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yesss!!! Maybe a Jonathan Byers Christmas fic where you spend the night on Christmas Eve and there's a dinner and there's fluff and cute widdle Will all excited for the morning. GAHHHH! XD

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a/n: small little blurb with Jonathan Byers™

“Oh, Y/n! It’s so nice to have you here! Are you sure your parents are alright with you staying here?”

You nod happily. “Yes, they’re fine with it.”

Joyce put a hand over her heart. “I couldn’t let you stay at the house all by yourself, especially on Christmas! It’s no Bahamas Christmas cruise, but I think it’s better.”

You look around the cozy house. A Christmas tree is standing in the corner of the living room, glittering with tinsel and ornaments. There are piles of neatly folded pillows and blankets on the sofa and two air mattresses already blown up in the center of the living room. “This is definitely better than a Bahamas cruise,” you tell Joyce with a beam. You two giggle for a moment. 

You realize just how young Joyce looks when she laughs. 

“Jonathan and Will are in the kitchen making hot cocoa. You can take the sofa or a mattress, whatever you want. There’s pop in the fridge. You can help yourself to whatever you’d like.”

Joyce is intent on making you feel welcome. You suspect that she’s had a fair share of Christmases alone. She immediately offered her home to you when Jonathan relayed that your parents were going to be on a couple’s cruise until after New Years. 

You set your bag filled with pajamas and decently wrapped gifts for the Byers on an air mattress. “Thank you a thousand times for letting me stay,” you say for the thousandth time over. 

Joyce waved a hand. “It’s nothing. I’ll go tell the boys that you’re here.” 

Jonathan emerged a moment later, sweeping you off your feet in his arms as he smiled like the happiest person on the planet. You squealed in surprise. “What was that for?”

“For you,” Jonathan said with a shrug. He pecked your lips shyly. 

Will, following his brother into the living room, made a puking sound. “Gross. Take it somewhere else,” he teased. 

Jonathan smiled bashfully, rubbing the back of his neck, while you put your hands on your hips. “Are you jealous that I’m not paying attention to my wittle Will Byers?” You reached out to pinch Will’s cheeks. He dodged your attempts furiously. 

“What? Too old for me now?” You hold your head in your hands with mock sadness. “You’re growing up so fast!”

Will rolled his eyes. He jumped on the couch, cozying in happily. 

Everyone integrated to the couch as well, talking and laughing, telling jokes, explaining their favorite bits about the holidays. 

Jonathan had his hand on your thigh the entire time. His touch was innocent and calming; a touch of love, one that you returned by resting your hand atop his. 

Will went on and on about how excited he was for the next morning. The clock ticked much too slow. “A watched pot never boils, you know,” you point out. 

“What do you mean?”

“Y/n means,” Jonathan explained, “that if you keep focusing on how slow time is going by, it just makes you worse. If you relax and loosen up, Christmas morning will arrive much faster.”

Will contemplated these words of wisdom. He didn’t seem too pleased but allowed himself to relax anyways. 

Joyce called you three into the kitchen some time later. The Christmas Eve dinner was simple. “I thought I would save the yummy stuff for tomorrow,” she explained. “Y/n, you like mashed potatoes? My boys can’t get enough of it. I figured I would make some for tomorrow’s dinner.”

You nod excitedly. “Mashed potatoes are delicious.” What you really meant by that is you could inhale three pounds of mashed potatoes in four minutes and still want seconds. 

Over dinner, you noticed Will taking your advice. He seemed to forget all about waiting impatiently for Christmas morning to arrive. 

Underneath the table, your feet gently knocked against Jonathan’s. You two grinned at each other around your forks like a couple of third grader’s trying not to get caught playing footsies. 

At the end of the night, Will has fallen asleep at his place on the couch, surrounded by blankets. You and Jonathan pushed your air mattresses together. 

“Merry Christmas, Y/n,” he says sleepily. You squeeze his hand lovingly. “Merry Christmas.” 

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Concept: The Riverparents go together on a cruise to the Bahamas because they are in need of a vacation. Shenanigans ensue.

You have mentioned three of my favorite things: Riverparents, cruises, and the word shenanigans.

I have a lot of feelings about this. A lot. I will come back to this when I’m not at work and have more time to think it over.

