so i was venting again about how few of the main mutants were depowered in decimation, and most of those were repowered eventually

and i got to wondering what would have happened if scott was depowered

like i don’t think it would at all stop him from identifying as a mutant, or an x-man; he’d keep leading just as ororo did (and please imagine that role reversal dynamic)

but on a broader level, having a central x-man be depowered would make it much harder to sweep that whole population under the rug. the x-men could actually commit to the initial ethos of “you are still a part of our community, and we still shelter and protect you”

and on a character level, it might give scott an opportunity to stop seeing himself so much as a weapon. (not entirely, because his power isn’t really the most dangerous thing about him, but…to a certain extent.) he’d also have to cope with a very different sort of distrust and backlash. 

and then: what if he still ends up being possessed by the phoenix force, and it leaves him with a completely different power set he has to learn to cope with all over again

Chistes en la selva

Hay una escasez de comida en la selva, el león propone contar chistes y el que haga reír a todos los animales se salva, si no lo matan.
El conejo cuenta un chiste buenísimo y todos se ríen menos la tortuga, matan al conejo.
El oso cuenta un chiste buenísimo y todos se ríen menos la tortuga matan al oso.
El caballo cuenta un chiste malísimo y nadie se ríe y empieza la tortuga a reírse a carcajada y dice:
- El chiste del conejo buenísimo, buenísimo jajaja

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