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I'm currently training in school to become a CVT. The more I learn, the more curious and interested I become in pursuing a full veterinarian degree. Do you have any advice? What made you decide to become a veterinarian? I know the schooling is expensive, but that doesn't matter to me. What is it about being a veterinarian that called to you? Sorry, I know this is a big ask. I'm just trying to gather as much info as possible...your blog is amazing! it's so inspiring!!

The expense absolutely should and will matter to you. For the last 50 years or so we have brainwashed American students into thinking that if they just work hard enough, follow their dreams, etc. etc. they can do anything. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes you cannot follow your dream and you simply cannot work hard enough. That sucks. I’ll give you a minute.

The average vet student graduates with something like $250,000 in student debt from vet school alone. The average veterinarian makes somewhere around $52,0000 a year. You will never, ever, pay that loan off with that salary. NEVER. You will be paying close to $1,200 a month in loans every month until you are about 65 years old, and then the government MAY forgive those loans. But you have to pay taxes on the forgiveness amount which ends up being around $80,000. If you don’t  have 80K saved up you will need to take out another loan to pay off your loan, then you will pay monthly for that loan. Since humans generally live to be around 70 years of age there is a high likelihood that you will die having never paid off your loans from when you were 22 years old.

$1,200 is a mortgage. Maybe 3-4 car payments. Flights to Japan. Cruises to the Bahamas. So many things you won’t be able to do because of that loan. It’s around $14,000 per year. So in actuality, you will be making $38,000 per year which is less than a general manager at McDonald’s.

If all of that doesn’t dissuade you, I’ll discuss what being a vet is like. I get yelled at and threatened for telling people their pet’s are obese. People scream at me because they think it’s unfair that I want to be paid for my work. I have to compete with internet pharmacies, Google, Breeders, friends, Pet stores, etc and they are all winning. Pet owners would rather listen to Ol’ Betty down the street who has bred poodles for 35 years than a medical professional. Look at some of the ridiculous comments on my posts from people on Tumblr. But people take them seriously. I spent a good portion of my day exasperated, desperately fighting for the health and welfare of pets and being told I am selfish and a money monger. I work 60+ hours a week. Clients get upset if I call out sick, if I don’t call them at 8 am with test results that I told them would take 3-5 days, if I do call at 8 am with urgent medical info but I woke them up, if a test comes back negative I get an angry phone call about how I should give them the money back. For years I can tell someone that their cat must lose weight or it will get diabetes. Finally when the cat is diabetic, owners are upset with me because insulin is so expensive. People feed $85 bags of grain free, organic food but balk at the $20 rabies vaccine I want to give.  If I save a pet’s life, I will get a negative Yelp review if it cost too much in the owner’s mind. Can you imagine? Random people I have never met send me nasty emails, Facebook posts, Yelp reviews, threatening my life and goading me into suicide because some stranger they have never met paid $2,500 so I could save their dog after it got hit by a car.

Every single day is a fight.

When I do get time off I can’t usually afford to go anywhere on vacation and I can only take 3-4 days off because I can’t afford not to work for any longer. I can’t afford my rent but I can’t afford a house either.

Veterinarian suicide rates are through the roof. The general public doesn’t respect us. We all work ridiculous hours and don’t get to spend time with our families, but don’t make enough for it to be worth it.

My advice? Don’t be a CVT or a veterinarian. You simply work too hard and get too little in return. I love helping animals and helping good people but the feel good warm fuzzies don’t come often enough and when they do, I can’t buy food with them. And before you think I am just bitter and angry, I promise every vet you talk to could tell you these same stories. The entire profession deals with this stuff. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to pick a different career and just have a hobby that dealt with animals.

so cornelia’s instagram shows that dan is still with them in miami and the caption is “cruising” now i’m not saying that theyre going on a cruise that goes to the bahamas and dan went ahead of time on sunday to set something up for their wedding but 👀

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Did you all heard from your family lately?

Remus: Mum and Dad went on a muggle cruise in the bahamas for their wedding aniversary. They’re really happy and can’t wait to come to our wedding!!

Sirius: and well my family is ass so I don’t care. But Regulus just left for Spain with his girlfriend so Remus and I have the house to ourselves!!

Teddy: meee!!

Sirius: oh yes, and Teddy!


