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My first recipe post!
btw I completely forgot to add the clove of garlic to the ingredients (because I forgot I used it altogether)

people are always pointing out how veganism is not a 100% cruelty free lifestyle and then proceed to live an even crueler lifestyle than veganism, and feeling good about that after reblogging 1 tumblr post without even checking if they might contribute to any of the issues addressed in the post and if they can avoid or contribute less to any of the issues addressed in the post

So I’m trying to slowly become more vegan. I’m not going to go all out straight away in case I don’t keep up with it and I’ll feel like a failure but I’m definitely going to keep choosing more vegetarian/vegan options whenever possible so that hopefully one day I can actually be one with no turning back.

If anyone has any tips or anything on becoming vegan please let me know! Would love hearing from other vegans about how they transitioned etc and how to keep it going. I’ve watched a few documentaries and I fully support and respect veganism 😊🌿🌱🌎

Don’t be so hard on others. Be as positive as you can, whilst showing them how much you enjoy your cruelty-free lifestyle. Focus your frustrations on governments, scientists and big businesses, the very ones who allow this cruelty towards animals and the environment to be acceptable, when research shows differently.

Breakfast before heading off to the Subiaco markets for their last weekend before closing 😩 four bananas, frozen mango, blueberries and raspberries with some almond milk topped with strawberries, granola and coconut 😍 even Mittens wanted some !

Being vegan is a lifestyle, not a diet .
It’s for animals and the earth not for a
Honey is for bees not for humans. Ethical vegan is the only type of vegan. veganism is for people with love and compassion for others.
will do

Title: Will Do
Pairing: Josh Brummel (Ricki & the Flash)/OFC (named)
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Some angst, cursing, biting, lots and lots of dirty talk. All kinds of other fun surprises in store as well.
A/N: I’m the literal worst for taking so long with this. It became too angsty and weird so I had to start over. So here it is: the long awaited Josh story. I hope it lives up to the fucking hype. The word count is 6.1k I’m so sorry.

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I became a vegan because I don’t want to harm other living creatures on this earth. Not only meat, but almost every animal product (think about milk and cheese for example) requires violence, exploitation and cruelty. For the sake of our tastebuds, innocent beings have to die and endure terrible things every single day, when there are so many other delicious food sources for us to eat. People often think that the only thing I eat is lettuce, but nothing could be further from the truth. I can enjoy fries, cake, pasta, burgers, sushi, pizza.. the list goes on. I can literally eat everything I want and I never feel restricted. I did at first though, because I simply didn’t realise I did not have to give up anything by going vegan. I was used to the cheese on my pizza and to the tuna/salmon in my salads, but then I discovered that there are delicious vegan alternatives for almost all animal products. If we can live happily without causing dead and cruelty, why wouldn’t we?

Becoming a Vegan for Ethical Reasons

Eating a plant-based diet is great, but true vegans adopt the entire cruelty-free lifestyle. In almost all cases, ethical reasons are behind their decision to change. Quite often though, even those who simply eat a vegan diet eventually make a full transition because their eyes are opened to the cruelty of various industries. So, they naturally start avoiding leather, wool, down, and personal hygiene and cosmetic products tested on animals. There are more ethical reasons to become a vegan than you are probably aware of. Below are just a few of many.

Animal Cruelty

The main reason to become a vegan is to help stop the constant torture and barbaric slaughter of innocent creatures. Every time you eat a cheeseburger, you are consuming abuse, terror, pain, and death. Animals are genetically manipulated with drugs to grow at an alarming rate. Chickens often can’t walk because their body is too heavy for their legs. You eat these drugs that they’re injected with! Tail-docking, de-beaking, dehorning, and ear-notching are done without anesthesia. Female cows are raped over-and-over, only to have their young ripped from them, so they can be hooked to painful machines that often cause sores. Calves live in dog-house sized “containers” to keep the meat tender for veal. Cows form extremely strong bonds, and witnessing their young taken away is a visual you will never forget, if you see it just once.

Male chicks are generally dropped into a grinder alive because they are of no use to the egg industry. The process is called chick culling, and millions are killed this way daily. Those that aren’t, are killed with electrocution, suffocation, or a break to the neck.

Pigs are kept in stalls so narrow they can never turn around. Some can’t even lie down. They go crazy and chew on the metal that prisons them. An entire lifetime is spent in pain. Did you know pigs are smarter than dogs?

If you are not sure if the vegan lifestyle is for you, watch the following documentaries. Most can be viewed for free online.

• Forks Over Knives
• Earthlings
• If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls
• Super-Size Me
• Food, Inc.
• The Cove
• A Place at the Table
• Vitality
• Vegucated

Environmental Reasons

A plant-based diet is essential for a healthy planet. Raising animals for food uses massive amounts of land, water, energy, and food. Animal agriculture byproducts pollute air and waterways. The planet is running out of precious resources to support SAD (Standard American Diet). A single dairy cow drinks 50 gallons of water daily, and more than 2,400 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef. A pound of flour only takes 180 gallons, and lasts a whole lot longer than a pound of meat.

Livestock produce methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, the three main contributors to global warming. Approximately 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are attributed to livestock byproducts, according to Worldwide Institute.

One trillion pounds of factory-farmed animal waste are used annually to fertilize crops, which run into waterways. Nitrogen in animal feces is causing algae population to skyrocket. This reduces oxygen that other aquatic species need to survive. Anyone who complains about global warming needs to look at their diet. If you are driving an electric car but eating meat on your plate every day, you’re doing it wrong!

Global Food Shortage

Veganism can put an end to world hunger. More than one-third of the world’s grain is fed to animals that get slaughtered. Meanwhile, four children die of hunger minute of every single day. Is the steak on your plate or that extra-cheese, artery-clogging pizza worth the price of a mother burying her child over a preventable cause?

Breakfast (ft. Mittens 🐱) was a tasty acai bowl with strawberry, granola and coconut 😌 It’s been super cold here lately so I usually make them as quick as I can and eat them in bed 😂