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people are always pointing out how veganism is not a 100% cruelty free lifestyle and then proceed to live an even crueler lifestyle than veganism, and feeling good about that after reblogging 1 tumblr post without even checking if they might contribute to any of the issues addressed in the post and if they can avoid or contribute less to any of the issues addressed in the post

My first recipe post!
btw I completely forgot to add the clove of garlic to the ingredients (because I forgot I used it altogether)

So I’m trying to slowly become more vegan. I’m not going to go all out straight away in case I don’t keep up with it and I’ll feel like a failure but I’m definitely going to keep choosing more vegetarian/vegan options whenever possible so that hopefully one day I can actually be one with no turning back.

If anyone has any tips or anything on becoming vegan please let me know! Would love hearing from other vegans about how they transitioned etc and how to keep it going. I’ve watched a few documentaries and I fully support and respect veganism 😊🌿🌱🌎

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Hi! So I'm a vegetarian of many years and vegan for about over a year now but I've found it so increasingly difficult to live a cruelty free lifestyle. I switched to all cruelty free cosmetics and lotions soap etc but now I learned most of them aren't vegan, something I never even thought of. I'm having trouble finding out from companies if things are vegan, and was wondering if you could recommended any good cruelty free vegan cosmetics/ house supplies or refer me somewhere? Thank you!

Cosmetics and household products can be trickier than you’d expect. Target, Trade Jo’s, CVS  have a  selection of personal care products which are very affordable, as does Superdrug in the UK. You can find a good list of cruelty free cosmetics here. As for cleaning products, I’m told that Seventh Generation are really great, but logical harmony have a comprehensive list here. Hope it helps.

Don’t be so hard on others. Be as positive as you can, whilst showing them how much you enjoy your cruelty-free lifestyle. Focus your frustrations on governments, scientists and big businesses, the very ones who allow this cruelty towards animals and the environment to be acceptable, when research shows differently.

Breakfast before heading off to the Subiaco markets for their last weekend before closing 😩 four bananas, frozen mango, blueberries and raspberries with some almond milk topped with strawberries, granola and coconut 😍 even Mittens wanted some !

Hey guys give me suggestions on Instagrams I should follow, esp if they post:
Cruelty-free beauty/lifestyle
Body positivity
Vegan/vegetarian food

But also just if they’re cool??

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I'm a vegan and live a cruelty free lifestyle in all regards except my pets....I feed my dog and cat meat because they need it but feel horribly guilty. Thoughts?

Actually I don’t know. I’m no veteran, so I don’t know if it’s unhealthy for a cat or dog not to eat meat. But for a dog or a cat it is natural to hunt and eat meat. Especially for cats. But i don’t know your pets…maybe try out what they like and how they act when you feed them different.
And I have to apologize, I’m from Germany and I think my English is not the best, I hope there are not too many mistakes 😊

will do

Title: Will Do
Pairing: Josh Brummel (Ricki & the Flash)/OFC (named)
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Some angst, cursing, biting, lots and lots of dirty talk. All kinds of other fun surprises in store as well.
A/N: I’m the literal worst for taking so long with this. It became too angsty and weird so I had to start over. So here it is: the long awaited Josh story. I hope it lives up to the fucking hype. The word count is 6.1k I’m so sorry.

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Being vegan is a lifestyle, not a diet .
It’s for animals and the earth not for a
Honey is for bees not for humans. Ethical vegan is the only type of vegan. veganism is for people with love and compassion for others.