cruel summer

Cruel Summer (Part 2) (Loki x reader)

Request: Hi. I’m just making a request now so I don’t miss out on the opened time. You can put this on hold as long as you like cause if it’s earliness. I fell in love with your Loki fic “cruel summer” and was wondering about a part 2, maybe Loki storms off muttering to himself about getting revenge for the pool fiasco and goes to his room. There’s a knock and he thinks it’s Thor demanding he watches his behaviour instead it’s the reader with a peace offering cause she felt bad after? 

I had to read this one to remember how it went!  It’s kind of an oldie!

Part 1

It didn’t take more than a few seconds to realize that you had maybe gone too far; Loki had hurried to his room so fast that you almost missed it, pulling yourself out of the pool and turning to see the last sight of him just before reaching the entry to the building.  You immediately felt a wave of guilt, despite having been told by Thor that his brother enjoyed tricks and it would have gone much better than this.  In fact, Thor stood only a few feet away now, laughing along with Tony until he caught your angry expression staring back at him; when he silenced, Stark followed suit, quickly creating a hush over the entire pool area.

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Dear Kanye West

I felt I need to write this

Kanye West is my hero
I know everyone thinks he’s an asshole
But I don’t see it that way
He’s confident
Maybe he’s too confident
But what i see is someone who’s never gonna let anyone tell him he can’t
His music has given me the little confidence I have
Without this confidence I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I have done
Nothing spectacular but things I wouldn’t have done without him
I met people who mean a lot to me because of this confidence
Kanye taught me that throughout life people will tell you to be a leader not a follower until that means you start leading
Kanye has taught me that people will tell you your good if you aren’t, so they don’t hurt your feelings
And tell you that your bad if you you’re good, because they’re jealous
Kanye taught me that they’ll tell you to have confidence in yourself, but when you get that confidence they’ll tell you you’re “conceited”
Kanye once said “if you’re a fan of Kanye West, you’re not a fan of me. you’re a fan of yourself”
And this is true
Kanye has helped me in more ways than anyone can imagine
The emotional connection to “Devil In A New Dress” that I have is otherworldly
So Dear Kanye West,
Thank You and I Love You