A nearby Scout Trooper sees my distant swooning over Boba Fett says ‘Follow me’ and leads me to Boba Fett where he proceeded to complete my existence in one moment.

(which I then realized was in front of several dozen people…..)

I literally feel like I have a swoon hang over….

I have a love for you like I have a love for the ocean.

I have never once seen you with my own eyes,

I’ve never touched you and felt the warmth you give,

I’ve never breathed you in to know what it is you smell like at 4am.

I’ve only heard stories about what you are and what you can do,

How you’ve swallowed men whole and left family’s destroyed because of it,

How you’ve been so kind as to let someone sail so lightly over top of you blowing lightly on their back and pushing them to shore.

How you keep your monsters at bay when children are present, how you splash and play with them, dunking them under before pushing them in with the tide.

Yet you’ll trample a man with no fear, and no remorse, you’ll take away everything he ever loved, and feed him to your darkest monsters.

I have such a fear of meeting you, and how you’ll treat me, will you be warm and inviting? Or will you simply drown me the moment my feet don’t touch the ocean floor anymore?

I’ve only met the lakes that surround me. 

She stays colder longer than you do,

The only stays warm for a few months out of a year, 

That’s when she’ll kill you, while she’s cold, with no remorse for who sees.

That I believe makes her uglier than you, she has nothing deep down inside her except ice.

No monsters, no stories, just a false kindness with a shallow heart.

I do fear you, but I would rather die in your arms, than fall through ice having never met you.

Highlight of my Halloween? Waking up and realizing I unintentionally wore Halloween colored pajamas to bed last night! Happy Halloween errbody may your shenanigans be spookier than mine! Also don’t judge me too harshly I just woke up. 🎃

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