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Why I'm Down With the Lady Disney Villians

-Pissed off she didn’t get invited to a party, which I totally agree with
-Just invite her
-She probably would have brought a nice gift
-You don’t always like all the people you invite to big events, especially if you own a KINGDOM, deal with it Mr and Mrs Beauty
-Pulls off amazing classic horned hat, like Lady Gaga or Bjork
-I mean, not to victim blame here but we all know by now that touching needles is a bad idea, right?!
-And she just put her to SLEEP it’s not like she shaved her head or something. I love sleeping. I would love to sleep forever until some boring hot guy wakes me up.
-Nothing against Sleeping Beauty, I respect the sisterhood, but honestly would you want to hang out with a girl who constantly talks with animals about her dream of a perfect man…or a lady who specifically chooses to wear black capes and is also a DRAGON. Just sayin’.

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