i can’t lose you (i know)

summary: 34. You almost got hit by a car and i pushed you away AU. send me a prompt from this list. requested by bisexual-killian-jones, and two other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 1,500

rating: c crying woops

a/n: no one dies, calm your shit

She’s never panicked in her life so badly before. Between screaming, “Jones, watch out!” and jumping toward him to push him out of the car’s way, she’s also never felt so much pain in her life since joining the police academy.


She can’t help but just groan and roll around, realizing she’s definitely cracked a few ribs and probably has a concussion edging because damn does her head spin.

“Emma, fuck.” He kneels down next to her and he smiles up at him, wincing because her face hurts just as much from hitting the ground with a solid scrape. “Why the bloody hell did you think that was a good idea?” he mutters, carefully lifting her onto his lap, her promptly wincing at the pain coursing throughout her body.

“Can’t lose one of the best detectives now, can we?” she chokes out, swallowing.

He’s already got his hand pressing at a scratch which has opened up to begin bleeding on her shoulder. “Just stay with me, love, help is already on the way.”

“Just hold me,” she eventually says quietly, squeezing her eyes shut before cracking them open to see his set jaw and worried blue eyes, “please, Killian. Just hold me.”

“I am, Swan.” He laughs a little, more like forced laughter, she can tell even in her state. “Just stay with me in return, darling.”

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Toda consideración abstracta, aunque se refiriese a problemas humanos, no servía para consolar a ningún hombre, para mitigar ninguna de las tristezas y angustias que puede sufrir un ser concreto de carne y hueso, un pobre ser con ojos que miran ansiosamente (¿hacia qué o hacia quién?), una criatura que sólo sobrevive por la esperanza. Porque felizmente (pensaba) el hombre no está sólo hecho de desesperación sino de fe y de esperanza; no sólo de muerte sino también de anhelo de vida; tampoco únicamente de soledad sino de momentos de comunión y de amor. Porque si prevaleciese la desesperación, todos nos dejaríamos morir o nos mataríamos, y eso no es de ninguna manera lo que sucede. Lo que demostraba, a su juicio, la poca importancia de la razón, ya que no es razonable mantener esperanzas en este mundo en que vivimos. Nuestra razón, nuestra inteligencia, constantemente nos están probando que ese mundo es atroz, motivo por el cual la razón es aniquiladora y conduce al escepticismo, al cinismo y finalmente a la aniquilación Pero, por suerte, el hombre no es casi nunca un ser razonable, y por eso la esperanza renace una y otra vez en medio de las calamidades. Y este mismo renacer de algo tan descabellado, tan sutil y entrañablemente descabellado, tan desprovisto de todo fundamento es la prueba de que el hombre no es un ser racional.
—  “Sobre héroes y tumbas” - Ernesto Sabato.

Work in Progress of a little tribute to Cecil the Lion and all beautiful animals murdered by trophy hunters 😔💔 I will be watercoloring tomorrow and adding it to my shop for prints and redbubble merchandise.

Disney's Descendants

I just watched Descendants and let me just say it was really good! It had a surprising amount of diversity but there was still a large amount of white people in it. However seeing Cruella De'Vil portrayed as black, and Sleeping Beauty’s mother as well was interesting considering the original characters were white. It is implied that Sleeping Beauty’s daughter is mixed race. Another thing that interested me was seeing a girl in a wheelchair appearing multiple times and I couldn’t figure out who’s daughter she was. My mom suggested that she was Ariel’s daughter, since Ariel is a mermaid from birth it makes sense her daughter would be disabled and unable to walk. I was pleasantly surprised by this inclusion and hope to see more disabled and race inclusion in future original movies. Overall 8/10 but it seemed to me like a takeoff of High School Musical but with magic. Really nice but what made me laugh was how pretty much all the FX budget went to Maleficent’s dragon. But seems like a funny movie, lighthearted, a few cringeworthy moments but there is one song at the beginning really nice.

Darkness is overwhelming

It was early in the morning yes Emma knew that but she couldn’t sleep either way it was 3 am when Emma got out of the bed , she slipped on her boots then grabbed her keys heading out the door . Emma got into yellow dunebug and started driving she was looking for gold , her parents told her to stay away because of them learning what he was planning to do . Turning the savior dark but Emma shrugged it off she was Gonna turn dark , she wouldn’t allow it besides her parents weren’t someone to trust as she just found out she was pissed they did that , to someone’s child her supposed ‘childhood friend ’ . Fate was a bitch and Emma knew it would take its course once again , Emma drove through the woods to golds cabin she had almost forgotten the queens of darkness’ were there but she figured she can take them on all together if needed . Emma finally arrived at the cabin parking in front of the small bridge then made herself closer to the cabin hoping everyone was sleeping . darknessisgolden mistressmxleficent cruelladevilwithadashofdearly

International outrage has been sparked over the inexcusable murder and mutilation of Cecil the lion, and rightfully so.

However, hypocrisy is very much present in this outrage. It seems that many individuals who speak out against this murder are cognitively dissonant, or inconsistent in their beliefs. Statement after statement is made on how Cecil’s killer is an abomination to society, exclaiming that Cecil deserved to live a full, satisfying life as the head of his pride.

Here is where people are inconsistent — if Cecil had the right to live, why not the animals on your plate? Why not the billions of cows, chickens, pigs, fish, etc. that die because you like the way the meat tastes? Simply put, this is carnism. Funding the so-called “humane slaughter” (which is oxymoronic), yet claiming Cecil’s death was unjustified, is inconsistent. Cecil’s life was no more valuable than that of a piglet, a calf, a dairy cow, a hen, a male chick, salmon, a sow… the list continues. All animals feel pain, all animals develop connections to the beings around them, including family members.

While lions are under the threat of extinction due to poaching, far from the status of farm animals, we must understand why we have an outstanding number of farm animals in the first place — for human consumption. Animal agriculture is not a sustainable industry. Almost ALL humans DO NOT need to consume animal products to live a healthy life (hence the formation of the Vegan movement).

Being vegan is more than just condemning animal cruelty, although that is a significant aspect. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation and climate change, ultimately affecting the ENTIRE WORLD.

Everyone has the right to speak out against Cecil’s slaughter, but before doing so, check yourself. Make sure you are not a hypocrite when denouncing the slaughter of safari animals (and even animals we consider pets), yet still continue to consume burgers, chicken wings, milk, eggs, etc.


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What do you think Ten and Rose would have done in Foundations if their last attempt of conceiving had failed? :-)

Okay, whoa. Are you reading my mind? You would ask the one question that I can’t answer because of something I’m working on at the moment. 

That question will be answered in the form of fic. ^^;;

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