It’s almost christmas and everybody is doing this, so I decide to make one too. The graphics is kinda crappy but i couldn’t think of anything better lol sorry. I know it’s a bit early but in a few words I want to thank all of you for making my dash perfect every day c: Also thanks for being so lovely and nice with me, this year was amazing (except for the klaine breakup wich, if you ask me, never happened), i made some good friends, i saw so many perfect blogs.. I don’t talk to some of you (not because i don’t want to it’s because i’m akward as hell) but still, you’re all perf and i watch creep you from the distance. Anyways, these are my favorites. So again, i hope you guys have a very nice holidays, and keep the awesomeness! ♥

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crunchycolfer replied to your post: This is my daily post where I ask glee to give…

I couldn’t agree more! I don’t want to put him on a pedestal but he’s one of the best singers and he’s by far the best actor.. I just don’t understand ryan this season.

OMIKR! Like dear glee, you have such a freaking talented actor and singer why don’t you give him the songs and screentime he deserves! kfjnjkdn I just have the feeling they rush it too quickly like with his feelings while some misinterpretend things.. sigh