Here are some pictures from the Disney cruise and Disney world trip! I did a lot of things, from eating snails, to taking a picture with belle, to swimming in every part of the Bahamas, that trip was magical! I’d recommend it ^^

Exo’s Island DILEMMA #IWantedAVacation! #Day1 {Requested}

“Can you make an Exo scenario where they go on vacation to a remote place and something goes wrong? Like they travel to an island and their boat sinks? I know it’s random, but I thought it would be fun.”

Here you go anon! :)

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Day 1

“This is all your fault Chanyeol!” Kyungsoo, screamed over the crashing waves as he tried to swim the remaining feet to shore.

“How in the entire world, galaxy, AND universe is this my fault?!” Chanyeol yelled back already on the beach, hopping on one foot on the hot sand as he wrung his tennis shoes out.

Baekhyun sat on the only log on the beach laughing at Chanyeol, while Suho counted heads to make sure everyone was taken into account. “Okay guys, now I know that none of were prepared for our ship to sink-”

“I was!” Yixing interjected, still wearing his rubber duck floaties and snorkel on his face. Chen coughed exaggeratedly and stood up to survey the soaping wet group of idols.

“I just want to say that I wanted to fly to Spain, but I was outvoted for the cruise to the Bahamas…and now we’re stuck….God knows where….with each other.” Suho threw a fist full of sand at Chen but he ducked, letting the sand pass him and hitting Sehun square in the face.

“I want to go home!” Sehun declared, giving Suho an evil eye and plopping his butt on the sandy beach.

Suho sighed.

“How are we supposed to go home if there’s not a boat?! We need to be smart and start thinking about how we’re going to survive and signal for help!”

“Speaking of help!” Kyungsoo interjected. “I would like to thank you all for helping me to get to shore.” He said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome.” Baekhyun replied ignoring the death stares and standing up to look at the setting sun.

Kai spoke up and said what everyone was thinking “We really need to figure something out soon. The sun is going down and we have nothing.”

Everyone looked around. Here they all were on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere miles and miles away from civilization with no real clue how to survive on their own.

“Okay! Okay! Since all of you are standing around looking dumb and ugly, I’m going to appoint myself as King of the Island!” Baekhyun announced, picking up a seashell and balancing it on his head. “Look! I even have a crown!”

“Can he do that?” Sehun whispered to Yixing, who was absentmindedly making circles in the sand with his shoes.

“No!!” Suho answered. “You can’t just appoint yourself King, Baekhyun! We need to have order and structure and a plan an-”

“Um it’s not like we ever really had that with you….I’m only being honest” Chen jumped in. “Maybe having Baekhyun in charge would do us all some good.”

“You can not be serious!” Suho said in disbelief. “Xiumin! You’re okay with having to listen to the guy who refers to his chest as “Mr. Stack-o-abs??”

Xiumin squirmed under the sudden spotlight. “Well, I mean he does have a lot of charisma, charm  and personality. He’s even really good at bringing people together.”

“Tell that to Exo M.” Kyungsoo muttered under his breath.


“Honestly just let Baek be in charge, he’s got great leadership skills and he’s always optimistic.” Kai chimed in. Chanyeol nodded his agreement, his face still in despair at their state of distress.

Baekhyun beamed in victory. “Okay my first act as King of the Island is to declare today an official holiday!”

“Why in the world is that your first act???!!! Can you people really not see that Baekhyun is quite literally out of his mind?” Suho pleaded again but his words did nothing but fall on deaf ears.

“Get over it Su, Baekday sounds like a great day!” Sehun remarked.

“Ohmygosh! Baekday! That’s an awesome name! Okay Sehun for showing your loyalty you are now appointed general of my army!” Baekhyun said in a rush. “And if you are really a good at your job I’ll make you my first mate!”

“Okay so just a few things that I would like to point out.” Suho began. “First you don’t upgrade from a general to a first mate that is two different types of roles for two different types of professions and second. He took a deep breath. “What army are you talking about?! We are the absolute only people on this island!!”

“Woohooo! I caught a turtle!” Yixing suddenly shouted. “It just walked right past me! I bet there are more. Maybe if we feed him and shelter him, he’ll lead us to the others!”

“Um, King Baek? What are we going to do about our sleeping arrangements? The sun is getting lower and lower and it’ll start getting really cold soon.” Chanyeol noted, his fingers twitching in anxiety.

“There, there my tall lanky child. The heavens have already sent us a turtle as an army and possible dinner and I can guarantee that the answer to our shelter situation will resolve itself too.” A serene otherworldly expression passed over Baekhyun’s face as he walked back over to the only log on the bench and pushed Chen onto the ground.

