cruel directors

did i really just see a post going on and on about how taz writing is amazing because it frames lucretias shift as a good thing when its “clearly bad” and going to be framed as such later?

did i really just see a post going on and on about how Madame Director is cruel and cold and manipulative so lucretia becoming a stronger person after a traumatic experience is actually a sign of her downfall?

did we listen to the same podcast or do you listen to the Racists Special Edition? the director is not cold and manipulative. she does not take advantage of her friends to “get her own way”. she lied to thb because she thought it was the best way to SAVE THE UNIVERSE and she canonically hates that she had to hide everything from her old team and thinks it was a mistake. she didnt do it to get her own way and her relationship to thb was always nothing colder than a professional distance and usually even closer than that (she had a spa date with merle like thats pretty warm to me). its not her being a cold and cruel person you freaks!

griffins writing isnt a misdirection here. lucretia is a good person and there is no setup for the current way she acts being her “downfall”. shut the fuck up. just because a black female character makes mistakes doesnt mean you get to just pull up all the negative images you have against her, especially when those negative images go completely against her canon actions and personality.

Hades/Persephone AU, Part 9

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A/N: Thank you so much for the out pouring of love over this AU. I am deeply grateful that you are enjoying it. 


She awoke to breath. Clear, clean, crisp air, filling strong healthy lungs. Hair that she’d mourned over streaming down to her shoulders once again, as blonde as the box of peroxide she’d begged her mother for had promised her it could be. 

Also… she closed her eyes. She could… think. So much knowledge in her brain, it almost overflowed and… hipsBoobs. 

Whatever had happened, she was all grown up now, in the body she might have had, if she had lived that long. Okay then.

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