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Death Note The Musical Original Cast Recording Masterpost (Urai Kenji version)

01. オーバーチュア- Overture
02. 正義はどこに - Seigi wa doko ni - Where is the justice?
03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans
04. デスノート - desunôto - The Death Note
05. キラ - Kira
06. 恋する覚悟 - koi suru kakugo - Ready To Love
07. 私のヒーロー - watashi no hîrô - My Hero
08. ゲームの始まり - gêmu no hajimari - The Game Begins
09. 一線を越えるな - issen o koeru na - Don’t Cross That Line
10. 秘密と嘘 - himitsu to uso - Secrets and Lies
11. 正義はどこに リプライズ - seigi wa doko ni ripuraizu - Where is the Justice (reprise)
12. 残酷な夢 - zankoku na yume - A Cruel Dream
13. 死のゲーム - shi no gêmu - A Game of Death
14. 秘密のメッセージ - himitsu no messêji - A Secret Message
15. 揺るがぬ真実 - yuruganu shinjitsu - The Unshakable Truth
16. 残酷な夢リプライズ - zankoku na yume ripuraizu - A Cruel Dream (reprise)
17. 名誉にかけて - meiyo ni kakete - With Honor
18. ヤツの中へ - yatsu no naka e - Inside Of Him
19. 命の価値 - inochi no kachi - The Value Of Life
20. 愚かな愛 - oroka na ai - Foolish Love
21. 最期の時 - saigo no toki - Last Moments
22. レクイエム -rekuiemu - Requiem

16. 残酷な夢 リプライズ
Ryuk and Rem
16. 残酷な夢 リプライズ

16. 残酷な夢リプライズ - A Cruel Dream (reprise)

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This takes place after Misa has found Light, and at the beginning they’re talking about how she wants to help and he’s trying to get her to not act rashly and ruin his plans. 

waaah Rem is so in love be still my lesbian heart

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