“I have an idea!” Kyungsoo offered. “Why don’t we take an inventory of what supplies we have with us and then try to utilize them in the best way?”

“Not bad” Kai agreed. “I for one have a soaked tube of chapstick and an ankle brace in my pockets that survived the wreck with me.”

“Oh I have some gum in my pocket!” Xiumin said cheerily. “That counts as food.”

“Well I’m wearing 3 jackets, 2 pairs of pants and 4 shirts so.” Sehun said off hand.

“WHAT?!” Suho asked looking at Sehun closely and realizing that he did look a lot bulkier.

“I did it because I knew that we were going to crash and I wanted to make sure that the most valuable things in my life were safe and secure.”

Suho rolled his eyes as Yixing wiped tears from his cheeks at the touching words said about the clothes. “I only have my floaties and snorkel but maybe we can put them to good use!” Yixing told them.

“Howww?” Chen asked with an eye roll “What in the world are we suppose to do with floaties and a snorkel??!”

“Woah don’t yell at Yixing” King Baekhyun scolded. “He’s from China and is amazing and every idea he’s ever had is absolutely awesome!”

“Thanks bro.”

“De Nada.”

“Where. Are. We. Going. To. Sleep???” Suho asked.

They all fell silent and let their minds try to find an answer.

“I’ve got it!” Chanyeol yelled out. “Okay how about we use the log as a bed and the floaties as a pillow!”

“Ooh and we can take turns sleeping on it!” Sehun chimed in.

“I’m surrounded by idiots” Suho muttered under his breath. “Xiumin, please tell me you can think of something better than this.”

“Ehh, I think it’s fine. It’s the only real solution we have.”

“So it’s settled!” Baekhyun finalized. “We shall all take turns sleeping on my throne/bed! What great teamwork we have! Who ever said that Exo couldn’t get along?”

Kyungsoo raised his hand.

“You. like an hour ago. 5 minutes before we wrecked.”

King Baekhyun furrowed his brow.

“You die at dawn.”

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Jumin's dad not being happy with Jumin's choice of partner? (Considering MC as being a regular person, not a rich trust fund kid) Love your blog!!

  • Jumin didn’t expect his father to judge him for his choice of partner
  • because honestly? what room did that man have to even criticise him?
  • he could list off the women whom his father had dated where he didn’t find them agreeable due to his position
    • his assistants
    • gold diggers
    • women cheating on their partners
    • cleaning staff
    • scandalous actresses
  • but never once did he complain to him
  • so when he walks in with MC, and his father raises his eyebrows, he can feel a tension rise
  • MC sits in the chair, a bit awkwardly, and he makes sure his arm is always around MC
  • of course, Mr. Han isn’t that rude
  • the first meeting is awkward, of course. 
  • Jumin’s father asks MC many things
    • where do they work?
    • where do they come from?
    • how much to they make?
    • where did they study?
  • it’s clear he does not like MC at all
  • when MC goes home, he calls Jumin to stay for a second more
  • “Jumin, I’ll be honest here. I don’t like your partner.”
  • when Jumin asks him why, he closes his eyes and sighs
  • “being married, or even dating, to the heir of C&R is an important title. I know love is important but… Have you not thought maybe they don’t love you? They… might be using you.”
  • that? 
  • coming from his father?
  • how hypocritical
  • usually, he’s very respectful with his father, but MC doesn’t deserve to be spoken of in such a way
  • That’s rich, coming from someone who almost got fooled into marrying a woman who was making him pay for her real husband’s debt while cheating on him with you.”
  • he starts listing off all these things
  • the time his father dated one of his assistants and bought them designer dresses, only to have her leave him a week later?
  • the time he took his current girlfriend on a high-end cruise to the Bahamas and then broke up after it was over?
  • oh, he remembers
  • Jumin’s father is forced to stay quiet after Jumin brings all these things to the table
  • the next meeting is even more tense, because Jumin’s father feels bad and still hesitant
  • MC understands this, and even though it’s never mentioned, they know. they can feel the disapproval
  • Jumin tolerates these awkward meetings until he walks in to MC crying one day
  • then he decides this needs to end
  • the last confrontation with his father is louder than expected
  • he has enough money to fund his own company if needed. he can move away if he wants to and have enough to build three mansions wherever. he can cut all contact with him and it wouldn’t affect him
  • when his father sees how serious Jumin is, he can’t do anything other then apologize
  • with this, slowly but surely, MC is slowly adopted into the family for him
  • after years, he has accepted MC as a child of his