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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Sisters: Problematic to Practically Perfect - Ep: 2 (April 12th 2012)

Lydia. We’re all very proud she’s now too old to be on any reality shows about having babies in high school.

Dangerous Curiosity

Request from Anon:  this is a request maybe for later idk!!!! a one-shot where pan gets ahold of Pandora’s box, hearing of the powerful being inside, aka the reader, who’s been trapped for many thousand years….desire and fascination ensue….

Note: Not sure if this is exactly what anon had in mind but I hope you all enjoy it :)

Peter Pan x Evil!Reader

Words: 1642

Warnings: A little bit of violence and some smutty behaviour. (Last GIF used in this piece should probably be classed as NSFW)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Pandora’s box. An item that had held so much mystery behind it for centuries, maybe even going on millennia, and a source of unimaginable power that drove even the kindest people to end the lives of anyone who prevented them from obtaining it. Yet even now there was no written record of anyone having witnessed the being that lay trapped inside of it. So many people had tried to discover it but each one of them had failed in their attempts.


An incredible source of power and it had chosen to end up in the hands of the King of Neverland himself…..Peter Pan. Of course he would believe that he had managed to come across the box himself but that wasn’t how it worked…the being that resided within in chose who ‘found’ them very carefully. If they were to end up in the wrong hands then all hell could break loose. No, only those who were deemed ‘worthy’ enough had the chance to feel the heaviness of the box in their hands and should they manage to keep it in their possession long enough their eyes would soon behold what lay inside.

Someone was yet to accomplish that task and Pan was determined that it was going to be him.

“Peter Pan…..”

Every time the box was within his grasp he heard the angelic voice calling out to him, increasing his curiosity in the ancient artefact, but right now as he sat by the flickering flames of the campfire the voice was speaking out to him more and more. His sharp green eyes were transfixed on the markings that decorated it as he wondered just how he was going to get it to open for him.

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anonymous asked:

do you guys have any harry potter x tk headcanons? 🙊

yes! indeed we do. a year ago, we answered some asks (1, 2, 3, 4) about slytherin jeongguk and hufflepuff taehyung, but it has been quite some time!! and we dont agree with those headcanons anymore (e.g. slytherin jeongguk).

so instead, we offer you: beauxbaton jeongguk x durmstrang taehyung!!

  • this entire headcanon exists because carboxyls loves the mental image of jeongguk wearing the powder blue beauxbaton robes
    • he would look really cute and soft all the time ok (●♡∀♡)
    • “i have a deep love for the image of jeongguk conjuring a tiny mountain bluebird and holding it on his finger as taehyung coos at it” –carboxyls
  • they probably meet at one of the triwizard tournaments! beauxbaton is hosting and taehyung is the durmstrang champion. (jeongguk is a spectating student/not the beauxbaton champion, probably cause hes more baby.) we are not sure how they meet but they do
    • taehyung offering his fur cloak bc jeongguk’s uniform is blue silk
    • “why is everything you wear lined with fur” “why is everything you wear made of SILK”
  • and they hit it off! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ jeongguk takes around taehyung around his school and shows him all the hidden hallways and rooms, his favorite paintings to chat with (the beauxbaton castle is really beautiful in an Extra Way, as only the french can be)
  • and eventually people just start assuming its taeguk when they see a beauxbaton and a durmstrang uniform together (≧∇≦)/
    • mingyu: i hear they eat rocks and snow
    • jeongguk: wtf what no they do not
    • (later)
    • jeongguk: hey what do you eat at durmstrang
    • taehyung: rocks and snow
    • jeongguk:
    • taehyung: i’m kidding.
  • they eat all their meals together and wander around the grounds together and after a while everyone else doesnt really care tbh
  • smitten baby jeongguk is always getting all dreamy about how pretty taehyung is and mingyu nudges dokyeom like “…is he ok….”
    • after first all of jeongguks beauxbatons friends like ??? youre talking to a guy from DURMSTRANG? THOSE GUYS? but they come around after they meet taehyung
    • yoongi, jimin (aka taehyungs friends in durmstrang): FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY

oops this got long as Heck so more under the cut ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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Secrets & Betrayal

Requested by @fallenfairy16

Note: I started typing this up as soon as I read your message - I am amazed at how quickly some ideas come to me sometimes lol! (hence the delay in actually replying to your message). Hope this answers your request!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1020

Warnings: Nothing other than a small amount of unwanted advances.

You thought you had been careful, that no one would ever find out, but you hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Tinkerbell had seen you numerous times. The ex-fairy was close to Pan, had always been trusted by him, so you were not surprised at all that she had gone running to him. She had always wanted him to like her. It was quite pathetic how much she ran to him actually.

There is no such thing as a secret.”

You are standing before Peter himself, in the camp that he had allowed you to stay in with his Lost Boys, but instead of wandering it freely as you once did you find yourself tied to a tree with rope that he had made appear out of nowhere with a simple wave of his hand. The look in his eyes is the darkest you have ever seen and given that you have seen him mad on more than one occasion this is definitely something new and something rather terrifying for you too.