Mated Pt 9 // Werewolf Shawn

Summary: You and Shawn are mates. He’s an alpha werewolf. You’re a human. Human’s aren’t usually mated to werewolves, but that won’t stop both of you from falling in love anyway.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

You call your mom and let her know you’re going to be staying at your friend Ashley’s, house for a few days because she just broke up with her boyfriend and she was a mess. It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve gone to comfort her for a few days so your mom buys the lie. Little did she know, Ashley was actually out of town for several weeks on a cruise in the Bahamas.

Shawn wakes you up in the middle of the night on the second night since the accident. He had taken to laying on the bed with you during the day and keeping his hand intertwined with yours while you slept because if you started to hurt, he could ease the pain for long enough to let you rest again. It’s just after 2am if the clock on the nightstand was right. You didn’t hurt, in fact you felt pretty good, no pain at all really, so you were confused as of why Shawn was waking you up.

“Babe,” he says softly from beside you on the bed. “Are you awake?”

“Yea, you were squeezing my hand so hard it woke me up.”

“Sorry,” he says, sitting up and letting go of your hand. “It got cold, I was worried you were slipping away.”

You shake your head and sit up with him. “Did you get some sleep?” you ask sleepily and he nods.

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So this is Christmas (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Summary: A fluffy christmas

Warnings: Just fluff, mentions of lack of money, idk if thats a warning

Word Count [NEW!] : 1396

Request: can you write a jonathan byers x reader where it’s christmas but since joyce wasn’t at work for so long while searching for will, the reader buys presents for everyone and even helps joyce with dinner and jonathan is just So In Love™™™™™™™™™ thanks so much!! i love your jonathan stories you write so well :)

For Jonathan, Christmas was always a special time. He loved spending time with his family, and the ‘magic’ of the holidays made the time with the Byer’s even better.

But the Christmas of 84’ was different from the other ones. While money in the Byer’s home wasn’t disposable, there was always enough for Christmas due to careful saving methods from Joyce. But because the time Joyce would usually use to work overtime was spent searching for Will, money was shorter than ever. Her landlord and the local grocer understood her situation, but the owners of the stores at the mall weren’t so forgiving.

As a result of the dilemma that was the search for Will, Joyce had absolutely no money to spend on Christmas presents. There wasn’t even money for the tree, which had to be bought and set up by Hopper. Jonathan was still in the spirit despite his knowledge of the absence of Christmas money. For him it was more about spending time with his brother and mom, the presents were just an addition.

Once school let out, Jonathan led you to his car, turning the heater all the way up. The winter weather hit Hawkins hard, with the temperature hitting the negatives.

“The only positive part about this cold weather is how pretty the snow makes things,”

“Hmm, you’re right (y/n). Maybe we should head out to that hill past my house, we can take some nice pictures there.”

“Doesn’t this weather just get you excited for Christmas” he didn’t respond, he just stared at the road ahead. “Jonathan babe, what’s the matter? I thought you loved Christmas.” You could hear him mumble a few words, it was him struggling to find the right way to express how he felt.

“I do it’s just, it’s just hard this year. Money is tight. It’s not like I care about the presents, I care about Will being happy. He deserves some normalcy in his life. He deserves to wake up on Christmas day like his friends and go to his living room and see a Christmas tree surrounded with presents. I don’t want him to be disappointed in me, especially mom.” Looking over, you could see tears brimming his eyes.

Reaching over, you placed a hand on his leg, and gave him a gentle squeeze of reassurance. “Oh Jonny, I know you care about Will. But you think he’d love you less because he didn’t get some hunk of plastic from the mall? I know your brother, and he loves you just as much as you love him.”

“(y/n), I just want him to feel like everyone else. Be able to live his life like his friends.

"No offence Jon, but neither him, you, or his friends are normal! Come on, what happened to the boy I know who embraced how 'weird’ he was? You want your brother to live a 'normal’ life? Face it, there is no 'normal’ life. I’m probably the most normal person you know, but my life isn’t normal. I helped you fight a crazy monster and I’m dating a guy who has a bat with nails in it! That’s not normal.” You both laughed at the ridiculous claim that any of you could be normal. “You wanna be normal? Drive me to the mall. We’re gonna raid Sears.”

