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did i really just see a post going on and on about how taz writing is amazing because it frames lucretias shift as a good thing when its “clearly bad” and going to be framed as such later?

did i really just see a post going on and on about how Madame Director is cruel and cold and manipulative so lucretia becoming a stronger person after a traumatic experience is actually a sign of her downfall?

did we listen to the same podcast or do you listen to the Racists Special Edition? the director is not cold and manipulative. she does not take advantage of her friends to “get her own way”. she lied to thb because she thought it was the best way to SAVE THE UNIVERSE and she canonically hates that she had to hide everything from her old team and thinks it was a mistake. she didnt do it to get her own way and her relationship to thb was always nothing colder than a professional distance and usually even closer than that (she had a spa date with merle like thats pretty warm to me). its not her being a cold and cruel person you freaks!

griffins writing isnt a misdirection here. lucretia is a good person and there is no setup for the current way she acts being her “downfall”. shut the fuck up. just because a black female character makes mistakes doesnt mean you get to just pull up all the negative images you have against her, especially when those negative images go completely against her canon actions and personality.

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When recording TBS, do any of actors flub their lines by accident? If so, would we be able to listen to the bloopers?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I am an extremely cruel director and make them do single takes of entire episodes (sometimes 25+ pages) and, while they are all very talented professionals, there’s bound to be some stumbling. 

Putting together a blooper reel is something I’m kicking myself over not keeping track of at the start because now there is just hours upon hours of footage that I in no way shape or form have any time to listen through and pull clips from. Maybe someday we’ll hire someone to do that because there are some good moments. 

One of my favorite bloopers from early on was in a Caleb episode. This was still in the first season, when I was trying to figure out the best way to record/take notes during recording/direct/etc. I now sit on my bed as the actors sit at a table in front of me and use 1-tap touch to highlight the script for notes, but back then I was trying a bunch of stuff out. 

I didn’t want my note-taking to interfere with sound, so I sat out in the hallway with my headphones and left Julia and Briggon in my bedroom. So I’m sitting on the floor staring at a closed door, and Briggon and Julia are just on their own. Briggon gets to a line that went something like, “I had a rough day at school”, but instead of school, Briggon goes full-adult and says “work”. And even though I couldn’t see Briggon’s face, I could just hear him have that moment of, “wait, what”. 

I don’t know why, but that was such a fun, funny moment - Briggon plays a teenager extremely convincingly, but he definitely slips up sometimes. 

Betraying my trust.

Grindelwald is back.

Yes he’s back in action finally!

I have seen him recruiting his followers once more, this time I’m joining as soon as I get free from this shitty place!

Graves couldn’t believe his ears, he was waiting in the interrogation room to talk with some criminals that has been captured recently, when he heard their conversations about Grindelwald –his Grindelwald, his boyfriend, that caring soul he had giving his body not long ago.

This couldn’t be!

The quill fell over the desk with a light thud, and the Director paled almost forgetting how to breath once more. He stared at the closer door picturing the three criminals talking in whispers about Grindelwald… Gellert… his sweet Gellert he had learned to love and whom declared his unconditional love time and time again. But how fool of him to trust him! How fool of him to not realize that all those words and actions were a cruel manipulation.

The Director stopped his line of thoughts immediately, ashamed of ever think that Gellert would betray him like this. He shook his head, took the quill and continued to write before calling those criminals one by one and sentencing them to the chair. He did it without remorse, because that was how criminals were handed in America.

By the end of the day, Percival saved his files on his desk, locked the door of his office, and got ready to leave MACUSA. His flat, the one he shared with Gellert was only six blocks away from the Woolworth, so he walked there, stopping by Kowalsky bakery to buy himself a bag of niffler pastries and occamys for Gellert. The thoughts of the words of those lowly criminal still played in his mind, but he refused for now to believe them. He would need to pay more attention.

Leaving the bakery behind, Percival apparated in his building and then in the penthouse. He opened the door. “Gellert!” He called as he opened the door, hoping to find him there, and with a strange feeling that perhaps the other wasn’t there at all or anymore. “I’m back baby!” He called once more, refusing to think that he could have left, and closed the door behind himself.


Hades/Persephone AU, Part 9

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A/N: Thank you so much for the out pouring of love over this AU. I am deeply grateful that you are enjoying it. 


She awoke to breath. Clear, clean, crisp air, filling strong healthy lungs. Hair that she’d mourned over streaming down to her shoulders once again, as blonde as the box of peroxide she’d begged her mother for had promised her it could be. 

Also… she closed her eyes. She could… think. So much knowledge in her brain, it almost overflowed and… hipsBoobs. 

Whatever had happened, she was all grown up now, in the body she might have had, if she had lived that long. Okay then.

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