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1. Neosporin is really good for stretch marks.  (for people who dislike them but always know that there’s nothing wrong with having stretchmarks!)
2.  Clean rooms bring good energy. Open your blinds and turn some music on a get to work. You will feel great!
3. The first thing you should drink in the morning is water, nothing else. Try to drink three cups throughout the day. It not only helps you lose weight but clears your skin.
4.  Sometimes you just have to read certain shit and not respond, not everybody deserves to hear your answers.
5.  Face masks are great. Find whichever kind you think you’ll like best and put it on after you take a shower and just chill in bed.
6. Too much coconut oil clogs your pores. Use it wisely.
7.  Going to bed at a decent time is cool. Don’t let your phone distract you, the earlier the sleep the more energy you’ll have the next.  More sleep = more motivation to get your work done. just do it.
8.  Naps are good and sometimes it’s okay to not do that one page of homework and call it quits to get rest.
9.  If you hate just plain water and you can’t stand drinking it put lemons and other fruits in it.
10.  Water with lemon cleans your system out nicely and makes you urine more.
11.  Eight tracks is a good app for new music and playlist. If you haven’t used it try it. Music always makes things better.
12.  Keep your private life to yourself or else you will have to face other people’s ugly comments.
13. Try to read at least 5 books this year or more, especially if you don’t like reading. Reading benefits you in many ways, you will be proud.
14. If you have the time to get chores or homework done then do it, don’t tell yourself you’ll do it later. 
15. Invest in good bath products, soaps and bath bombs and bath oils. they will do your skin wonders.
16. Invest in good hair products too, make sure you buy things for your hair type. 
17. If you want to have sex then have sex and do you, forget the comments. Bring your own condoms if you must.
18. Be friends with who you want to be friends with. You don’t have to be friend everybody.
19. Always stick up for yourself, but if you are wrong and you are being told so, take time to think and accept it.
20. Keep an extra pair of panties, pads/tampons, chapstick and headphones on you just in case.
21. Cranberry juice, yogurt, pineapples, apple juice and just natural sweet things in general.. eat it. I hope you catch my drift.
22. Mens shaving cream works better than woman’s, it makes you skin softer and hair stays gone longer.
23. Men’s razors provide a closer shave. Invest in them.
24. Buying lingerie or pretty undergarments in general will make you feel so much more confident.
25. Sometimes it’s good to just listen to people talk and let them talk for the sake of you not arguing and loosing brain cells.
26. Everybody should take a bath a few times out of the week or months. Baths open your pores and yes showers are cool but baths are A1.
27.  Always put on lotion after you finish bathing too. You want your skin nice and smooth at all times.
28. Save your money. as soon as you get it the first thing you shouldn’t buy is food. buy things that will last and benefit you.
29. Mind your own business. Who cares about what the next person is doing? Just do you. 
30. Organize your closet.
31. Always be nice to people who are always nice to you.
32. Compliment other people. It’s good to uplift anybody. If you think somebody’s shoes are cute just tell them.
33. Treat yourself to pasta and something nice to drink on Friday nights after a long week. Pasta makes everything better.
34. Just learn to love yourself and who you are as a person.
35. You have a right to feel whatever emotion you feel, don’t judge your emotions.
36. If you are sensitive and people bash you for it, don’t listen to their ignorant words. Sensitive people are usually emphatic.
37. Make a grocery list before you go shopping regardless of how lazy you are.
38. Take walks. If you feel bad and need to breathe, plug in your headphones and walk. They clear your mind.
39. Keep a journal and write in it whenever you feel as if you have nobody to speak to. It’s a good way to get rid of things inside.
40. If you’re confident and you think you are the shit then you keep doing that. Or fake it till you make it.
41. Embrace insults. If somebody calls you a name turn around and flip it. People hate to see you unbothered.
42. Try to use natural/organic and cruelty free skincare/haircare products. Limit nasty chemicals, it’s good for both you and the environment.
—  Tips on how to feel better and look better by @contourkits
how to get into skincare

I’ve already done a post about how to get into makeup, and one about how to get into SFX, so I figured I might as well make one for skincare. I have extremely sensitive, extremely acne-prone skin, so when it comes to skincare products, I’ve literally tried everything. It’s gotten to the point where I’m the “resident expert” that all of my family and friends come to when they need help figuring out which products to use.

