Sorry I’ve been so inactive here on my main the past couple months, but I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of art over on Umami Town.  Here’s a photoset of a bunch that art.  I’ve been using it to experiment with my digital process after mostly sticking to traditional media for finished pieces the past couple years.  It’s been very helpful as I had never previously reached a comfortable place with shading digitally in photoshop.

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Queria ser um passarinho, pra ter asinhas, e voar bem rapidinho pra ficar do seu ladinho, toda vez que sentisse falta do teu carinho.
—  Cristian.

Did this to break my art block.  I find that switching to a simpler style often helps with that.  Anyway, this is to celebrate that awesome evening I had in Saudade on May 2nd when I turned into a zombie and hunted down everyone, except Crus who managed to elude me and was therefore declared the survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  Katrina wasn’t actually in town when it went down, but I wanted to include her since she was there earlier in the night.  Pictured are: Crus, Azuki, Katrina, Mark, and Lune.