-”Let’s maybe talk about something else,” Phichit says instantly, he can’t stand this, goddammit Yuuri-
-”What? Why?” Yuuri asks innocently
-”Because it’s not exaclty the best thing to hear my crush talking about someone else they like, Yuuri, GOD.” WOOP THERE IT FUCKIN GOES
-You grin and Phichit feels like dying
-”Aaaaw, you thought I liked someone else? And you felt bad? You’re so cute Phichit~ Don’t worry, I was thinking about you anyway.”
-hey can someone kill him he’d really appreciate it THANKS

-Leo, Guang-hong and you are actually having a video chat while it’s happening
-It’s kind of hilarious, because in skype if there are more than two people, it’s more of an audio call than video call
-So you two are joking around
-Guang-hong is fanboying about Viktor, and you two are teasing him for it but WHATEVER that’s what friends do after all
-You excuse yourself for a bit, you need to go check up on something
-So they’re just, “Okay, hurry back.”
-It’s a bit silent, before Leo starts nudging at Guang-hong again.
-”You’re practically in love with Viktor, you should just maaaarry him.”
-Guang-hong is taking it like the good-sport he is, and just starts laughing, “What are we, five?? Leo, pls.”
-Leo starts mimicking his friend’s voice
-”Ooooh Viktor, the way you land your quads is sooooo amazing! I’m star-stuck! Have my children Viktor!!”
-Leo’s fuckin losin his shit god these kids are like, three
-”Yeah, well, if you can tell me to marry Viktor, I can tell you to marry Y/N or something.” Guang-hong says with a smug satisfaction
-Leo laughs, “Dude, yeah right, like I’m ever going to tell Y/N I have a crush on them, let alone marry them. It’s more likely that you-”
-”Um, you what?”
-Leo freezes, and the whole chat goes silent
-Leo is freaking the fuck out inside
-Guang-hong finally breaks the silence by nearly losing his shit
-”O-Oh my god, um, I’m just gonna-”
-”Guang-hong, I swear to go d if you leave-” Leo starts before it’s too late
-And oh my god, the camera settings are back to work and right there, Leo sees your face
-He’s blushing up a storm, and has the most horrified look on his face while he sees you grinning like the Cheshire Cat
-”Aaaaw, you have a crush on lil ol me?” You say teasingly

anonymous asked:

When you were younger, before you identified as asexual did you ever feel like you were obligated to have romantic and sexual relationships? As in, I remember trying to force myself to have crushes but not enjoying it when I went oust, the same with kissing. But could it be that I repressed these feelings or is it just the result of the society we live in?

Oh wow wow I’m really excited to answer this, actually, because a few years ago I did a brief study on crush experiences in the ace community!

It’s actually quite common for asexuals (regardless of romantic orientation) to “manufacture” crushes (particularly during childhood and adolescence), such as to fit in with peers or because we feel like it’s what’s expected of us. I’ve talked with a lot of aces who will often go along with friends and agree that people are “hot” or “sexy” even if they don’t feel they are, just to fit in or avoid uncomfortable questions. And for aces who do have crushes, it’s so hard to even try to explain how you can be romantically attracted to someone without being sexually attracted to them.

One respondent in the study discussed how she understood societal expectations for crushes while feeling like an outsider:

“I was taught that boys like girls and girls like boys and that everyone gets a crush and then date and then eventually get married.  So even though I didn’t actually have any real crushes, in elementary and middle school I did make some up just so I wouldn’t feel or seem weird.  In high school I didn’t make up any crushes, but I did think it was weird that everyone was dating and crushing on people when I obviously didn’t.”

Someone else talked more about “forcing” themselves to have crushes:

“For several years in elementary school I would pick three or four boys I thought other people would find “cute” and drew hearts next to them in my yearbook, because I was worried if someone looked at my yearbook and didn’t see that kind of evidence of crushes that they would think I was weird.”