I think a lot of people don’t take proper care of their skin because they have the misconception that it’s time-consuming and/or expensive. Honestly, I spend less than two minutes on skincare on most days, and I only use affordable products that are available at drug stores. No matter who you are, you can afford to take good care of your skin.

product names you’re likely to see, and what they mean:

  • cleanser is just soap that’s gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face. It comes in liquid, cream, and even powder formulas, but all you need to know is that if the label says “cleanser,” then it’s just face wash. If you’re only going to use one skincare product, this is the one you should invest in.
  • Note: You should NEVER use bar soap on your face! The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, and most bar soaps will damage it. There are some cleansers that come in bar form, but as a general rule you should never use a product on your face that wasn’t made specifically to be used on faces. 
  • moisturizer is probably the second most commonly-used product, after cleanser. This is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically lotion that is specially made to be used on your face. No matter what your skin type is, you should be moisturizing daily. (Proper moisturization actually helps cut down on oily skin in most cases.) 
  • toner (sometimes also called astringent) is a product that is usually applied after cleanser, but before moisturizer. It’s called “toner” because it tones your skin, as well as cleansing any dirt or grime that your cleanser missed. Not everyone needs to use toner, but if you have oily or acne-prone skin, I’d recommend it.
  • a face mask is any product that is made to be used occasionally to give your skin a little extra love. A lot of them are made to address certain issues, like acne, dryness, or dullness. Usually, you apply it and let it sit on your face for a few minutes before you wash it off. I personally try to use a mask on my face once or twice a week whenever I have the time, but they’re more of a treat than a necessity. (And you probably shouldn’t use them every day.) 
  • exfoliators or exfoliating scrubs are products designed to buff away dead skin cells. Usually, they have some kind of gritty texture to them (like sugar grains) that scrubs off the dead skin. Like face masks, they’re more of a treat than a necessity, but unlike with face masks, too much exfoliating can actually hurt your skin. You should never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never, ever exfoliate two days in a row.
  • pore strips are kind of like waxing strips for your face, but instead of removing hair, they remove blackheads and other junk clogging your pores. I would not recommend pore strips to someone who is new to skincare, and like with exfoliators, using them too often can really damage your skin. If you’re going to use them, you should never use them more than once every three days. 

There are other product names that you might see floating around online (like “essence” or “facial oil”), but these are the basic products that you need to know about. Honestly, if you have a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (plus maybe a face mask or two for occasional pampering), then you don’t really need any other products, because those three will get the job done. 

how to build your own skincare routine:

  1. The first step is to understand your skin type. The three most common types are: dry, oily, and combination (in between dry and oily). Shop for products that are designed and labelled for your skin type. (If you have a lot of acne, look for products labelled “acne care” or something along those lines. If you have a lot of skin allergies, or if your skin doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals, look for products made for sensitive skin.)
  2. Go to the nearest Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, ect. with $20, and find the skincare aisle. Keeping your skin type in mind, look for a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. (If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to pick up a toner as well.) If you can, look for generic brands (I know Walmart carries one called Equate) that make products with the same ingredients as name-brand products, but significantly cheaper. (If you’re looking for cruelty-free products, check out the brands Burt’s Bees and Yes To.)
  3. If you want to make things easier, you can buy all of the products you need in a pack. (Like this, or this.) These usually contain a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. 
  4. Every morning when you first wake up, wash your face with the cleanser and pat it dry with a clean towel. Then apply the toner, if you bought one – you do not wash this off. Then (after waiting a few seconds for the toner to take effect), apply your moisturizer. That’s literally all there is to it. If you’re a morning shower person, you can save time by washing your face in the shower, then applying toner and moisturizer after you get out.
  5. Every night before you go to bed, do the same thing. (Of course, if you wear makeup, you’ll have to remove it, either with makeup remover or with warm water, before you wash your face.) 
  6. Right before bed is a good time to use face masks/exfoliators/pore strips, if you want. I always wash my face first, then skip over my toner and go straight into applying the mask/exfoliator/strip, and let it sit for as long as the directions on the packaging indicate. After I wash it off, I use my moisturizer like always.
  7. Congratulations! You now have a skincare routine!

This post goes into detail of all the products and tricks I use in my own personal routine, if you’re curious. 

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions about specific products, or about treating specific skin conditions, feel free to message me and I’ll try to help in any way I can. 

masterlist (there’s more beauty/skincare tips on there, if you’re interested)

Cruelty Free/Vegan Black Owned Makeup

Gold Label Cosmetics:

House of Uni:

Lip Fetish:

PNK Digger:


Shea Moisture: check Ulta & target site

The Lip Bar:


False Lashes

Dipped Cosmetics:

Lanakai Lashes:

Nail Polish

D.I.D Nail Paint:

Ginger and Liz:

Law Beauty Essentials:

I’ve found that makeup, soaps, and cleansers comprised of plants and clay are the bee’s knees. Wild Origins is a Columbus based small business who makes such products. I bought a face wash make up of clay, almonds, oats, lavender, and rose (that’s it!) and you need less than a pea-sized amount for your whole face each wash. It was only $6 and there’s enough there for a month of washing. I have sensitive combination skin and it is perfect for me. The clay helps pull excessive oils but doesn’t dry you out, the almonds and oats exfoliate, the oat, lavender and rose soothe skin and help to tone and neutralize it.

I’ve only been using it for a week and a half now but I started using it when I was PMSing (the ultimate challenge). It prevented any more breaking out as soon as I started using it, and my face has been pretty clear since. I don’t usually do things like that because of how awesome the stuff is, and how so many of you have a hard time finding natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, stuff that will actually work (without breaking the bank) so I thought I’d share it with you.

