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TMNT Human Au! Mikey

Meet Teppei Koike, aka Michealangelo! He was recommended by a follower and he is perfect. Bonus! Human Mikey loves to skate and has even won some competitions. He would go pro if he wasn’t so devoted to the family dogo. He and Raphael have the most tattoos in the family. Mikey’s are very colorful and of the many, his favorite is his brother’s names. He loves to design and makes a lot of his own clothes. He even designed the dojo logo and some merch for it. He’s a major flirt (of course) but has only been in a few relationships, the longest lasting three years. The kids at the dojo adore him (and have an endless amount of nicknames for him) but also know that he’s super kickass. They have huge arguments over whose the best ninja, Mikey or Leo. He loves to dye his hair, starting with simple highlights until he does an all around dye job. Mikey doesn’t remember their mother, she died when he was barely a year old. So his brothers have him the most pictures and tell him stories about her.

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i just busted the fattest nut in human history

Mikey x Reader

You loved your days off.
No pushy customers or creepy guys, no manager breathing down your neck. You could wear your favorite leggings instead of that polyester vest and (your favorite part) you could be with your boyfriend.
Sure, dating a mutant turtle could be a bit difficult at times but days like this made it all worth while.
“Knock knock!”
You sat up and smiled, eager to goof off with your favorite ninja.
“Who’s there?”
“Boyfriend that’s who!”
You giggled and finally opened the window, allowing Mikey to stumble inside.
“That was the worst one yet.”
“I know, I know. But I didn’t have anyone to tell them to! Raph does not appreciate knock knock jokes.”
You kissed his cheek and then his lips, melting a little inside.
“I missed your bad jokes,” you whined. “I missed you.”
“Me too, babydoll. But I brought movies!”
The sound of your doorbell caught your attention and you jumped up.
“And I got the pizza! Be right back, babe.”
Mikey made himself comfortable on your bed and flipped through the movies until you returned with three pizzas and a couple packs of soda. You set everything down and began to get everything ready, happily gossiping about work as Mikey inspected the pizzas.
“-and this little old lady just started cursing me out! Hey, can you get me a soda?”
“Oh, yeah, angelcakes.”
You fluffed the pillows happily when Mikey suddenly said
“Hey, babe?”
“Yeah, Mikey?”
You turned and saw him giving you the most goofy grin in existence as he asked
“Did you want an orange crush? Or do you already have one?”
It was a second of silence before you started laughing, half because it was such a lame joke. But it was Mikey and what would have been dumb for anyone else worked for him. You tossed a fluffy pink pillow at him, still giggling.
“Just get over here and cuddle with me.”
“All day, every day.”

(based on the post I just reblogged!! Fun fact, orange crush is my favorite soda AND my nickname for Mikey. I need to come up with lame lines for the others.)

  • Kevin: //wakes me up at 4 am before his shift "Rose what do we do?"
  • Me: (half asleep) "What are you talking about..?"
  • Kevin: (tiny quiet voice) "There was a cockroach on the ceiling and I tried to kill it but it fell IT FELL Rose and it was somewhere and I lost it and I moved everything and looked everywhere what do we do Rose what do we do??" :((((
  • Me: "I'll find it later."
  • -Hours later-
  • Me: //wakes up to see apartment turned upside down, sees message from Kevin on phone
  • Kevin: "Please find it
  • Please kill it
  • I don't like it"
tiny haikyuu

some headcanons of the haikyuu kids when they were little!

-smol bokuto and kuroo sitting on each other’s shoulders while playing basketball because they’re too short to make a basket by themselves
-noya being the kid who always manages to get crayons stuck in his nose
-kenma getting his first ds and staying up waaaay past his bedtime (more like 30 minutes after, then he gets too tired to stay awake any longer) playing super mario bros and nintendogs
-hinata never going to sleep at naptime
-tiny yams picking flowers for yachi (his first crush!!)
-bby oikawa and iwaizumi holding hands everywhere they go
- tsukki getting really excited to see jurassic park for the first time!! he gathers all of his dinosaur toys around the tv with him so they can all watch it together
-awkward tobio hiding behind him mom’s skirt whenever he meets new kids
-baby asahi sitting and scooting down stairs or any sort of step that isn’t completely level with the ground
-kyoutani making friends with all the neighborhood dogs and talking to them like normal people 
-lev constantly being on one of those kids leashing because he won’t stop running off
-hinata running into everything because he’s always on the move. people. walls. doors. nothing is safe
-daichi asking his mom what that wierd feeling is in his chest after he sees suga smile for the first time
-bokuto bragging about his “huge” muscles to akaashi who is unimpressed

just. smol haikyuu

chavvot-n  asked:

I love your account!Great job!Keep going I really like it!~♥♡♥ Please: 2p drunk texts!!!


2P!America: [to the girlfriend HE broke up with] dollfce i miss u im such a dick ok i hve no1 and im always lonle y nd i didnt mean it wheni call ed your mom a whore i stg

2P!China: [to his crush] hey bby have i evr told u that once i almost spilled my tea becuz i was thinkgn about ur legs

2P!England: [to Allen] hi i love u so sO so so muCh we are at the pub& olivia says hi !! iknow u hate me lately but im so proud of u ~~~!

2P!France: [to a stripper] hoLy fck i think i fell in love for a ngiht

2P!Russia: [to his boss] i thnk youre a punkass bitch,,,



2P!Japan: [to his co-worker] im a secret anget in anothr life. i know what u did w those employe pictures

2P!Canada: [to his broadband service] hi wuts good

2P!Romano: [to his rival in modeling] UR BOOOBS R FAKE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT HONEYY 8D


2P!Prussia: [to a friend he hasn’t talked to in years] hi omgg how r u doing fren we haventt talked in so long nd my life iz a mess :))) plz talk tome again :))))))))

anonymous said: WAAAAAAAH you ship NaoToshi??? ;w; (naomi x satoshi) omg I think you are one of the only few in the fandom that ship them :o but they’re my OTP. Can I request if you could draw them please? ;u; seriously your art is amazing

GOSH ur too kind anon. I’m so glad I finally got time to do this one though, Satoshi and Naomi are so cute!