crumble apple

Apple Crisps

Yields 6 servings

The things you’ll need

  • 4-6 Gala or Fuji apples, peeled and chopped
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 4 ounces unsalted butter, cold and cut into small cubes
  • Cutting board & knife
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Hand mixer
  • 6 ramekins
  • Baking tray
  • Rubber spatula
  • Scoop for topping

Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.
  2. In a medium bowl, toss chopped apples in flour and then place into ramekins.
  3. In another medium bowl, combine sugar, flour, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.
  4. Use your hands to work in butter to create the crumble topping.
  5. Scatter the crumble over the apples and then place the ramekins on a baking tray.
  6. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
Pocket Change | 1 | (M)

word count: 7.5k

genre: smut; supernatural AU + demon!yoongi

pairing: reader/yoongi

warning(s): mentions of domestic abuse

special thanks to: @honeyheonie for being a wonderful beta  ♡


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Bitty and Jack are the biggest soccer moms (soccer dads?? Is there a male term for this trope)

they own a big ass minivan stocked with Capri Suns and granola bars (“get in the goddamn car Tommy or i swear too god your father is never making apple crumble ever again in his LIFE”)

even though neither of them coach peewee hockey you can still see them on the sidelines trying to signal plays together through increasing intricate hand signals and interpretive dance( they get asked to Stop when bitty brings out the semaphore flags)

Jack and bitty being Those™ parents

some of you, including myself, might be feeling bloated right now! i’ve had cheesecake and an ice cream and roast dinner and apple crumble and pancakes 😋 so, now i’m pretty bloated! BUT I’M HERE TO LET YOU KNOW THAT THAT’S ALSO OKAY. don’t punish yourself or your body for bloating, or enjoying your food today!! bloating just means that your body is digesting your food, and that’s great! it’s nothing bad, it’s a natural process!!! PLEASE DONT TRY AND “REDEEM” YOURSELF TOMORROW BY RESTRICTING, you don’t have to do that!!!! no matter how much you ate today, or how bloated you are, you need to eat tomorrow!! hope you had a great day sweeties!

Hope You Heard

Let Me Have Your Heart: One Shot Series - #38

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(Past One Shots)


Harry and you had been friends for quite a while. The friendship just continued at his first of many trips to the cafe you worked part time at, ordering the same Apple Crumble each and every single time he visited. 

Although he had learned his lesson, he’d never eat as many slices of Apple Crumble as he did the first day he met you, and he learned he didn’t have to occupy himself with a slice of dessert to get your attention and converse with you, because you validly enjoyed his company.

Him visiting the small cafe, at the end of the street a couple blocks down from his mum’s house, became routine. 

Every morning, at the beginning of your shift, early in the morning, he’d walk over, and order his usual, which you already remembered by heart, and you’d take a seat with him a chat over whatever you two felt like chatting about that particular morning when the cafe wasn’t busy and bustling as it usually was.

Harry was in the middle of chopping up some vegetables for his chicken dinner when he heard his phone ringing. He placed the knife down, quickly wiping his hands on his apron that adorned his body and walked over to the other end of the kitchen where his phone was laid. 

A smile was brought up to his face when your name and a picture, you never knew he took, of you on his display screen. He picked up his phone, pressing the accept button and placing the phone up to his ear.

“Hey love, what’s going on.” he questioned over the phone, with a smile on his face. 

There was a moment of silence before the phone sounded like it was being thrown around and giggles were heard through the phone. There was some rustling before he heard you hiccup over the phone. 

“’arry? This you?” he heard you lazily question, clearly alcohol induced. “Indeed it is, you alright love?” he chuckled. You giggled and it sounded like you threw yourself down on a couch as you let out a huff. “I miss you” you slurred with a giggle. 

“I miss you and i’m sad you’re not here” you elongated. He smiled to himself. He had missed you too. With everything going on in his life, he wished that there had been more time that he could freely spend with you, but work seemed to always be his priority. “I miss you too, you enjoying yourself? You sound like you’re having fun” he chuckled, walking back to the vegetables and putting the phone on speaker and continuing to cook. “I am, I guess” she sighed tiredly over the phone. “I wish you’d be here, I don’t like these other guys trying to touch me and trying to dance with me” she whined and mumbled over the phone.

Harry dropped his knife and for some reason, a sense of jealousy and fear coursed through his veins. Were these men trying to do something with you they shouldn’t be doing? Were you aware enough of what was going on? “Do you want me to pick you up, love?” The phone rustled again and the sound of wind could be heard. “Please” you sighed against the phone, a bit of a shutter coming from your lips. “I’m at the pub on Wolff Street” you slurred out. He nodded, wiping his hands and throwing his apron off. “Alright just stay there, love. Okay? Don’t go off and walk away and don’t go with anyone you don’t know, understood?” he stated, grabbing his keys and coat. You let out a quiet “mhm” before he hung up the phone and got into his car, driving off to where you were located.

