crush of my life

in which sanha is 2 cute for this entire planet & I Am Desperately trying 2 keep up

She texted him. “Hey I’m coming to your work on Thursday.” She wrote. “Oh awesome.” He replied within 5 minutes. She thought for a minute. “Will you be working that day?” She wrote back. “No, sadly.” He quickly replied. She wondered what this meant. She asked all of her friends. Maybe he really liked his job? Or maybe he was sad that he wouldn’t get to see her? Who knows. But that definitely left her mind wondering if he feels the same way or not.
—  texting // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #13

I’ll always encourage the reckless texts confessing your feelings. The kind where you throw your phone after hitting send.

I’ll always encourage the horribly straightforward conversations at 3am when conversations get deep and you can’t always put how you feel into words.

I’ll always encourage you to say the things that make your heart beat fast and your legs shake.

Because i know how alive you feel when you feel something for someone else.

—  follow
People like you don’t notice girls like me. You’re the type of person to play sports and hang out with large group of people, whereas I’m the type of person to hang out with a few friends and read a book. Some say opposites attract, but not in my case.
—  opposites attract // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #9

There’s something so different about him…
Most make me anxious, nervous, and unsure.

He makes me feel safe.

I want to crawl into his arms and feel his warm hand on the small of my back, tracing circles over and over.

I want to thread my fingers through his hair and sigh into his ear, content and happy.

—  Safe
she admires him from afar,
sneaking glances every now
and then hoping he doesn’t
catch her staring at the boy
she’s in love with.
—  admire // except from a book I’ll never write #8
And I think over all the stupid things I did to try and win you, never quite realizing it was only me playing tag alone, chasing my tail around in circles making a damn fool of myself
—  unrequited II ( @prolixen )
I saw you walking down the hallway and my heart instantly started racing. My palms got sweaty as we made eye contact. My breath hitched as I saw your tall frame walking on the opposite side of me. You make me nervous every time I see you.
—  today // 3:48pm
I love how you let me in to your life
you let me know certain things that
no one knows about you and I think
that’s special because I’m getting to
know you and I like that, I like getting
to know you I hope we can keep getting
to know each other as time goes on.
—  knowing you // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10