One of the main themes that I got out of reading the responses to my study is that overwhelming sense of societal pressure to have crushes:

“I wanted to have a crush. I was very into doing things right, and all the societal messages I had been getting told me that having crushes was a thing that girls my age did. In sixth grade I went to a counselor because a boy in my class was tormenting me, and she immediately assumed that I had a thing for him. It was everywhere.”

Consider how you feel about your crushes, Anon. Do you feel that you’re repressing something? Or do you feel that you’ve forced yourself to have crushes based on a kind of societal expectation? You’re the only one who can answer that.

But know that you’re not alone- you’re not the only one who has forced yourself to have crushes. And you’re not the only one who has ended up in a relationship that hasn’t worked for you due to that pressure to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship.


anonymous asked:

im in love with this girl, she's my best friend and she's so funny and cute and we ramble to each other all the time about stuff we love, and she cares so much about other people and i just wanna tell her how much i love her, but she has a crush on someone else and she talks to me about it and i kinda wanna die but i also want her to be happy

this was me before me and yara were dating

lumi-thetrashlord  asked:

Hellooo~ Could I please request a written reaction of bishies overhearing their s/o telling their friend that they like them (the said bishie), but are too shy to tell them, because they don't feel worthy of them? I'd like to include Shinya Hiiragi, Ferid Bathory, Lacus Welt, Shizuo, Izaya, Rin Okumura, Sebastian Michaellis, Levi Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Thank you and keep up the great work! ^^

Shinya Hiiragi: He leaned against the wall and listened intently to the other side where the girl he loved was speaking to his best friend. “I don’t know, Guren…Shinya said some time ago that he was tired of women right? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a woman so it’s pointless to confess to him….” Shinya brought a hand to his mouth and refrained from pushing the door open but waited patiently. When she finished, ___ walked out the door only to be stopped by none other than Shinya. “___,” he began. Her eyes went from confusion to embarrassment. “You heard?!” She demanded. He nodded. “And you are wrong. I will never tire of you.” He said earnestly, his blue eyes looking to hers.

Ferid Bathory: “No. No.” She shook her head at Crowley. “Not only am I a human servant, Ferid is a long-lived vampire. He has many ambitions and other goals to fulfill then to reciprocate any feelings for me. He would laugh if I told him that I love him. You know this!” She whispered angrily while Crowley just rolled his eyes and began his arguments. Unbeknownst to the both of them, the silver-haired man was just behind the wall listening to their conversation. While on the outside, he looked as carefree as always, on the inside, he wasn’t sure what to feel. He was not sure if he could love yet but…When ___ ran away and walked through Ferid’s direction, he decided to give her a little surprise. “You know, you could have tried me instead of ranting to someone else.” He said nonchalantly out of nowhere. A pregnant pause went by and a mortified yelp was heard throughout the room.

Lacus Welt: Lacus was so bored and the annoying thing was that he was not given any orders to kill time. He thought of targeting on some oblivious humans to have a quick snack, but where was the fun in easy prey? So he decided to stick with his usual hobby. Bullying his crush. Upon entering her room, he was surprised to find the female vampire sitting with…Ferid?! “Don’t be silly, ___.” The vampire said to Lacus’ woman with a dramatic wave of his hands. “Lacus may be clueless and utterly tedious when it comes to many things, but even he can’t resist a tantalizing woman such as you.” Ferid exclaimed. “B-but…” ___ started but Lacus smirked himself before kicking her door open. “Ferid is right. You should listen to him, you know!” He remarked bluntly.

Shizuo Heiwajima: “Shizuo has such an amazing life awaiting him after all the shit he went through. He should not be paying attention to an insignificant person like me that will be just another passing thing.” ___ said to Tom sitting at the bar just as Shizuo quietly walked in, but stopped abruptly in his tracks. Not exactly thinking beforehand, he felt raw anger and most of all, despair at her words. He marched over and held her shocked and scared body still. “You’re leaving me-er I mean…leaving?” Shizuo stuttered loudly. “Why? After all we’ve been though together, I don’t want to walk any road alone anymore. I need you with me, ___.” He said desperately and you wanted to cry.