Jonathan was just as confused as the many sales associates that helped you out that day. Two shopping carts filled with toys, VHS tapes, clothes, and jewelry.

“Babe? What’s this for? We’ve been stuck in here for almost 2 hours and you haven’t told me much.”

“Jonathan, put two and two together. We we’re just talking about a 'normal’ Christmas for Will. Now we’re here in Sears buying stuff. What do you think is happening?”

“No, no I can’t let you buy all this for him (y/n). It’s too much,” he reached into the cart and started rummaging through the layer of Star Wars figurines, G.I Joe’s, and found a box. “Plus what’s this?” Upon opening the box, he found a bracelet inside.

“Thats for your mom Jon! You said she didn’t have enough money for your gifts for you two, I know she doesn’t have money to spend on herself. Also, don’t go looking in there anymore, I don’t want you finding my present for you.”

“I don’t want you spending so much money,” You could tell how relucent he was about the whole situation. He wanted Will to have the 'perfect’ Christmas, but he didn’t want you to break the bank doing so.

“Babe! It’s fine, I want to do this. You guys are my second family. I would’ve spent the money on dumb things, or renting a ton of movies. But now I get to spend it on people who care about me, and who I love and care about.”

“You’re too good for me,” Placing a kiss on his cheek, you throw him a wink.

“Don’t boost my ego too much Jonny,”

Christmas came sooner than you could handle. Your parents went away on a cruise to the Bahamas, but you wanted to stay back. So Christmas eve, Jonathan and you were wrapping presents for Will and Joyce in his room. There was just one plastic bag of stuff left to wrap, but you pulled it away before Jonathan could look though it.

“Jon, why don’t you put the wrapped presents under the tree? I’ll do these on my own.” In this bag, there was a few records and cassettes, a nice shirt and tie for formal events, new film, flash, and other attachments. But the thing that meant the most was a photo album. It was filled with every photo Jonathan had ever given to you, and photos that other people took of the two of you. Photos from the school dances, from Thanksgiving, both of your birthdays and one empty spot for Christmas day. You quickly finished wrapping it before Jonathan came back. “I’ll put this one under the tree myself.”

After placing the final present under the tree, you turn around to see Joyce in the kitchen making cookies.

“(Y/n) sweetie, come here for a sec,” she seemed calm for once. “I just want to thank you, for doing all this.”

“Mrs.Byers, it’s just a thank you for making me a part of your family.” you weren’t expecting you to pull you into the tightest hug ever.

“Of course you’re part of this family! I don’t want to keep you in here any longer, you kids go have fun. Just be safe,”

You and Jonathan woke up Christmas morning late. The two of you stayed up late watching Christmas movies and eating chocolates from advent calendars that you forgot to open. As you headed to the living room, you could tell that Will got a head start on opening presents. The tree was surrounded with wrapping paper, as Will opened present after present, with Joyce trying to keep up with the camera.

“Here Mom give me the camera, I’ll get the shots.”

“Nonsense Jonathan! I got it, you two enjoy yourselves. I made coffee, go open your presents!” Joyce was stilling snapping away as you went to go serve yourselves a cup. Once you sat on the couch, Jonathan placed a square package on your lap. Before you opened it, you gave him your special present.

“Merry Christmas!” you two said in unision. As the present was uncovered, you realized your 'orignal’ gift wasn’t so original. You both got each other albums full of your favorite moments together. The one he gave you was filled with candid shots, pictures you didn’t even know he took.

“Jonny baby, thank you! Thank you for a wonderful Christmas.”

He placed a quick kiss on your cheek, as to not draw attention from his mother.

“I don’t think I’ll ever celebrate a better Christmas”

“Don’t boost my ego too much Jonny,”


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I'm currently training in school to become a CVT. The more I learn, the more curious and interested I become in pursuing a full veterinarian degree. Do you have any advice? What made you decide to become a veterinarian? I know the schooling is expensive, but that doesn't matter to me. What is it about being a veterinarian that called to you? Sorry, I know this is a big ask. I'm just trying to gather as much info as possible...your blog is amazing! it's so inspiring!!

