crude photoshop

okay so this is my ultimate Fate crackship: Shirou/Hakuno(fem)

No joke, I believe this two have potential:

ONE: Their backgrounds. Shirou, the concept of self-sacrifice formed in human body. Hakuno, the little engine that could though she [SPOILERS]. I can only say they are the exact opposite of each other.

TWO: Their ability to make every character fall for them. Shirou is the original Eroge MC of Fate. In EXTRA and Fate, all four servants be it male/female is head over heel for Hakuno. Even Gil willingly abandons 90% of his fortunes to save Hakuno. If these two meet….what would happen? I won’t be surprised if they blow up the whole universe and start another one together.

THREE: They are very cute being side by side. Look at my crude photoshop above. The height difference. So cute. Must protect. 

Thank you for listening! Send me asks if you’re interested!

yami-draws  asked:

The squad™with a friend/crush/s/o (whatever you want) who is really lazy but when it comes to animating/speedpaints/and art in general they pretty much over work themselves. (I spent 7pm yesterday to now(its 7:30am)working on a speedpaint it's only 5 minutes long I'm such a mEsS)

i’m making this post entiiiiirely platonic. i love that platonic lovin’! and ooh, i wouldn’t mind seeing this speed paint, dude! 

Black Hat 

  • The only reason why he doesn’t blast/fire/imprison you was because your sorry self is only good for designing advertisements, thanks to your digital art skills 
  • Even though you’re (extremely) lucky to keep both your job and physical safety, it doesn’t mean you can keep your motivation. Or that you ever had motivation in the first place
  • This attitude utterly pisses off BH
  • Most of the time you laze around the mansion spending your time doing the following: 15% eating junk food, 20% napping, 50% watching memes cartoons/movies, and 15% of doing actual work
  • So he gets his petty revenge, often by hiding your drawing pen and watching you suffer
  • “shIT where’s my drawinG pen????” you screech, tearing apart the couch, looking under the carpets, and crawling under spaces. meanwhile black hat watches with the biggest shit-eating grin 
  • To add salt into the wound, BH further pisses you off by reposting your art and taking credit for it by posting it on his troll account Now THAT’S evil.
  • What did you expect? Just because you’re his friend doesn’t mean he’ll make an exception.

Dr. Flug

  • You both are true-blue night owls. Often your inspiration hits you best at night time. Flug is always up late, because of all the work he has to do BH is the #1 boss am i right
  • You keep him company late at night in the labs, and work on some animations/ads while Flug works on new inventions
  • Whenever you hang out with him, you end up distracting each other a lot.
  • You draw intentionally shitty stick figures and crude drawings, then photoshop them with Black Hat’s face. This never fails getting some laughs out of Flug after you promised you’d delete the drawings, bc our paper boy can be a li’ paranoid
  •  You like making Flug laugh, and Flug relaxes when he’s around you
  • friendship goals man


  • Let’s face it: you’re gonna have to hide yo pen, hide yo tablet, and hide yo computer, cuz’ Demencia is gonna fuck it up
  • One time you let Demencia fool around with your tablet. Let’s just say somehow she managed to carve scratches into it, and on top of that accidentally downloaded 20 viruses into your computer. 
  • Aaaaand that was also the last time you let her touch your stuff
  • She isn’t intentionally sabotaging you, but that’s how she is: a walking whirlwind of chaos
  • She’s perfectly content watching you draw, though. She requests a bunch of things for you to draw most of them being her and black hat making out. that’s right, she’s a dirty self-insert shipper just like the rest of n’yall 

Dexter star Michael C. Hall is apparently the favorite to play Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the upcoming Netflix series, produced by Marvel Studios. Although he confirmed it was just a rumor at the moment, Hall was quoted saying “I would definitely consider it.”

That small bit of hope was enough to throw together this crude photoshop.