What‘s going on? 200 Followers now!

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I can’t believe this! The walking encyclopedia of weirdness (Me) has 200 Followers now! :‘) Thank you sooo much! Hiiiiii to all the (100!) new people! OMG!

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I can’t believe you all like my stuff. This is amazing! Thank you so much, this means a lot. (I‘m here for years now with my other personal blog and nothing ever happened :D ) and noooow so much love ♥️ I thank you all for never hating around or something. You are the best squad!!

Much love and big shoutout to my precious sweethearts @cheekbonesofbenny @alpaca-milkshake @giulygambotto @fandom-b13a and @piercetheaicha. You helped me so much to feel good here, with always having time for a little chat or something , reblogging, liking and comment ♥️ also thank you to @fellinlovewithart and blueboxian (I can’t tag you :( )who are also reblogging cuties all the time! ♥️

And special mention goes again to my precious @merthur-sheriarty ! You are wonderful ♥️ thank you ♥️ (especially for great villains and glowing vampires :D nononono, especially for everything!!!!)

And a real Thank you to all of you!!!! We are 200(+Myself) now. Imagine us in a room together, eating chocolate (or whatever you like) and watching Sherlock ♥️ It‘s amazing. You are all amazing!

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What if in Harry Potter rather than using ‘He-who-must-not-be-named’, they gave him the Bungledick Crumblesnatch treatment instead?


And it can’t exactly summon him, but he hears and he knows, and it’s unbecoming of a dark Lord to act bothered by it all so all he can do is sulk.

2014 by zodiac sign

aries: pharrel’s hat
taurus: that kid who got stuck in a giant vagina statue
gemini: kim kardashian’s oily butt
cancer: solange bitchslapping jay-z
leo: america trying to give justin bieber back to canada
virgo: bendytits crumblesnatch u2 photobomb
libra: luigi death stare
scorpio: kermit
sagittarius: the first australian to buy an iphone 6
capricornbuttplug christmas tree
aquarius: alex from target
pisces: shia labeouf