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Last night I dreamt I was at the beach, and a kid there had a pet baby elephant. It was so smol, it was about the size of a large dog, and I didn’t want to disturb them so I kept my distance, but later on the elephant came down the beach and was rolling in the sand and it reached out with its little trunk and so I bent down and petted it, and it was so young it had blue eyes like a kitten and soft curly hairs on its sides, and it patted me on the arm with its trunk and I felt like I could now die happy ;_;

Last night I dreamt I was Jean. And I was injured somehow and recovering in bed. And silver fox Erwin came in to see how I was getting on or something. To be honest those details are kind of vague. Anyway, he was retired or something cause he said ‘I’m not your commander any more.’

And then we made out. And it was glorious.

So Eren and Levi are making out and it’s going really, really well when Levi remembers that they have tickets to a movie that evening and they have to leave pretty much immediately. Reluctantly they separate, breathing hard.

They arrive at the cinema and take their seats but there is unfinished business that keeps them from paying attention to the movie. Levi’s hand slides over Eren’s hip and Eren trails his fingers up Levi’s leg.

Eventually Eren’s reserve snaps and he mouths ‘bathroom’ in Levi’s ear before leaving his seat. And Levi follows; how could he not?

They barely manage to stumble into a stall and lock the door before belts are undone, teeth on necks. They’re so desperate and teased that all it takes is for them to free themselves from their clothes and press against each other and they’re coming, softly swearing open-mouthed into the crook of each other’s necks.

…and then I woke up.

Last night my dreams saw fit to gift me with incredibly self-indulgent self-insert AU fanfiction.


I was a prisoner or something at a university? I was in a dorm room anyway and graduation was coming up and Levi was a spy sent to rescue me
And his plan was to make it look like I was having heart trouble so he told me to eat this thing and ‘think of something that will make your heart pound’ and I was just okay gonna think of YOOOOU.
So whatever it was put me pretty much out of it but I was aware of what was going on and I thought I’d packed all my stuff but Levi opened a book and took my passport out of it and said 'which passport do you want? The Canadian one will last longer.’
I couldn’t answer cause drugged up but whatever and he was hauling me out of the place and he basically confessed, mumbling to himself while he was carrying me out and I was just 'yeaaass once this stuff wears off and we are free I am going to SMOOCH YOU’
It got a bit confusing and something about a pizza but at some point Levi KISSED ALL OVER MY FOREHEAD IT WAS SO SWEET.

Last night I dreamed I met Isayama. We were in a Japanese garden and there were a handful of other fans; not many. Anyway, he was super nice and friendly, and he asked us what we’d like to see more of in the manga. I was very proud of myself for not saying “Eren and Levi’s love blossoming” and I think I said something about how we should see more of the squad just hanging out. (Seriously, I was sitting there in-dream thinking to myself, ‘don’t say anything shippy, don’t say anything shippy.’)

My dream self really should have said something about Eren’s basement, in hindsight.

Last night I dreamed Eren died. Not like, his character in the manga, but he was a person and he died. And Levi died two days later and I was just griefstruck for both of them. Even though I don’t think I knew them personally. In the dream I was so sad and crying my eyes out. It was kind of weird waking up and I wasn’t crying.

Anyway, no more dreams like that one kthx.

Last night I dreamt I was in some sort of Game of Thrones setting, in which a royal woman sought revenge on someone by setting a giant pig on him. And he was swimming through these underwater ruins to try and get away, although I knew in advance he wouldn’t make it. That part was first person, and not all that pleasant. He thought he’d escaped, surfaced and the pig broke through the wall in front of him. Luckily, I didn’t hang around to see what happened next.

No, I had an armed revolution to lead in some sort of tropical island place? There was lots of sand anyway. It seemed a bit complicated politically. There was a neutral fleet keeping out of the way, and bullets flying everywhere and plenty of grenades being chucked as well.

And there was this guy. I think he was originally on the other side but our eyes met across a crowded battlefield and with a kind of movie-logic this dream was operating on I knew he was The One. Anyway, I got my hands on a grenade launcher, kicked some arse, snogged my man while bullets were still flying wtf was I thinking and then we learned that the fleet had decided to join our side and we went off to sail somewhere and continue the fight, I guess. The fleet was made up of many tiny boats with purple patterned sails. Honestly I’ve forgotten a lot but it was super fun dream A++ would recommend.

Last night I dreamt I was Aoba. I could see the blue bangs in front of my eyes. Anyway, I was in this huge palace with all the guys, and there was some sort of plot in Thailand: we were there for some important reason. Anyway, Mink was blonde! And I think a robot or something because if you replaced parts of (a tv?) he stopped being violent and became nice. And I was replacing the corrupted parts he cuddled me and kissed my ear and Noiz was watching and fuming jealously and once Mink had left the room I rolled my eyes and went over and kissed him (Aoba!me is probably not making good life choices.) And then Koujaku ran by cause there was some sort of emergency and I ran after him thinking ‘how ridiculous is it to call out ‘Koujaku’ and not ‘Kojack’, I’m not even Japanese.’

This is probably going to be long and boring and I apologise but I have to write it down before I forget. Yes, this was all a dream.

The cast of SNK lived in a world in which information could be grown or shared just by waving ones hand and creating giant trees of colour that looked like this

And they were growing huge, as human knowledge advanced. And there was a zoo. And I was Levi. And I remember thinking, could there be a downside to this? What happens when the world is full of colour?

Anyway, they created a robot, a machine that could answer questions, about the past, and it became clear that we once came from Earth. Levi/I also realised the machine was lying to us; it didn’t know anything that it claimed, it was just trolling. I tried to destroy the chip.

Ten years later, the colour trees have been ground up and turned into things like baseball bats. I miss them. Levi looks terrible, old and grey and most of his body is robotic parts now except for his head. This time the machine is animate, and it destroys his legs before he can shoot it. He goes to one of the factories, to wave his hand and share knowledge of the machine, because the trees are gone and this is the only way to do it.

One of the factory workers talks cheerfully to him about how the distribution process works; the information ends up in the air. Levi smiles sadly and says he knows.

And then I ended up looking for a place to rent and it all got a bit boring after that.

Guys guess what. I dreamed about a whale.

There was some sort of portal accident and I ended up not where I intended to be in the ocean and the whale was swimming around. I got up on the pier cause I was a bit worried given how large it was but i could (sort of) talk to him and he was friendly.

So I got back in the water and I like rode on his back and swam around and it was a bit scary because he was so large but he let me stand on him like a big warm rubbery island. And then we went to the beach where my family (not my actual family a kind of generic dream created family) was having a day out. By that point the whale was super small so I wrapped him in a towel and sat him with my folks.

Then these lifeguards came by with some sea snakes and released them on the edge (okay this beach was pretty weird looking by this point; it had two ends with a wall and they put the snakes over the wall, and there was a sand wall to hold  back the sea as well.) and made us move back from the water and I was all wtf how do I get the whale back to the water?

The other beachgoers weren’t happy either and I asked the lifeguards what was meant to be in the water that they were so worried about but didn’t get a straight answer. So I decided to take my whale and leave. I’d release him back where we first met.

So I unwrapped him and picked him up, by this point he’d got quite a bit bigger but I could still carry him he just towered up over my head. I had my arms around his middle? Tail? and I walked along the beach to find a spot to put him back in the water.

And he was sad to be going because we were friends ;_;

And @synstruck messaged me later to tell me ‘guy carrying his whale along the beach like it’s nothing’ videos had gone viral, and I had 47 emails about it but none of the videos would load.

So you know how I said I was skeptical of Civil War giving the fandom what it wants? Apparently my subconscious does not agree.

Last night I dreamed I was in the cinema watching the new Captain America film. It started out with Steve and Tony fetching Bucky from somewhere, and they were on one of SHIELD’s big helecarrier things. And Tony was all, ‘You two get some sleep’ and then he actually sprayed them in the face with some sort of sleeping stuff?

Only it didn’t actually put them to sleep for long; they dozed for a while and then started sleep-fighting each other, and Tony thought this was fucking hilarious. He was all ‘no no, get out of the way, let them go.’ Like they weren’t fighting hard, they were just sort of scuffling.

And as they were wrestling they both finally woke up, and they looked at each other for a moment and then they kissed. And I was just ‘holy shit, they did it.’

And the audience erupted. People were cheering and clapping, and some people looked a bit bewildered, and there was a standing ovation and they actually paused the movie so people could take photos and selfies.

Soo… there you have it. Sneak preview of Civil War; sorry about the spoilers.

(Then we left those guys and the rest of the movie that I remember dreaming about focused on a villain building some sort of army of tiny robots that looked like Tim Allen and broke the fourth wall, and the villain lived in a high-tech giant motor-home with this family who kind of wished he’d leave but were a bit scared of him also there was a catapult.)

I don’t feel like writing today. At all. Considering both the next chapter of F:ML and the last unwritten prompt for eruriren week just makes me feel tired. It might be the fact that summer’s ending; it’s very hard to feel motivated. Or it could just be that I need a break.

