Autism Speaks Doesn't Speak for Autistics

The problem people have with autism is the stigma—which was mainly caused by Autism Speaks—surrounding it. Autism Speaks’ promotional tactics create fear in the world that causes those who don’t fully understand it or know what it is to think and believe autism is an awful disease that needs a cure. They made up statistics about how autism ruins marriages, how autism causes family gatherings to become “impossible”.

The most Autism Speaks has done for me, an autistic, is cause my family and people close to me who don’t know better to rely on the stigma and not embrace the different—to not long for a new way to connect with people. Rather than truly trying to understand us and communicate with us, they are wanting to dispose of us, namely the “low-functioning"—because they see autism as a horrendous disease; because they have been raised to accept only one way of communicating, one way of connection and one way of thinking. They are not the ones with the power to truly change the world for the better, because they do not and will never accept change.

Autism is a part of me—it’s who I am.

If you think you are helping autistics by supporting Autism Speaks, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Please don’t let there be another ten years.

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I am approaching the 1 year anniversary of purchasing my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. This time last year me and my son were sick constantly, sleeping horribly, and I was dealing with back pain that left me home on the couch more times than not. To add insult to injury my mood sucked! Why wouldn’t it. I was hurting, sleep deprived and sick all the time.
Then a dear friend asked if I had ever tried essential oils. Now I had seen her post somethings about oils but I really had no idea what they were. In two months I had already spent almost $200 in co-payments for urgent care and specialist visits. I had to make a change. So I asked some questions and did some research. I decided right then that I would take matters into my own hands.
Essential oils are distilled from the leaves and roots of plants. The very specific process harnesses the power of the plant and we get to use that power to boost the functions of our bodies. How awesome is that? Plants have been used for medicinal purposes back so many years I can’t even count.
I feel blessed to be a part of a community that puts our health and wellness first. I’m excited to make my own lotions rather than purchase them. There are so many fillers and harsh chemicals in store brands (don’t believe me…google it!) I have made my own Vicks rub and body wash and even switched out tooth paste and shampoo and conditioner. The possibilities are endless. Young Living is so much more than just oils. I am slowly working on my “get out of my house list”. I plan to have a long healthy life and I plan for my son and family and friends to have one as well. This journey I’m on is a constant learning process. I love it. I want each of you to love it as well. #naturalalternatives #essentialoils #YLlifestyle #crunchyfamily #naturalfamily #YLEO #homemade #toxinfree #getoutofmyhouse #harshtruth #thinkdirtyapp #taketheplunge #askmeanything (at Lugoff, South Carolina)