The expense absolutely should and will matter to you. For the last 50 years or so we have brainwashed American students into thinking that if they just work hard enough, follow their dreams, etc. etc. they can do anything. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes you cannot follow your dream and you simply cannot work hard enough. That sucks. I’ll give you a minute.

The average vet student graduates with something like $250,000 in student debt from vet school alone. The average veterinarian makes somewhere around $52,0000 a year. You will never, ever, pay that loan off with that salary. NEVER. You will be paying close to $1,200 a month in loans every month until you are about 65 years old, and then the government MAY forgive those loans. But you have to pay taxes on the forgiveness amount which ends up being around $80,000. If you don’t  have 80K saved up you will need to take out another loan to pay off your loan, then you will pay monthly for that loan. Since humans generally live to be around 70 years of age there is a high likelihood that you will die having never paid off your loans from when you were 22 years old.

$1,200 is a mortgage. Maybe 3-4 car payments. Flights to Japan. Cruises to the Bahamas. So many things you won’t be able to do because of that loan. It’s around $14,000 per year. So in actuality, you will be making $38,000 per year which is less than a general manager at McDonald’s.

If all of that doesn’t dissuade you, I’ll discuss what being a vet is like. I get yelled at and threatened for telling people their pet’s are obese. People scream at me because they think it’s unfair that I want to be paid for my work. I have to compete with internet pharmacies, Google, Breeders, friends, Pet stores, etc and they are all winning. Pet owners would rather listen to Ol’ Betty down the street who has bred poodles for 35 years than a medical professional. Look at some of the ridiculous comments on my posts from people on Tumblr. But people take them seriously. I spent a good portion of my day exasperated, desperately fighting for the health and welfare of pets and being told I am selfish and a money monger. I work 60+ hours a week. Clients get upset if I call out sick, if I don’t call them at 8 am with test results that I told them would take 3-5 days, if I do call at 8 am with urgent medical info but I woke them up, if a test comes back negative I get an angry phone call about how I should give them the money back. For years I can tell someone that their cat must lose weight or it will get diabetes. Finally when the cat is diabetic, owners are upset with me because insulin is so expensive. People feed $85 bags of grain free, organic food but balk at the $20 rabies vaccine I want to give.  If I save a pet’s life, I will get a negative Yelp review if it cost too much in the owner’s mind. Can you imagine? Random people I have never met send me nasty emails, Facebook posts, Yelp reviews, threatening my life and goading me into suicide because some stranger they have never met paid $2,500 so I could save their dog after it got hit by a car.

Every single day is a fight.

When I do get time off I can’t usually afford to go anywhere on vacation and I can only take 3-4 days off because I can’t afford not to work for any longer. I can’t afford my rent but I can’t afford a house either.

Veterinarian suicide rates are through the roof. The general public doesn’t respect us. We all work ridiculous hours and don’t get to spend time with our families, but don’t make enough for it to be worth it.

My advice? Don’t be a CVT or a veterinarian. You simply work too hard and get too little in return. I love helping animals and helping good people but the feel good warm fuzzies don’t come often enough and when they do, I can’t buy food with them. And before you think I am just bitter and angry, I promise every vet you talk to could tell you these same stories. The entire profession deals with this stuff. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to pick a different career and just have a hobby that dealt with animals.

3 Chains O’ Gold

Released August 16, 1994

If you haven’t seen 3 Chains O Gold, I’m going to need you to seek it out immediately because it is one of Prince’s most glorious accomplishments. Released in 1994, it expands on the Love Symbol album and attempts to give us Mayte’s back story, I guess? Either way it’s a real treat, so lets get right to my attempt to break down what’s going in this beautiful mess.

Opening Credits
First of all, I wanted to make this not too terribly long and include only events relevant to the plot, but it’s worth noting that the “Warner Reprise Video” is arguably the MOST DATED LOGO IN HISTORY. If this doesn’t scream 1994 at you, I guess you weren’t alive then. If anyone from the future is like “what were the 90s like?” just show them this 10 second clip.