He pulled up to the curb, noticing you sitting against the red brick pub, snuggled up in your jacket and a short black dress with your eyes closed. He stepped out his car and walked over to you, squatting down to eye level with you. He gently tapped your shoulder as you opened your eyes and smiled. “You came for me” you slurred with a sloppy smile. “Always love, that’s what friends are for.” 


He wished he didn’t have to use that term. It was a term he wish he could have dropped months ago, and he tried, but it just was never the right time. Either it was too early, or you had just entered into a new relationship, so he couldn’t ruin your happiness when he saw that smile on your face every time you’d mention the other man’s name. It was either that, or you had been heart broken from a previous guy and he just didn’t have the nerve to tell you such a big thing when you were in time of crisis.

He gently grabbed your hand, helping you up, before supporting you into his passenger seat of the car and closing the door behind you. He stepped into the passenger seat and looked at you and heard your shivering. “Jesus babe, you need to learn to bring more layers. You know how this weather could get” he chuckled, blasting up the heat and putting your hands into his and blowing into them to give you some warmth. 

He looked into your glazed over eyes and you smiled at him. “You have really pretty eyes, Styles” you smiled, barely blinking. He quietly chuckled, putting his head down as he blushed a little before pressing a quick kiss to your knuckles before putting his seat belt on. “Alright, off to your place” he started. You shook your head. “Can I come to yours? I don’t like being alone after I get drunk. Makes me feel paranoid and what not” you sheepishly explained. He smiled, giving your thigh a gentle rub and nodding. “No worries, I was cooking up dinner as well, and I have enough for two. So you got it” he smiled.

The car ride was silent, just the sounds of other cars passing by you as he took his time to drive back to his place. Pulling into his driveway and putting the car into park he looked over at you and saw you dozed off. He smiled before turning off the car and going to your side of the car and picking you up bridal style.

You stirred awake and placed your head on his shoulder. “‘M sorry for’ falling ‘asleep” you murmured. He chuckled, shaking his head, unlocking the front door. “No worries, you want to hop into my shower? You smell a little like vodka and sick” he chuckled. You nodded, asking to be put down before slowly walking to the bathroom, placing a palm on your forehead before closing the bathroom door.

Harry smiled to himself, shaking his head before walking back to the kitchen to continue and finish off dinner. It was times like these where he wished you were both in a relationship so he could hop in the shower with you and help you wash the sick out of your hair, but he knew, friends didn’t do that.

He was taking out two glasses and two plates when he heard a loud thump coming from down the hall and a sudden ‘ouch’ being heard from the bathroom. His eyes went wide, quickly putting down the plates and rushing over to the bathroom. His first instinct was to come barging in, but he knew that maybe you wouldn’t like that, so he opted for a knock on the door. “Love, are you alright?’ he’d question, a sense of urgency in his phone. He heard you giggle before the water was shut off and he heard clattering before you opened the door, a towel covering your front. “I think i ‘tell’” you giggled, leaning forward, resting your wet forehead on his chest. “Mm, you smell good.” you smiled. He chuckled before helping you tighten the towel around you and trying his best not to take a peek at what was underneath the towel, but he controlled himself because the amount of respect he had for you, he had for no one else, but no one really knew that. “Come on. I’ll go find something in my room that you can throw on” he nodded, up the stairs as you both walked to his room and you picked out a long tee and some of his black boxers before laying in his bed. “You hungry? I prepped some dinner if you’re interested” your glazed over eyes, widened as you licked your lips and smiled. “I’ll take that as a yes” he chuckled. “Stay here, i’ll bring it up for you” he smiled.

It was a few minutes until he came baring up the stairs with two trays, one for you and one for him. He opted for just water, since you had had enough alcohol for the night. “Here you are” he gestured, handing you your plate of food with water and some advil on the side. “That’s for after dinner and before bed, so you don’t feel as yucky tomorrow” he smiled, sitting beside you and divulging into his dinner and turning on the telly to try and find something to watch and pass the time, and you both settled on Friends.

He cleaned up all the dishes as you settle yourself on the right side of his bed. He made sure all the locks were locked downstairs and that all the lights were off before making his way up to the bedroom. He stripped down to his boxers, also knowing it’s something he shouldn’t do with his friend right in his bed, but he figured she was tired and so was he, maybe it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

He noticed her eyes go wide and for a moment, panic shot through his veins waiting for you to say something, but you said nothing. All you did was admire his body, as he made his way over to the bed with pink tinted cheeks and settling under the covers.

It was a few moments after he turned off the bed light lamp that he felt you shift in the bed and snuggle close to him. He tensed at first, but relaxed after a moment of your head snuggling into his chest. “Thank you for picking’ me up today, and making me ‘inner and treating me like a princess” you hummed tiredly, almost asleep but still slightly awake, and still aware of your surroundings.

