crush choire

So last night was my concert at school so today during band we were allowed to have food. I brought a pack of cookies.

During AMS (advanced music studies), my sister chucked my cookies at this one guy in the class. Instead of catching it, he volleyball bunted the package of cookies into the ceiling. Not only that, but it was right into the part of the ceiling in music rooms that is there to help muffle the sound, so of course it got stuck for a second before coming crashing to the floor.

The signs as things me and other members of my choir have said
  • (Each sign corresponds to the kid that said it)
  • Aries: *accidentally knocks over piano bench* parkour
  • Taurus: I can't actually read music, I've been BSing it since 7th grade
  • Gemini: We all suck but at least we get candy on Tuesdays
  • Cancer: If Laura's dating the pamplemousse kid then I'm the only single person in our section
  • Leo: Can we do Hotline Bling for our next concert
  • Virgo: Do you think anyone would notice if I sang "memes" instead of "dreams"
  • Libra: Eat a snickers, you sing off-key when you're hungry
  • Scorpio: I think the band director has a crush on the choir director
  • Sagittarius: You need to go to all the concerts. It's re-choired.
  • Capricorn: I'm gonna blackmail my boyfriend into joining so we can actually have some guys
  • Aquarius: I think I have a literal addiction to these cough drops
  • Pisces: When there's a really high note I'm just gonna scream and nobody'll be able to tell the difference