We open with the credits over several clips of what I’m confident is a show on the Paisley Park soundstage, with Prince in a glorious halter top backless jumpsuit, but that’s not important right now - we cut to Princess Mayte in Egypt doing her thing, which I guess is skinny dipping with four nameless women who call her Mai Tai? Either way, full nudity right out of the gate, interspersed with clips of who we find out is her father being stabbed. She holds him as he dies of one stab wound, which I guess you would if no doctor was called. Oh well, dead forever, so she grabs her title 3 Chains O Gold from a vault and we go from Cairo, Egypt, to Minneapolis, Minnesota! Unclear where Mayte is now staying, but it appears to be a small barren room with only candles and a small tv, which is playing Kirstie Alley reporting on a riot in the same alley where conveniently half of Graffiti Bridge takes place.

My Name is Prince
The chain hat is here! As is an extended rap from Tony M, while Prince dances atop several cars in an inexplicably damp alley. He’s so stompy! Mayte has apparently seen this on the news and made her way through the crowd to hand him a bedazzled VHS case containing what is revealed to be the actual tape of her performance on That’s Incredible AS AN 8 YEAR OLD. This is problematic at best, but he’s interrupted by Tony M’s insistence that they have a car party to attend to.

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Sexy MF
The car party turns out to be the members of the NPG playing cards in the smoke filled garage of Paisley Park, and their involvement is that Prince shows up, demands 3 women leave with himself, Tony M and Kirky J, and then ridicules the rest of his band for a little bit. Kind of an asshole, but also… have you seen him in this?? Looking like a real snack. Forgiven. Moving on. My favorite thing about all Prince stories is that it’s like, Prince wants the girl, Prince gets the girl, and this is no different. Prince and his gold gun microphone want Troy Beyer in her pearl cage dress (can you call that a dress?) as they make out in various hotel hallways.  They go to the movies and make out for a bit and engage in some heavy petting, but Troy knows something is up and that there’s someone else (spoiler alert, it’s Mayte), and he responds with a very intent Purple Rain-esque moody stare.

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Originally posted by snazzyskeletor

Love 2 the 9s
Mayte gets a card slipped under her hotel room door with audition times for the NPG, so I guess Love 2 the 9s is her audition?? But wait, some of the NPG guys are in jail slash Prince’s office at Paisley. This is like… the Hard Times, if the Hard Times had a budget? Anyway it would appear that the audition is a photoshoot, with Prince in the highest of high waisted red pants and an open lace bolero top. Again, he looks DECADENT. I digress. Tony M proceeds to interview Mayte with some inane questions, until she is is finally permitted to make the booty boom. Thank god. Sidebar: her makeup!!!!! So perfectly 90s, complete with a brown lip and thin eyebrows. Perfection.

Morning Papers
Cut to the zoo! Why?? I DON’T KNOW. Here’s P and Mayte walking through the zoo hand in hand, being real sweet paired with a song that makes the whole thing problematic, but again, choosing to overlook the whole “why is age more than a number” with a shot of Mayte riding on a carousel. YIKES. Cut to Paisley Park where P is dressed in white pants, white heels, a floor length white trench coat, and a SLEEVELESS PLAID FLANNEL SHIRT unbuttoned all the way down to his waist. This is a GOOD. LOOK. Someone has been working out, and he is eager to show it off. Ugh back to the carousel for some kind of trippy sequence involving Mayte whispering into a mirror in a Blossom hat.

The Max
Dramatic cut to footage of what I’m pretty sure is one of the 1993 Radio City Music Hall shows from the Love Symbol tour mixed with some backstage footage and whatever was shot at Paisley. Prince’s ability to create euphamisms and use them like literally anyone else in the world would ever even bother never fails to amuse me. He’d like to “shuffle the cards in that stack!” …. okay. Before or after you drive me/us/Mayte to Tennessee? Anyway I guess this is to show she did indeed get the job? Here’s a picture from one of the Radio City shows because one I can’t get a good screen cap, and two it’s important for…. reasons.

Blue Light
I’m not sure whose bedroom we are in, but Prince is sitting there I guess waiting for Kirstie Alley to call so he can hang up on her. You can tell this video was shot later than most of the other footage as his typhoon is really out of control here and reached peak mushroom, but it’s fine since it’s mostly face close ups of him and Mayte as they roll around on a bed while she rejects his advances. Girl. Get your shit together. Also he’s wearing light pink silk pajamas. Or it could just be a regular suit he wears on stage, jury still out, either way it looks comfy af and I’d like one.

