cruise 13


BMP WZ502 ( VN11) (China)


Crew 2
Troops 7
Weight, kg 21500
Length, mm 7520
Width, mm 3300
Height, mm 2530
Ground clearance mm 450
Maximum speed on highway, km/h 70
Movement speed on water, km/h 13
Cruising on the highway, km 400
Overcoming obstacles
The pit, 2500 mm
The vertical wall, mm 750
Engine power, HP 550


one gifset per appearance → royal princess cruise naming ceremony, southampton (13/06/2013)

The Duchess of Cambridge officially named a cruise “Royal Princess” at a ceremony in Southampton. The Royal Princess is the world’s sixth largest passenger ship and weighs in at 141,000 tons. The vessel was built in Italy and is 1,083 feet long and 217 feet high. It has 17 decks and a top speed on 22 knots. Diana, Princess of Wales, had named the previous Royal Princess ships. The launch ritual marked ‘the birth of a vessel, and asks for a blessing of good fortune and safety for the ship and its passengers and crew.’ The company, Princess Cruises added that the most ‘important element of the naming tradition is the Godmother selected to christen a ship.’ The Duchess toured the cruise ship (she said it was her first time on a cruise) before taking part in the ceremony, which included musical acts and a prayer service, and then smashed a £1,250 Nebuchadnezzar bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne against the hull of the 141,000 ton vessel, with the time-honoured words: “I name this ship Royal Princess. May God bless her and all who sail in her.” This was her last solo engagement before the birth of her first child.