He smiled, gently stroking your hair. “No worries love, anytime.” he sighed contently before hearing your soft little snores after.

It was at that moment where he really felt like his feelings for you were becoming deeper. With just a hint of light coming from outside, through the curtains due to the lamp light on the street he saw your fresh and soft features. No makeup, nothing foreign on your face, just your soft and supple cheeks and soft skin being caressed by the street light outside. He smiled, heart skipping a beat as he stroked your hair gently.

“I don’t think you’ll ever know this, but I think i’m falling in love with you” he whispered to you. Maybe more so to himself, and a little tiny part of him, hoped you had somehow heard.


Hello my friends! I know this isn’t a long one, but i figured i’d try and shoot for one tonight! I’m a bit tired, so i’ll be on for a little while longer! Let me know what you guys thought if you’d like and i really hope you enjoyed it!

Ficlet: Almost Perfect

A proposal fix it ficlet. Mentions of CS but SQ all the way. 

Emma smiles as she looks around the clearing. She knows this spot. It’s one of her favourite places in Storybrooke, the spot on top of the hill where she can see the whole town. Even on a night like tonight, the view calms her and brings a smile to her lips.

She shouldn’t feel uneasy.

There are fairy lights twinkling in the trees and colourful paper lanterns floating in the air around her. There’s a picnic blanket placed on the ground and it’s covered in her favourite foods, bearclaws, grilled cheese, apple crumbles.

Bouquets of daisies have been placed carefully around the clearing and the whole scene is beautiful and romantic and almost like a dream.

And yet she feels uneasy.

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Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 7)

Summary: Since [Y/N] really wants the D, she’s going to make quick work of it. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2120

Warnings: I’m implying (actually, stating) so much already. There’s some sexual content (remember, this story is a slow burn but rated 18+). Some swearing too.

A/N: Forgive me. Read Part 6 or check out the Masterlist for more. 

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Chapter 7: Home Sweet Home

Steve had planned another perfect night for them, so when he brought her home after their dinner and dancing, both her body and mind craved for something more than just a sexually-frustrating goodnight kiss. She had insinuated that he was more than welcome (I mean, really…) to join her for a nightcap, but he behaved like a perfect gentleman -to [Y/N]’s annoyance- and gave her an extra long, extra deep, and extra maddening kiss to say goodnight. His voice was hoarse when he left, and she needed release.

When their next date came around, she was determined to get that release from Steve, or at least cause him some sexual suffering too. For a change, and an obvious strategic move, she decided not to go out, but to lure him in with the promise of a home cooked meal. She had been running around all day, tidying up her place, going grocery shopping, taking a long and relaxing bath, and doing the actual cooking.

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Today’s breakfast with my friends :)
I made banana bread, apple crumble with vanilla sauce, puff pastry mushroom rolls, tomatoes stuffed with vegan ‘cream cheese’, coconut date balls, waffles, banana pancakes, coconut chia pudding, fruit salad plus veggies, fresh bread rolls, vegan cream cheese and one of my friends contributed vegan poppy seed cranberry rolls, avocado chocolate mousse and cinnamon date spread. It was so much fun and sooo delicious!!

anonymous asked:

ooooh 44 with peter pevensie please!!

44: “You’ve always felt like home.”

Part of my 1000 Follower Fun drabbles set

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To The Honourabl
Dear (y/n),
My lo

By the time you receive this letter, it is quite likely I’ll be on my way out of Cair Paravel. I hope this letter finds you well, or at least, finds you in a better place than I was while writing it in good health.

Truth be told; I’ve been thinking about writing this for a long time. Mulling it over. My thoughts have been somewhat jumbled lately; not at all in the ordered fashion that a King should have thoughts. Much has been on my mind, and I wanted to say wanted to acknowledge a few things that I’m too much of a chicken riddled with anxiety about acknowledging in person. Isn’t that ridiculous? Maybe it isn’t so ridiculous.

Therefore, I’d like to get the following facts out of the way:

1. I never really liked apples. I told you I loved them because you made me that apple crumble. I know you think they’re my favourite, but I think I need to come clean, because;

2. I never fancied the serving girl we met that day by the beach. I wanted to make you jealous. It was stupid, and I’m a royal idiot. I wanted to do that because;

3. You’ve always felt like home. I didn’t think I’d ever have a home again after everything I’ve seen, after all the places I’ve been moved around to. Back in England I often feel that you have given me the strength to find my home again. Given me the strength to lead, to rule, to be a man I could not otherwise be. I feel this because;

4. I think
4. I know that

4. I love you. Most desperately.

Now I’ve finally said it. I don’t expect you to return my affections. I just need you to know that. I need you to know that you are my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night. You’re all the thoughts in between.


High King Peter the Magnificent; Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion