Os Crunc- STUNT DBL (The Exorcism of Papoose and Kay Slay)

Easy Hiragana - Row: M
  • Easy Hiragana - Row: M
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Easy Hiragana - Row: M
MA - MI - MU - ME - MO

Below is the list of words use as a sample in the sound file:

まいあさ (毎朝) = every morning
まえ (前) = before
まいご (迷子) = lost child

みかた (味方) = ally
みがく (磨く) = to polish
みぎ (右) = right

むいか (六日) = six day
むかし (昔) = a long time ago
向こう (向こう) = beyond

め (目) = eyes
めがね (眼鏡) = glasses
めいじん (名人) = expert

もういちど (もう一度) = one more time
もしもし = hello
もくてき (目的) = goal