I Wanna Melt With U
Aw man. Mayte falls asleep, while Prince packs a suitcase with all his essentials for a tour (chains, a chain hat, and one shirt) and sneaks out. This is my favorite thing, omg. So Mayte has fallen into a fitful sleep and is currently having a sexual nightmare about her flirtatious encounter with P that involves a lot of naked ladies distorted in funhouse mirrors and Prince wearing maybe boxer shorts?? Umbros??, a black and white vertical striped robe, and ROLLER SKATES. Not only roller skates, but knee pads as well because even when you are haunting someones dreams in a sexual way, safety first. Oh also flashbacks to dad. There is SO MUCH GOING ON HERE, my god. I would pay good money to be haunted by Prince on roller skates and safety pads in my dreams, I tell you what.

Sweet Baby
Mayte wakes up from her nightmare to realize P has left her with a note that says only “Sweet baby don’t cry.” Wait I thought she was in the band, but he went on tour without her? From Minneapolis, to Japan, by train? Unclear. Anyway she packs her bags and stands despondent, weeping on some train tracks for the duration of the song until she hops on a plane back to Egypt to be a princess again.

The Continental
Prince arrives by train in Tokyo, where he is visibly distraught and his band starts talking shit about him as they have a pre-show gambling sesh? The Ghost of Mayte shows up to haunt him during soundcheck where he is again very Purple Rain levels of pensive and moody, but NOT IN THE SHOW! The Continental is 3 Chain’s O Gold’s Darling Nikki - overtly sexual, many thrusts incorporated into the dancing, lots of face touching with finger flutters, proving he doesn’t require his main love interests attention, he can get it from anyone anywhere, and they’ll thank him for it. Ok so here we have two seemingly concurrent events happening I think? One is Mayte dancing in Egypt, while Prince gets some in his chain hat. This is legit a porn at this point, wait why does he have a sword??? Anyway so again with the making out and the heavy petting, but right as it gets started, Mayte has been overcome with… I don’t know, but she collapses, and Prince is simultaneously unable to perform sexually. I think to show they are spiritually connected??? Do I GET Prince’s visions now?????? I am so proud.

Damn U
Back in Egypt, an old man tells Mayte she looks like a girl he used to bang. Okay. Prince has returned to Paisley Park where he is performing a one man show for a dinner party in the sound stage, I think. Again, a real treat. Black jumpsuit with a white collared shirt & white tie, yes this is a good look. Oh Tommy Barbarella must have gone on a cruise to the Bahamas on the way back, he has some hair wraps and braids now. Ugh that baritone. Damn U, damn me, this song is so good. Here’s a screen shot that could double as his Bar Mitvah photo.

Mayte has received a letter!! It’s the lyrics to Damn U. Her reaction is to go to her dress maker to get a fancy coin dress, and then hop on the next flight to LA, where they will be shooting the 7 music video, but not before there is a 5 minute segment with members of the NPG talking shit about Mayte. No, really. First up is Tony M and his date, who is Mayte? Where did she come from, what did she do? The rest of the NPG is in the gym, also talking shit about her??!! WHY IS THIS INCLUDED. I guess to show he loves her in spite of his entire band hating her? Michael Bland wants to know “What is her purpose, what does she do?” Honestly. What is this doing here. And it goes on for SO LONG!!!

Maybe my favorite Prince music video??? So we see past versions of Prince trapped in a time traveling cryogenic tube… The Continental yellow suit is here, the chain hat, the Morning Papers Sleeveless Grunge Shirt, some insane bolero top with a cowboy hat that unfortunately is not seen in its full glory.. each of them is electrocuted to show that he has no past, he has sown all his oats and he is ready to be faithful to Mayte and maybe now she will reciprocate his sexual advances. Also there are seven pairs of TINY CHILDREN PRINCE AND MAYTES WIELDING SWORDS AND COIN DRESSES IT IS VERY ADORABLE!!!! God he’s so intense. Oh and the “one day all 7 will die” is in reference to the 7 men that killed her father, whom he has casually assassinated by his bodyguards as he and Mayte waltz off into the sunset/another smoke filled room at Paisley Park.

