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Hey, just read your post about dreadlocks, as a white girl with dreads, I've read a lot of stuff on both sides of the fence, but it's really good reading something that someone put real thought into. I don't and never will claim that dreads are a white persons creation, dreadlocks are something I've admired for a long time (about 8 years in fact!) and finally having them is amazing, but so many white people get them and instantly think they're the origin of them. Makes me feel pretty embarrassed

This is the perfect mindset to have when it comes to dreads. 

Personally, I’ve stopped caring whether or not white people have dreads, I’m just tired of people claiming that they have some deep ancestral connection to them when they know they don’t. 

If you want them, fine it’s your head after all. Just don’t play dumb when people question the authenticity of the intentions behind them. 

I’m glad you’re enjoying your hair and even more glad that you acknowledge the history behind them and respect it. 

And please, please, please, take good care of your hair.

So the journey starts..

My first prescription of hormones arrived today and I was pleased that my good friend @cruelladevaudeville was around when I took the first one.

It’s a huge step for me and the first vlog will be posted on my full blog later today. It’s going to be an exciting and interesting year and I’m glad I’m in the fortunate position of being able to share it with you all.

See you soon!! :)

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1- How do you chill out when you’re in a bad mood? 

Usually guitar, skate, loud music or go for a drive…which also involves loud music.

2- If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

Toyko Disneyworld…. what are you not getting about this.

3- What’s your main aspiration in life?

Be Happy and make other people Happy.

4- If you could be someone else who would you be? (famous or not)

I actually like being me, but if i could still be me have the life of someone successful that would suit me just fine :P

5- What would be your ideal job?

Pornstar, Musician, Lead Games Tester…. you know… something fun.

6- Name your 4 most favoured fandoms

 I keep Fandoms at a safe distance… you fuckers are weird…. but the ones i keep a check on…

Archer, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock

7- If you could live in the world of a game, what one would it be?

Hmmm tough choice… Bioshock’s Columbia would be pretty cool though.

8- What would your ideal pet/animal best friend be?

I want a monkey i can fully train to be a stage hand for gigs :)

9- If you had to be without one who would it be: family, friends or your partner?

This is not a fair question!! Reluctantly i will have to say partner, but i’m not happy about this, i will be writing a strongly worded letter.

10- What game/story book world would you like to have cross over with the real world?

Hmmm Devil May Cry… i’d gladly slay demons for a living.

11- If you had to have a really silly tattoo what would it be?

I would have W tattooed on each butt cheek…

My Questions:

1. You win a million or so on the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do with the money?

2. The Apocalypse is (finally) here, you can only take 5 items with you for your trip to a save haven… what do you take?

3. If you could get any band in the world to play at your wedding/party, who would you book?

4. 3 places in the world you’d like to visit?

5. Favorite thing about Tumblr?

6. Most Annoying thing about Tumblr

7. Dogs or Cats?

8. Favorite Album of 2012?

9. What is your musical Guilty Pleasure

10. Perfect meal?

11. Upcoming film you are excited for?