After nearly 4 years of working on the Google doodle team, I’ve quit to become an independent illustrator and cartoonist. Here’s an actually pretty small fraction of what I got up to during that time.

Doodling was my first full-time job after graduating from RISD in 2010, and I learned so much. If it seems like a fun job to you, the team is hiring!

Now that I’m going solo, what will I do? I have several comic book projects lined up, and I will (hopefully) do lots of editorial illustration, animation, zines, games, and printmaking.

I’ve updated my portfolio websitetake a look – if you have an interesting project in mind, please email me at

Special thanks to my talented teammates who were far and beyond the best part of this job: Jennifer HomMike DuttonSophie DiaoMatt CruickshankKevin LaughlinKaty Wu, Mark Ivey, Leon Hong, Ryan Germick, Greg Capuano, Brian Kaas, Corrie Scalisi, Kris Hom, Liat Ben-Rafael, Jonathan Shneier, and (now fellow) doodle emerituses Willie Real and Betsy Bauer.

Dear anti-Richie Gecko fans:

You really don’t think he cares about anyone or anything? Well here are some examples to prove that statement is 100% INVALID:

1. Seth Gecko [his brother]:

2. Kate Fuller & the Fuller family:

3. Eddie Cruickshank [his uncle]:

4. Monica [the teller woman], Manola, and random innocent civilians:

5. His humanity:

This list will probably keep growing but for now you can swallow these! Richie Gecko cares more than you think, he’s not some power crazed fiend. He may not be perfect but he’s better than you are!