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End Credits
Mayte calls Kirstie Alley to finally grant her long sought after interview with him, which was clearly written by him. Most of her responses are “oh.” I think this is the letter he wrote as her as his press release for why he changed his name? Again, UNCLEAR. Anyway, we’re left with shots of Prince making some kind of business deal in a smoky conference room, and then he ends up signing a contract written in Japanese with the Love Symbol. Dramatic cut to a cemetery, where we see a shallow grave containing the chain hat and the 3 chains o gold.

THAT’S IT! That’s all! Really! Any questions? I HAVE SEVERAL.

Every Little Thing He Does

@yetanothersterekblog | AO3I remember you saying that you enjoyed fics with BAMF!Stiles and protective!Derek, so I tried marrying the two and had a ton of fun playing around with it. This was also an exercise in incredible self-indulgence and might as well be considered crack but I hope you like it! :)

by @argento-capitani

Teen - canon-typical violence, canon-typical gore, choking (not the sexy kind, sorry folks)

Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills for the summer after his first year of college. The problem? He’s buff now. And very hot. Derek is shook.

“You’re staring at him,” Erica whispered dramatically, nudging Derek’s side.

Derek could only glare at her because she was right.

Erica, Boyd, and Isaac were finally back for the summer after finishing their first year of college, and Derek was both proud of their studies and glad to have his pack with him again. Stiles wasn’t “officially” pack but he was still considered a friend, plus Scott was somewhere in South America for a summer exchange program and Lydia and Jackson were on some luxurious summer cruise in the Bahamas with their families.

Basically, it would’ve been rude not to invite Stiles to at least hang out.

But what Derek wasn’t expecting was for Stiles to come back and look like he went through puberty a second time. Gone were the loose-fitting plaids, flailing limbs, and general awkwardness. He had filled out in all the right places and was confident and easygoing and…

“He’s pretty hot,” Erica continued, her voice at speaking level this time. “Like, everyone knows I used to have a crush on him, but that was high school and I was in a bad place. But now he’s like, objectively very hot.”

Stiles’ head popped out from the kitchen. “You guys say something about me?”

Derek panicked, his words tumbling out in a rush, “What? Well. I mean. We were just—”

“You’re hot now, Stilinski,” Erica drawled, giving him an obvious once-over. “What’s up with that?”

Derek gave a resigned sigh, covering his mouth with a hand while Stiles froze in place, his eyes widening comically.

“I. Uh. Thanks, I guess?” Stiles said in confusion as he walked into the living room, bringing a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, showing off a toned arm. Not that Derek was paying attention or anything.

Stiles looked at Boyd and Isaac questioningly, but he Boyd was nodding his head thoughtfully at Erica’s comment from his spot on the couch and  Isaac asked, “You been working out, man?”

Stiles gave a huff, sitting down with an indulgent grin. “Don’t get me wrong, running from monsters every week during high school was great for cardio, but I never seemed to hold my own ground, you know? And then once I started college I suddenly had, like, a lot more time so I thought I’d work out and…” He gave a shrug.

Erica reached over and ran a hand up and down his bicep appreciatively. “Well, it looks like it worked in more ways than one. Good job, Stiles,” she said, giving him a wink. She quickly stood up. “Boys, come help me in the kitchen.”

Boyd got up while Isaac looked around in confusion. “What? Why? It’s just burgers and fries to-go we can—”

“We’ll get the food ready while you two catch up,” Erica said, ignoring Isaac and looking between Derek and Stiles.

As the three betas made their way to the kitchen, she looked back at Derek with raised eyebrows and motioned her head suggestively towards Stiles.

Get on that, she mouthed.

He had half a mind to glare at her again and roll his eyes, but Stiles was already looking at him expectantly so he cleared his throat nervously instead. “So, uh, are you gonna be here the whole summer?”

“Yup,” Stiles replied, popping the ‘p.’ “As crazy as Beacon Hills is, I really missed it. Berkley’s great and all, but it’s just not as exciting. Not that many supernatural creatures up there, at least from what I’ve encountered.”

Derek’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “But you still encountered them?”

Stiles’s eyes lit up and he leaned forward excitedly, resting his elbows on his knees. Derek couldn’t help but notice how the action made his biceps bulge slightly.

Stop staring, dammit, Derek thought.

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