i wanted you. i wanted you at 7am when the only thing you wanted was the covers. i wanted you at 11pm when the pieces from the day started to fall into place. i wanted you the way the ocean wants the sand, the way the flowers want the sun, the way the earth wants the moon. i wanted to create something so beautiful with you. i wanted to know you inside and out like i knew the back of my hand; your vulnerabilities, what excites you, how your mind works. i wanted you so badly that i didn’t notice that you didn’t want me.
If you think me liking you will change things, you are absolutely right. I will become more aware of your likes and dislikes. I will remember the small important things. I will care for you with a passion. I will fight for you. I will listen to anything and everything you have to say to me. I will always be thinking of you, whether or not you’re happy, whether or not your day went well, whether or not you are enjoying life. I will want to know about your day. I will want to know about your problems. I will want to help you in any way I can. I will want you to be happy everyday. I will want you to laugh and smile. I will want you to be yourself. So, if you think me liking you will change things, you are absolutely right.
—  If I Like You || J.Kim.

“I know we look depressed whenever we’re together, and in a way, maybe we are,” she said, with a stern look on her face. Her eyes were an icy storm as she kept talking. There were things she couldn’t utter in words that she was dying to say.

“He makes me mad constantly and he says things he shouldn’t say all the time and he makes me cry at least twice a week and he pays more attention to other girls than me sometimes,” she took in a deep breath, and suddenly laughed.

“But whenever we’re alone, there is nothing like him and me. We make so much sense and that’s the last thing we all have in this world: sense. And I love him for it. I love him. Regardless of how many times he breaks my heart, I’ll love him.”

—  And I hope you understand.
If you're feeling a little awkward today, just remember...

1.) I’ve never not had my voice crack while asking someone on a date.

2.) My ears turn bright red when I’m nervous.

3.) I once cried at the zoo when I saw a manatee with scars on its back… It was healed… In the zoo… And fine…

4.) I have a “Winnie the Pooh” voice, and I swear to god, I sometimes slip into accidentally when I’m around someone I have a crush on.

5.) I have no idea what to do with compliments.

If you ever feel awkward or strange, just remember that out there, somewhere, is a 6-foot-2, 220lbs CrossFitter who is covered in tattoos that slips into a Winnie the Pooh voice when he likes someone.

So, basically, you’re killing it.

In all seriousness, though, embrace the awkwardness. In my experience, most of the time someone being a bit awkward or quirky stems from a place of sincerity. Embrace that shit.