cruel cruel love

Wanting always one more day with you, I began to consider that what I wanted, what I had always wanted, was forever. Then, what a disappointment to see you turn cold and unfeeling and realize we would spend the rest of our days, that is to say the greater part of our lives, apart. I am broken, and soft in loneliness, and rummaging through old memories, fading words scribbled on old bits of paper, and learning nothing new except that you loved me once and I loved you too, and now you do not love me and you intend never to love me again, and I love you. Why didn’t I say it before? I love you.


La historia de Duke. Un perro desahuciado.  

Por motivos de la vida, motivos que no podemos entender,  que simplemente no tienen explicación. 

Existen miles de historias como la de él. Demasiado dolorosas, demasiado irreales. De nuestros perros, nuestra familia. Tal vez el único consuelo de aquellos que han pasado por esto, es saber que hicieron todo lo posible  para que sus mejores amigos tuvieran una hermosa vida. 

Y volveremos a verlos. 

 Algún día. 

I will never understand how Snape being in love with Lily is any excuse to be the way he is with Harry

I’m not saying he needs to favorite him by any means but like he is so beyond cruel towards Harry


He is so cruel to Neville that Snape is his biggest fear. How can you ever live with yourself when you scare a kid more than the person who tortured his parents. This kids parents were tortured by Bellatrix and SNAPE is his biggest fear

It’s not necessary

“You have to love yourself if you want others to love you” is such utter bullshit because if you were never taught how love towards yourself looks like you can’t know how to.

If you were cursed with abusive parents who taught you that forcing you to endure abuse is “for your sake” and “to make you stronger” and that being kind towards yourself will make you weak, a wuss, incapable, worthless, how would you be able to figure out which one is love? If you were taught from the start that brutality and punishment and harsh cruel criticism and contempt were done to you out of love and to help you be better, what other kind of love would you possibly be able to offer to yourself? You could be starving for kindness and at the same time believe it will make you weak and that you don’t deserve it so you would reject it! Self love isn’t innate, it is taught, what ever bullshit they sell you under the name of “love” is what you end up believing love is!

So until you are experienced enough to realize that abuse is hatred and destruction of you and that you’ve been lied to, and that kindness and patience and support is actually helping you grow and establish as a person, you can’t know which does what. And even once you do realize it, it’s hard! It’s still going to be hard to try to convince yourself that you are lovable and worthy of love when nobody has ever loved you! It’s still going to be hard to keep telling yourself that you deserve better when everyone treats you like crap! It’s still going to be hard to ignore all the triggers and perceived evidence that makes you doubt yourself, your value, your worth and potential, if nobody in this world is willing to try and prove otherwise to you, how are you supposed to do it on your own?

Self love is fucking hard and people who act like if you’re struggling with it you’re somehow less worthy of love, or even worse, to be completely abandoned by everyone until you figure it out, are fucking liars who don’t give a shit about you and what life does to you. Someone is supposed to get you used to being loved, someone is supposed to show you that you can be consistently welcome in their life and on this planet, that you can expect warmth and kindness and that there’s no doubt that you deserve it, that anything else being sold under the pretense of love has been a lie.