Wild Origins. Check them out online.

no amount of vegan activism will create a truly ethical & cruelty-free model of food production under capitalism. the capitalist model of food production is reliant on environmentally unsustainable practices & the abuse of human laborers, and both of those things will happen with or without the use & consumption of animal-based products


Dark skin model of the week

Model Flaviana Matata 

Born June 9th, 1988 in Tanzania 

  • In 2007 she won the Miss Universe Tanzania pageant 
  • Represented Tanzania in the Miss Universe competition in 2007 where she ranked 6th place 
  • She was the first ever contestant in the Miss Universe pageant to participate with a shaven head 
  • Has modeled for designers like Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch, and Vivienne Astwood among others 
  • Appeared in magazines like Dazed & Confused, Glass Magazine, L'Officiel and i-D Magazine
  • In 2011 she won model of the year in the Arise Fashion Magazine Awards
  • In 2012 she won outstanding model award at the Nigeria Next Super Model Awards as well as the face of Africa in the African Diaspora Awards 
  • The face and CEO of Lavy Prodcuts, which is a cruelty, and toxic free beauty product company based in Africa 
  • She won Humanitarian of the year in 2013 at the Swahili Awards 
  • Established the Flaviana Matata Foundation, an organization that helps empower young orphaned girls in Tanzania among doing other things to help improve the education of Tanzanian children 
  • Her goal is to encourage children to pursue an education and for young women to work hard and support one another 
  • Currently lives in the US with her husband Doe Massawe
Don't give up!

If there are any newer vegans out there that still crave animal products, if your mouth still waters at the thought of a juicy steak, crispy chicken, etc., don’t feel guilty. Most of us come from a heavy meat and dairy background, and old habits die hard. You don’t have to hate the taste of animal products to be a good vegan.

As long as you have enough fortitude and selflessness to remember that the well-being of your body, animals, and the environment is more important than a little pleasure from a short meal, that’s all that matters. The more you practice and the more you discipline yourself, the more you will adjust and the easier it will become. Every day, you are helping to make a huge difference. Let that inspire you, and embrace it.

New favorites💭 

✨RMS Beauty Living Luminizer highlighter: An ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish.

✨Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in “Arabian Knights”: The deep tones of violet, and burgundy melt together forming a beautiful berry stain with 100% natural dye and organic ingredients.

✨Glossier Cloud Paint in “Haze”: Inspired by gradient pink NYC sunsets, gives you a healthy, flushed-from-within glow.

✨Glossier Generation G Lipstick in “Like”: Your lips but better kind of color, adds a matte sheer finish. 

Also cruelty free makeup didn’t pop up over night; it took decades. But the push began when people started protesting the products that tested on animals, then when companies began switching to cruelty free methods, a huge portion of consumers only bought from them till even from an economic standpoint the fact that u weren’t cruelty free was a negative to potential consumers. Once society agreed it was wrong by protesting, large media outlets began to reiterate the sentiment till it’s become the norm.

We can do and need to do the same with fair trade. Make noise. Email your favorite brands inquiring about whether they are a fair trade brand or not and ask why. Make noise on social media, till media outlets such as well read fashion magazines begin to do articles on it. Make so much noise that news outlets do segments about the horrors of how western brands exploit children and women. It’s our job as privileged citizens and as buyers of products to bring this issue up and demand it be discussed. No it won’t happen over night, but cruelty free makeup didn’t either. We play a role in this endless cycle of oppression, and it’s our job to make sure it ends.

My Idea #1 for Averting Suspicion While Searching for Tags

If someone ever comes up to you and tries to CS you while you’re searching a product to see if/where/how its tagged, just tell them you were checking to see if it was cruelty free/vegan/hypoallergenic/exipration date.

The word vegan also applies to purses, bags, wallets, and shoes- if they’re made from leather they’ll have a little ‘pelt’ sign on them (looks like an outline of a sheepskin rug).

Cruelty-Free products- whether lotion, cosmetics, or perfume- should have the PETA leaping bunny on them. Make-up also expires and has an expiration date. If your face is really beat and you look old enough you can say that you were planning on buying a new palette but wanted to check to see if its hypoallergenic or dermatologist tested before using it on clients. If your face isn’t as beat you can say that you wanted to buy a palette but since you don’t wear make-up much you wanted to see how long it would last before it expired.

This is a really good excuse when unboxing Naked palettes to check for tags or searching ABH contour kits because the expiration date is on the pallette itself and not the box and for the ABH contour kits its under the part that slides off.

anonymous asked:

Ik this may be a weird question but why are you vegetarian? Like I'm vegetarian for the animals and I know some people who do it just so they can say they're vegetarian and don't give a shit about the animals so I'm curious

i actually am, same reason tbh i simply don’t wanna eat animals. i prolly go vegan at some point in life when i completely got my shit together aka my life lol btw i’m buying cruelty free makeup only too cause animal testing is gross af (ALSO i still own some non-cruelty-free products, but the ones i use are whether presents from friends/family or products i bought quite some time ago and i’m not a person who would randomly throw away that shit like i gotta use it first, doesn’t mean i have to buy it again, i simply don’t wanna throw away the money i spent lol)