Izaya Orihara: Izaya smirked as he held the phone beside his ear. ___ was completely unaware that he was listening to her and Namie’s little conversation on the other end as she raved on and on about how the information broker was such a ‘bastard’ and that despite all the annoying and unforgivable act he does on to others, she loved him anyways, but she will never tell him that because he would get ‘big headed’ and use it against her for one of his ‘damn manipulations.’ After her and Namie’s little talk was over, he hung up the phone and sat there in his leather chair, staring at the ceiling for a while. If only she knew…

Rin Okumura: “What the hell are you talking about?!” He shouted and burst into the room as his beloved ___ was crying while explaining things Rin could never comprehend why she would think to his brother, Yukio. Before her surprised and flushed face could blink, the half-demon engulfed her body into a tight and endearing hug. There was a moment of silence before she could hear him sniffing quietly. “How can you think that I’m too good for you when I’m anxious every day that you are too good for me and that I could never have you?” He whispered. “That’s stupid. I l-love you…okay?”

Sebastian Michaelis: Being a demon, his ears can hear anything quite clearly within a two mile radius. One particular conversation above the mansion where he was currently preparing dinner for the young master caught his elusive interest. It was ___ speaking to Meyrin and it seemed to be about Sebastian himself. Humoring the situation, he decided to listen in case the woman he loved thought it would be a good idea to badmouth him. She still doesn’t realize that her voice was a tad bit loud even more than Meyrin’s stutters. “He is an arrogant, insufferable, impossible and admittedly skilled demon. While I’m a talent-less human who probably looks like a worm in his point of view. It will never happen. I’m not saying anything.” He heard her state firmly while Meyrin continued to protest. Sebastian could not help but chuckle at his beloved letting down her pride to confess all her insecurities when he was not ‘present.’ Later that evening as ___ was going about her duties, Sebastian walked by to whisper in her ear: “You are not a worm to my eyes. In fact, you are quite exquisite.” With that, he walked away with a smirk feeling the look of startled mortification behind his back.

Levi Ackerman: Levi was not surprised when he found his crush in his office talking with someone else when she thought he would not come. She had always been naive that way, but what he did not expect to find was her talking about him to that damn Erwin. He pushed through the door. “What are you two talking about, now?” He asked with a sigh, but stopped when he saw ___’s shocked and embarrassed face as the two heads shot up. Without a word, ___ ran out the room with a rushed apology and Erwin glared at Levi. “What happened?” The captain demanded. “I would go after her if I were you.” Erwin warned. “She already has a low self-esteem as it is and if you don’t want to lose her to another man, go now.” Levi needed no other words before taking off.

Armin Arlert: “Wait!” He yelled chasing down ___ as she ran for her life when she found out he heard her tell someone that she loved him, but felt he was too good of a person for someone as ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’ as her and that she would only ‘slow him down.’ “Wait!” Armin shouted desperately. Eventually, she tired out and stopped for a moment to catch her breath. The blonde seized that chance to sprint to her. Hesitantly, he took her hand. “I said wait. What you said isn’t true. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not pathetic or weak at all!” He could feel a blush rising from his neck and ___ slowly turned to look at him with side eyes. “I-if it’s not too late, I also l-l-like you too.”

A character that can wield magic has a crush on someone and starts to get jealous when their crush is talking to someone else for a long time.

They decide they’ll speed up the process by making their crush’s bladder full. Despite the consistent pressure they add to their crush their crush doesn’t leave. They wonder if their power is even working and frustratedly give one last bit of pressure.

Suddenly their crush gasps and doubles over, wetting themselves full force, blushing and trembling. The person who wields magic is worried and tries to stop it but it’s no use as their crush becomes soaked.
They feel very guilty, but this gives them an opportunity to help their crush afterwards and actually talk to them.