It’s hard to tell what is writer’s block, what is sheer laziness, and what is the genuine need to take a break and recharge creative batteries. If I could tell the difference, life would be a lot easier.

In other news, last night I dreamt of a crossover between Dramatical Murder and Evangelion. Shinji was being pursued by Trip and Virus and his father, and he transformed himself into a snake to hide in long grass while they searched for him. And Trip stumbled across him and so Shinji transformed back and strangled him to death with his bare hands. And then he fled because he knew Virus would be out for his blood.

Unfortunately they were already at his apartment when he got back but his best friend (? an OC I think) warned him. But I got the impression they were probably going to capture him anyway. And then the dream became something else so that plotline was never resolved.

Last night I dreamed I had weeb friends. Maybe I was dreaming about you, in a way. Anyway, I was visiting your place to watch anime, and there were a bunch of us; most of you were young women, or teenage girls, I guess. And a couple of you went to make popcorn or something and the lady next door looked over the balcony rail and said ‘Oh, Fullmetal Alchemist?“ while looking at the dvds we were going through. She had a young baby. And I said we were there to watch anime and she said she was a weeb as well.

It was really nice. Like, a circle of friends the sort I’ve not really experienced irl. Sure, some of my friends like anime but they’re not really into fandom as well; the experience is different.

Ah, I miss you.

Felt like writing but just way too tired to concentrate tonight. I spent last night dreaming I was too sick to go to work. I dreamed I was having breakfast and complaining about my sore throat and feeling awful and deciding to call in sick.

I actually lay there for a little while after I woke up half-convinced I was sick, and was relieved when I wasn’t.

Honestly, if that’s the best my brain can come up with, I’d prefer a rerun of the dream in which I was Bertholt. It was pretty neat being that tall (and my dick was massive; I know this cause the entire dream was a threesome with Reiner and Annie, although I’m honestly not sure that position would be practical irl.)

So last night I endured a grade A Japanese horror movie style nightmare.

It started off at work. We were asked to fill in some sort of anonymous survey for some sort of research. There were watercolour paintings telling a story and we were supposed to circle the most apt word out of selection. I was vaguely stressed because my friend was there and saying he’d bought me stuff that was both valuable and heavy and I was just …wut? And I didn’t want people looking at my answers.

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So last night my brain decided to write weird ereri AU fanfiction while I was asleep.

So I was Levi. Levi was either a talk show host or a boxing instructor (it really wasn’t clear) and he’d known Eren when Eren was a teenager but they weren’t close and he didn’t really remember him - maybe didn’t know his name even. Eren’s all grown up now and is some sort of rock idol, a solo performer rather than in a band though.

And Eren’s super fucking hot, but kind of famous for not dating. And Levi’s interviewing him on his show and he asks him, not really expecting a straight answer, why he doesn’t date.

Eren says, “I really liked someone once, but they ignored me.”

And he’s looking Levi right in the eye and Levi’s just…oh shit as he remembers that teenager he vaguely knew. All on live television.

And that was it. Sadly.

Last night I dreamt Blood was actually still a WIP and I’d forgotten and I’d left it mid-battle (and it was also somehow an ereri fic set in Australia) and I couldn’t remember how I was going to finish it and I was stressing out …

Last night I dreamed I was sleeping in some high up place - some scaffolding, I think, and I found two kittens, a little black one and a larger white and orange one. I put them in the pockets of my hoodie to climb down and I was scared I’d accidentally suffocated the little black one but when I took it out it was fine. And it was petting these kittens and was all ‘I guess I have to look after them now.’ I also met the gruff, middle-aged orc (who was inexplicably much shorter than me) who was the local captain of the guard. I showed him the kittens too. He thought they were cute and leaned up and kissed me on the nose :| And I was like 'well that was awkward.’

And then I was off to a house party in the fancy part of town, pretty sure the kittens came too, and a couple of friends came with me but we were really early so we sat on a park bench and talked while we waited. And it was a very beautiful part of town, lovely houses and trees.

I just remembered I dreamed I snogged Tom Hiddleston. I’m not even a huge fan; I mean, I like him well enough, so I’m not complaining but it was odd.

I was at a market looking for a replacement miniature cause one of my PC’s characters had died and there was a row of them for sale in this shed. And I think Tom was selling them and I told him I was looking for a priestess one rather than a witch, and none of them seemed quite what I was looking for and then he got all apologetic and we started making out. His hair was nice and soft. He seemed quite sweet, really.

And then I got into a fight in a building lot with this big guy over a stack of dollar coins and the rest of it wasn’t so fun.