You have seen first-hand what he was capable of when he was angry.

“I have never had many rules on this island [y/n], you know that, but what was the FIRST thing I said to you when I gave you a home here?”

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you ever watch a movie and you’re like “wow you know, this isn’t the greatest. It’s a little messy, some stuff doesn’t make sense but it’s fun! having a good time!” and then the 3rd act comes around and it just NOSE DIVES like a motherfucker

that is the mummy (2017)


The Lost Boys, 1987 script excerpt 



as the LOST BOYS enter aggressively.
These POV's belong to MAX, the tall good-looking friendly
owner of VIDEOMAX, a trendy video/souvenier store with
banks of TV MONITORS filled with rock and cartoon images.
Max is not happy with the appearance of the LOST BOYS
in his store, who seem only interested in causing trouble
and cruising the attractive YOUNG BLACK CASHIER.  Max is
just about to deal with them, when the BUZZER SOUNDS
again, and Lucy enters with the child.
Hawaii Five-0 Sentence Starters Season 1

Why are you dressed like a ninja?
What’s the matter with you?!
All of those that think that is a certifiedly demented idea please raise you hand.
I’d take powered eggs over your eggs any day.
One near death experience and you go all warm and cuddly on me?
I will literally pay you cash to stop talking.
I’m not gonna catch your ass if you fall.
I’d rather you don’t catch me if I fall, okay…
Hands up, Ahab.
Can you stop staring at me like a hot-fudge sundae?
What is the matter with you? You need help! I will pay for it!
That’s the Space Needle, not the Eiffel Tower you schmuck.
You’re like a devourer of dreams. You eat them. You’re like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.
Hey, you’re not psychic. You can’t read people’s minds.
Howzit, bruddah?
Just put the gun away and we can talk.
I have never known a Navy man that couldn’t find a lady a beer.
I have a number of a therapist I wanna give you. 
Can I ask you a question? Why are you always driving my car?
His idea of communication is dropping a witty one-liner and shooting you in the face.
Tell me you know how to swim.
I know how to swim. I swim for survival, not for fun.
Take that tie off. No one on a cruise ship wears a tie.
Why are you so angry?
Cause I’m an angry person, okay?
Your apology is noted, acceptance is pending.
This is really good news. I mean, you’re human. Who knew?
Do you realize how much of your life revolves around food?
Do you realize how much of your life revolves around armed conflict?
What are you smirking at?
No I’m not scared, I am rationally concerned.
I love pancakes in the afternoon. You like pancakes?
Why do you have aneurism face?
“Say hello to my little friend.” Old American proverb.
Did you say “lickings”? You know how difficult it is to sound like a tough guy when you use a word like “lickings”?
Let me ask you a question. Are you literally insane?


For @yourtropegirl…enjoy!

Tony cocked an eyebrow as Y/N’s expression morphed into a stone one. Her grip tightened on the envelope she had picked up. Tony swallowed as she opened it and read the letter.

“When?” he asked quietly.

Y/N glanced up from the letter. Despite trying to hide her emotions, he could tell she was upset. He pulled off his jacket and walked toward his girlfriend. Gently, he smoothed his hands over her arms and shoulders. Y/N swallowed.

“A week,” she sighed, “Was quicker than the last.”

Not knowing what to say, Tony just brought Y/N into his embrace. She rested her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her back. He gulped in an attempt to stave off his own tears. It was never easy to see the love of his life leave.

“Why can’t they get someone else?” she rasped, “They said I was done.”

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can we just talk about #ashdrew for a bit

I mean can we just talk about how perf this ship is

look at these cuties at work

like every time I see ashdrew on my dashboard I go YAAAAAAAAS

I mean even BuzzFeed Violet made a 6:47 video focusing on ashdrew you guys

come on

how can you not ship them after this:

and don’t even get me started on their whisper challenge I mean

#practicallydating   #practicallymarried

I don’t even know why people still don’t ship this I mean I luxury cruise this

Well, if you’re an ashdrew shipper, go forth and proper - ‘cause you guys are awesome ^_^


Good evening, Mr. Hunt. 36 hours ago, there was a breach in our military’s communication network. Now, an emerging terror organization known as The Syndicate has control of our entire drone fleet. Their targets unknown. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Another 15 minutes spent cruise searching

This is all born of jealousy cause I want to be there and need to know where they are going cause I love Italy and I think this tour ends in Venice and that is my favorite city and I can’t take it if they end up in a gondola and just ignore me I’m a grown woman working in a boring job that has too much free time to do stupid stuff like this.

Cheeky nandos US translation

So I was chillin with my bros at the mall trying to scope out some fresh matching Nike sandals and high socks when my bro Shane says he’s hungry so we’re all gonna grub but first we need to scoop our bro Tyler who’s a straight savage lol I wanted to go to Taco Bell but it’s not quite bangin enough for the bros so we cruise to bomb ass panera while bumpin some wiz cause that shits fire