LOGAN HUNTZBERGER. Yes, he has had his ups and downs, his not-so-great moments, but tbh I feel like all I read about is those moments? people hardly ever remember his great traits. 

Logan challenged Rory, encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone because 1. it helps the person grow and 2. he wanted her to LIVE without over-analysing every now and then, he did that without pressuring her, without PUSHING HER, without trying to tell her that what she is is wrong and that she SHOULD be this or that. Except for when a habit interfered with her ability to do her job as she wants it to be done, she admired great journalists, loved journalism but always thought of herself as someone who’ll see something and then write about it from distant, he noticed that and reminded her that nothing will ever deliver the way she saw something like experiencing it, he reminded her of some great examples to put her mind at ease, and even when he did that, he didn’t PRESSURE her, he asked her more than once if she was sure she wanted to ‘jump’ and reminded her that no one is forcing her to do it. 

He respected her, her life, her loved people, he never questioned why she did this or that in a negative way, not even remotely, NOT EVEN WITH HINTS. He wanted to be with her as she is, not the idea of who he wanted her to be, he didn’t fucking yell at her when she didn’t do/say what he wanted her to do/say simply because he thought he knew her and thought that knowing her gave him that right lmao (yes, I’m being petty and passive aggressive).

He had so much respect and admiration for her ambitions and dreams, he always believed and her, he literally introduced her to the man who gave her her first actual journaling job (granted getting the job was all Rory’s hard-work and self-success yes, but he was the link), and this point in particular needs to be emphasised lmao bc somehow people think he was the reason why she left Yale? bc his dad gave her that internship and crushed her? and I’m like??? the boy literally warned her that his dad is a bully, that he isn’t up to any good, she choose to go with it anyways, and here’s another point: HE DIDNT GO TO EXTRA LENGTHS TO STOP HER FROM TAKING THE INTERNSHIP EVEN WHEN HE KNEW HIS DAD, and I think that’s one of the best things he has done, he showed her his dad’s truth, he told her exactly how he thought it might end, but ultimately left the choice to her, he respected her enough to know that the choice is HERS, her career, her life, her experience, he didn’t go behind her back and try to stop this from happening to ‘protect her’ bc he knew he had no right to do so, and that manipulation and protection/love are different things (although he fucked up that point with those bridesmaids, but anyways we’re focusing on the good). 

When she left Yale, Logan was one of the very few who supported her, gave her enough emotional/mental space to make up her own mind and make up her own plan, to fix what was crushed by someone else, he didn’t even talk about school in front of her so he won’t trigger anything or make her feel bad, and when she told him it was something behind her and she was done with school, he knew her good enough to know that was bullshit and that it was just momentarily but nevertheless he didn’t act on it or say anything, he respected her momentarily decision/feelings and didn’t dismiss them. Same thing with her mom’s fight. 

it really baffles me when people are like ‘logan had the worst impact on rory’ bc like??? no he didn’t?? Did she change? yes! did that change come when she was him? YES, but who’s to say change is bad? she stepped out of her comfort zone, of her world that she grew up in, he exposed her to new experiences, new challenges that made her grow as a person, but he never forced/pressured her into it, it happened gradually, she made the choices, he was just there, being supportive, standing by her as she went through different roller coasters. 

Even when Lorelai was being a total judgemental ass towards him (I love my mom but she was), he didn’t just ignore it, he didn’t let it slide or bicker back, he understood that Lorelai is one of Rory’s top priorities, and that it was really important to rory that they got along, so he talked to her, he reassured her, he was patient with her and stood up for himself in a way that was reassuring to Lorelai rather than aggressive towards her. 

He respected Paris, accepted her shit lmao, Zach and Lane, and her grandparents even when he went to her town, he was open to her world (more than rory was to his tbh), he was just happy to be there lmao.