Starting my new hair products today! Featuring Jungle solid conditioner and Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo Bar! 😍🙌🏻


Do you know how hard it was to get my hands on SheaMoisture’s Jamacian Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave In Conditioner? Or anything from this line? It’s only available at CVS and ULTA. And guess who’s local CVSes (how do you pluralize CVS?) doesn’t carry it? That’s right. Mine. And guess who’s local ULTAs don’t carry it in house? Mine. To add insult to injury, when I was hunting for it online, it was always out of stock. ALWAYS.

The worst part? I’m not even mad I worked so hard to track this guy down. Not even a smidge. Why? Because it’s awesome.

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mind-gardenn asked:

Hi love! In my process of becoming vegetarian, I have also been trying to make sure all of the products I use (make up, shower/bath, ect.) aren't tested on animals. I use a lot of Lush products but I use a few other brand names as well. Do you have a reliable site I can use to make sure my other products aren't tested on animals? Thank you so much for any and all advice. Xx

Hello there! :)

Here are some links to a lot of resources!

Cruelty Free Dish Detergent

So, what if you are an animal loving vegetarian or vegan who strives to make their kitchen cruelty free, but you are unwittingly washing the dishes dirtied by your delicious veg-based meals in dish soap that was tested on animals? Not cool! Here is a handy list of companies producing cruelty free dish detergents from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). (I’m a Seventh Generation girl, myself).

All of these products meet the guidelines for the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. As explained by the CCIC, “Aproved companies have done far more than simply issue a testing policy, which can so often be misleading. If a company is listed here, it’s because it has been able to prove, according to CCIC’s Standard, that its products and ingredients are not tested on animals.” Products which have met the standard carry the leaping bunny logo.

Cruelty Free Dish Detergents

Allen’s Naturally

Aspen Clean


Citra Solv

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Natural Essentials


EO Products

The Good Home Co.

Greenwood Naturals

LFT Group

Magick Botanicals

Martha Stewart Clean

Method Products

Mia Rose

Mountain Green

Nature Clean

Planet, Inc.

Seventh Generation

Sound Earth, LLC

Sun Feather Natural Soap Company, Inc.

V.I.P. Soap Products

You can find a downloadable PDF Compassionate Shopping Guide on the CCIC’s website,, which covers cosmetics, personal care products, household products, and animal care products. (Yes, there are products made for animals, that are tested on animals–how twistedly cruel and ironic is that)!? You can also request a pocket sized version of the Compassionate Shopping Guide to be sent to you via snail mail. They even have a free iPhone app that allows you to check products while you are shopping.

Thinking of Going Vegan? These can help!
A comprehensive guide to going vegan.

Vegan Starter Kit
The perfect tool to transition into veganism. Each kit comes packed with 14 snack items, a Kitchezen nut milk bag, coupons from Tofurky and So Delicious Dairy Free, and educational materials too!

Podcast Food for Thought by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
I suggest starting with the oldest ones first.

Happy Cow
Search for veg restaurants and health food stores in your area.

Awesome vegan beer, wine and liquor guide.

List of Food Substitutes

Cruelty Free Product List

Online Shopping Guide

Vegan Foody Tips
I’ve compiled a huge variety of helpful tips.. substitutions, nutrition, how-to’s and more!


The Lord of Misrule bath bomb from @lushcosmetics is a limited edition, holiday product that costs $6.95! This warm, spicy bath bomb is packed with vanilla, black pepper, and patchouli oils! Lord of Misrule’s green exterior starts the water off bright green! Once the exterior fizzes away in a spectacular show of colors, the center turns the water deep pink! Patchouli oil is said to be a natural anti-depressant; a great bath for anyone who is having a rough day and needs to relax! If you’re interested in trying this product, be sure to stock up now before they’re gone!

reves-de-bonheur asked:

What kind of products do you use for shampoo/conditioner, makeup, lotions etc. that are cruelty free?

I use a brand that you can find in almost all Central America but I’m not quite sure if they’re available in the US or other countries, it is called Bioland. I don’t use makeup that often but I bought here locally, I always try to shop locally as much as I can and even better if it’s artisanal. 

Take a look at the following links, all of them offer a huge list of all products suitable for vegans in all areas.


ConstantArts - A Tale in Every Bottle

Today I want to let everyone know about an amazing new natural skincare line by ConstantArts. They are a 100% natural and cruelty-free brand which specializes in some truly lovely bathroom staples.

With whimsical names like “Absinthe Dreams” and “Circe’s Graces”, alluring woodsy smells, and absolutely lovely packaging, these body treats are truly the touch of magic that your bathroom needs.

Full review + photos below!

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lushcosmetics’s Fizzbanger bath bomb is amazing! I can see why talesofalushie loves it so much. This apple cinnamon scented bomb slowly starts foaming yellow until you reach the blue center where it starts to fizz, turning the water into a bright green color. It even has popping candy in it! Inside this bath bomb is a little piece of paper that says “BANG!” The best part is this is a great bath bomb for people who want an exciting bath, but don’t like glitter or little floating bits.

anonymous asked:

Firstly thanks a million for posting positive, helpful & crucial information about nonviolence towards animal-kind. You're making ripples of change to this world ✌️ Today I'm switching back to veganism for good this time, since being vegetarian doesn't put me completely at peace like veganism does. Nondairy milk is on my shopping list. I need to know what brands of personal hygiene products I can buy: Toothpastes Moisturisers Shampoo & conditioners Feminine hygiene Deodorant

Hello there! Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it.  Take a look at the following links. You can check thousands of brands to see if they’re cruelty-free or not, you can even search by country!