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Time After Time (Part 1 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 963

Warnings: fluff, some mentions of bullying.

A/N: I’m back with a new series. Hopefully you guys like it! Thanks for reading!

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Age Seven

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Leonard Cohen, Los Angeles, 2005.

 “Leonard was a friend of mine for 30 years. I ran into him about 30 years ago in Ithaca, New York, of all places. … Ithaca. What was he doing there? I idolised him and went up and introduced myself. He said hi and then invited me to go and have ice cream with him. This picture was in his absurdly huble house in crummy neighbourhood where he lived.“

By  Mark Romanek.

Curly always liked rain.

It washed away blood during a rumble. It gave him an excuse to not go to school because “it’s too wet outside, Tim, I’ll ruin my clothes”, to which Tim didn’t care enough to fight typically. It always made the usually crowded streets of Tulsa less so.

But, on days like today, he wished the damn skies would lighten up. The wind howled as him and his brother made the long trek from Buck’s to their crummy house, that was sure to have water leaking from the roof. They’d have to put buckets underneath, and if it kept up like this, they’d have to be emptied several times tonight.

Curly shivered in the chilly October air, goosebumps had appeared awhile ago and seemed to now be a permanent fixture on his body.

“You should’ve brought a fuckin’ coat, dumb shit.” Tim’s low timber voice cut through the wind.

“Fuck off, it wasn’t this damn cold when we left.” Curly snapped, voice harsher than he intended. He always hated feeling stupid for some mistake, especially by his brother.

Tim rolled his eyes, obviously not thinking highly of this excuse. “Well don’t come whining to me when you’re sick tomorrow.”

“When have I ever come whining to you about being sick?” It was true, Curly rarely complained to his brother, knowing it would get him nothing more than a cuff upside the head and a smart remark about his own stupidity.

Tim shrugged noncommittally, watching the young teen for a moment. Curly tried to get his teeth chattering under control, rubbing his hands together. He’d stick them in his pocket, but those were soaked through and would do no good at this point.

“Oh for the love of God,” Tim finally said, seemingly having as much as he could take when Curly stuck his freezing hands under his armpits. “Here, just take my damn coat.” He ordered, stopping for a minute, taking off his own leather jacket and placing it snuggly around Curly’s shoulders. “Jesus, kid, you’re gonna make some passerby call child protective services, makin’ me look like a shit provider.” Tim grouched, although he smiled a bit, and ruffled Curly’s soaked hair.

Curly ducked his head down as they started walking again, tucking his chin into the jacket. He could smell his brother’s aftershave and the scent of cigarettes and beer clung to the leather. The teen fought back a smile, finding himself once more enjoying the rain.

Leave Me Behind -Tate Langdon angst

A/n:I posted this months ago,but I can’t find it on my blog?????So i’m reposting,I hope you enjoy it<3

Wiping away stray tears on your sleeve,you packed away more of your clothes.You grew to love the old house.You became acquainted with the characters there.But there was no negotiating,you and your family had to leave.

Your father was finally getting his dream job,something he couldn’t miss for a crummy,old house.Not only that,but you were going to college soon and your parents wanted you to be close to home.

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ROTBTD!Hogwarts Sorting

A lot of people have asked me why I sort the big four into the houses I’ve sorted them in (Merida in Gryffindor, Hiccup in Hufflepuff, Rapunzel in Ravenclaw, Jack in Slytherin).

Technically, it is the first sorting I ever came across when I discovered the fandom, and I just thought it worked really well. Then, I saw other versions of the sorting that made me challenge my own, and I thought for the first time: why do I sort each of the big for into their houses? So, once I really thought about it, I realized why I adored matching those characters with those houses.

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means me telling you that my sorting is all supreme and most certainly I’m not saying that I’m a greater authority on which house each member of the big four should go into. I’m just explaining the mentality behind my sorting, and if you disagree, PLEASE add your own input on this post. I really want to hear what everyone in the fandom has to say about the sorting, under the rule that no one (including me) is allowed to bash on another’s headcanons.

For starters, Merida. Nine out of ten times, she’s in Gryffindor. It’s in her movie title (Brave), after all. Very occasionally, I’ve seen her put in Slytherin, but it was only in occasions when people wanted Jack in Gryffindor. Merida, I personally believe, is the perfect example of a Gryffindor because not only does she share the bravery, independence, and all other positive traits of the house, but she also struggles with the same flaws, which can be impulsiveness, recklessness, and maybe even being a little blind to other’s emotions at times. Putting Merida in Gryffindor is, I think, the least disputed sorting in the fandom.

Then Jack. I absolutely love his being in Slytherin, and I think the most popular reason that people are against this is that people believe Slytherin is the evil house, which it’s not. That is the main reason people like putting Jack into Gryffindor instead. My reasoning is Jack, like other Slytherins, is cunning, determined, and he does’t allow other people to tell him what to do. Also, he’s into self-preservation, which people don’t like to ascribe to Jack. But in ROTG, Jack, although he genuinely feels bad for Tooth after her palace was raided, only comes up with the idea to help her get the teeth back because he wants his memories back. The others promise this is no problem, and BOOM! He becomes one of the most helpful people on the team, stopping at nothing (determination) to beat Pitch. People call this an act of bravery, thus Gryffindor, but Jack is more strategized and less impulsive about taking Pitch down (cunning). He’s open to talking things out with the villain, thus unconsciously letting his guard to manipulation. This is a big thing that takes away from impulsive/headstrong behavior, thus takes away from Gryffindor.

Finally, the real debate is between Hiccup and Rapunzel, with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. There are two big points that must be made: #1 Throwing the final character into the final house just because there is nothing left isn’t a good enough reason to do so and #2 Hufflepuff isn’t a crummy house you should avoid sorting people into until there is nothing else left. Don’t take my word for it; search the Hufflepuff tag on tumblr for a few minutes and you’ll never mess with the black and yellow again.

So, speaking generally, Ravenclaw is the smart house. Hiccup works as a blacksmith apprentice, has great observation in drawing/scaling Toothless’s tail wing, freaking engineers the tail wing with viking technology, uses the scientific method to study Toothless, and contemplates a new philosophy that dragons and humans can coexist. Rapunzel enjoys learning all sorts of skills (referring to her song “When Will My Life Begin?”), charts the patterns of stars on her ceiling by means of observation alone in medieval times, comes up with a scheming plan to get Flynn to take her to see the floating lanterns, studies world maps and atlases once she gets into the kingdom (in the “Kingdom Dance” montage towards the end), and contemplates a new philosophy about achieving dreams in life, acknowledging a chance of disappointment, and pursuing new great things in life. It’s up to you to sort these guys however you like, but you’re joking if you actually believe either of them aren’t smart.

Hufflepuff is where this is all applied. They’re loyal, good-natured people who are selfless and stick by their friends, but I think the most important attribute of Hufflepuff is the most overlooked: they are hard-working. They see a goal and they struggle to make it happen, regardless of who or what tells them they can’t, because they know what’s right and what’s important.

This is where the line is drawn that puts Hiccup into Hufflepuff. Rapunzel enjoys learning things for the sake of learning them; she wants to open her world and discover everything in it, and she wants to challenge anything to get a better view on it. If she makes a mistake, she’s quick to shrug it off, because, hey, she learned something, and she wants to keep learning.

Hiccup, however, devotes himself to learning about dragons and is rather hard on himself about it. In the movie, he sets a goal to take down a Night Fury, which everyone says is impossible. He does it anyway (hard-working). Then, he goes down to find the dragon bound in ropes, and all he has to do is kill it before becoming the greatest viking on Berk. But, he looks into the eyes of the dragon and sees a living, conscious, soulful being and knows that slaying this beast is wrong. If he let the dragon go, the tribe would consider him the weakest, wimpiest, most worthless shameful viking to exist. He does it anyway (good-natured). He builds that tail wing not because he finds the engineering aspect to be a fun, enlightening experiment, but because he cares about Toothless and wants to do anything to help him (selfless and sticks by his friends).

I guess that was the main point of this post. I really don’t mind how you sort the big four in their Hogwarts houses. It’s your choice, and I love watching other people have different ideas on who goes where, but one thing is for sure: Hufflepuff is not a left-over house, and its inhabitants aren’t weak. Only put someone in Hufflepuff if they’re good enough for it. Of course each of the big four are wonderful people balanced out with their flaws, and none of them are better than the other. That also applies to each house. Neither one is better than another, and they each have upsides and downsides.