cruel chicken

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Is it cruel to feed a chicken it's own eggs?

It’s the opposite of cruel! Eggs are packed full of nutrition and it’s very beneficial to give them it back. You can just drop an egg in front of them so it cracks and they’ll race over to eat it- this doesn’t usually cause them to start breaking their own eggs unless they’re lacking nutrition in which case you should get them on a higher quality feed and give them more healthy treats. We’ve never had our hens break their own eggs and eat them, but I think with our current batch of chickies I’ll always scramble the eggs first instead of giving them raw egg.

Birthday Suite (Part 3/5)

Dazai stared in mute fascination as you consumed your lunch, face scrunched with every bite.

“Ne, (Y/N), is that any good?”

“Well if it wasn’t, would I be eating it? Oh wait, we did eat that chicken you made the other night…” Dazai, upon hearing the retort clasped at his heart in mock agony, the other hand going to shield his face.

“Y/N!!! How cruel, The chicken was made with a labor of love!”

“Contrary to popular belief, love does not conquer all. Maybe if it did, it could have conquered my taste buds so the chicken wouldn’t have tasted so…” As you continued your thinly veiled jabs, the brunette rises from the table and saunters over to the front counter pointing at you while speaking to the waitress. The waitress slowly nodded, glancing over and seemingly scanning you before entering the backroom. Having succeeded, he happily bounced over to his chair.

“Before you ask, I wanted to try it too!”

“Oi Moron, do you know how hot this is?!!!” You stared at him dumbfounded as he wore his signature shit eating grin.

No, but I should get a sample!” The man chirps, swooping in for a quick peck unexpectedly. You smirk ans return to the sandwich

The next few seconds pass by without incident before a chair crashin g violkently into the linoleum captures the attention of the restaraunt.

“Atsui, Atsui!!!” Dazai cried, rushing to the counter once more “Milk, do you have milk?” The waitress muddled through the kitchen looking for the beverage as the brunette bounced from foot to foot in agony.


“Y/N, why didn’t you warn me, now I can’t feel my mouth” After being supplied copious amount of milk and a series of profuse apologies from the manager, You and Dazai walked home, his near incessant complaining ruining the otherwise briliant day.

“Well I thought you would have had exercised common sense when ordering, I can see both of us made a mistake” The man was about to pipe up to argue your statement before you paused, standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry, kiss and make up?”

“My love, I thought you’d never offer!”