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'Atlanta' Actor Has No Time For Anyone Who Disrespects Black Women
"Don’t ever throw 'em on the back burner."

“Atlanta” actor LaKeith Stanfield doesn’t appreciate anyone disrespecting black women.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Stanfield ― who plays Darius in FX’s hit show “Atlanta” ― claimed he recently had to call out a driver for criticizing black women in front of him. He said the driver continued to make rude remarks before he learned that the actor was not one to engage in such crude conversation.

“Some dude, one of the drivers who takes us from point A to point B on this project that I’m working on, and he’s like, ‘Yo, black women they’re the hardest to deal with, man. They’re the most f**ked-up version of a woman you could have,’” Stanfield said.

Stanfield went on to say he had to quickly call out the driver over his remarks.

“I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, wait, hold on. You talking to the wrong person man because as far as I’m concerned…the most beautiful aspect of black women is that they’ve been through the most s**t you could go through in this country,” he said. “You know what I mean? They really have been through the most s**t and that’s a beautiful thing.’”

“That’s something that… should empower you to be a better version than what the f**k you are,” he added. “Instead of having you feel beat down by it, it empowers you to be better.”

I Am Not Articulate At Times
  • Me, Internally: As she walked by, I took note of something: she was not voluptuous, but it did not detract from her beauty. Ethereal she was not, but still, I was drawn by her- she was magnetic. A more earthy and approachable beauty was she. She radiated a kind and warm and inviting energy, engaging any and all who neared her in hopes of achieving the fantasy-come-true of meeting her. She shot goofy grins, eyes and words full of passion, at all who dared to approach. She was an enchantress, subtle in her machinations, weaving her web of-
  • Me, Externally: She's fuckn hot

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If you know, then don't ask stupid questions kiddo.

Well hello there, dear anon, and thank you for the following reasons:

1. Calling me ‘kiddo’. I have actually reached the age where no one really mistakes me for being younger than I am any more, so it’s a nice change! Kind of like getting my ID checked at a bar, you know? (Ah, look at me, chasing after my lost youth…)

2. For having sent me one of those first anon messages (at least I think it was you… of course I’m making an assumption here, so please do correct me if I’m wrong) because it meant I got to finally vent properly about something which had been upsetting me for a little while now (also it’s a great way to procrastinate from my real-life, imminent deadlines).

Now that the pleasantries are over, let’s get some things straight:

1. Do not talk down to me like that. I do not tolerate rudeness aimed at me from anyone, and I certainly will not take it from a person who tries to patronise me anonymously.

2. Might I recommend that you take a refresher on English Lit/Lang? (I’m assuming from the fact you that you called me ‘kiddo’ you’re doing so under the false impression that you have authority over me due to your age. As such you’ve probably finished/are just about to finish some form of schooling and thus should have already studied the subject, hence the suggestion of a refresher).

In the meantime, let me clarify something for you: that “stupid question” in my post was actually ‘rhetorical’. Rhetorical questions (in case you are unfamiliar with the term) are basically questions which are not actually intended to be answered, but rather serve as a means to express the point more emphatically. There’s actually this delightfully old-ish book called, “A Manual of Composition and Rhetoric for Use in Schools and Colleges” by J S Hart (Philadelphia, Eldredge & Brother, 1897). I suggest you check it out; Section VIII “Interrogation” might be especially useful (‘interrogation’ was an old school way of talking about rhetorical questions). I could have recommended a dictionary definition, but where’s the fun in that? (In case you’re still confused, that last question was also rhetorical).

3. Even if my question was real, and I genuinely did not know that HYDRA!Steve was going to be the main villain of Secret Empire, what on earth would possess you to feel like it was acceptable to put me down in the way that you were trying to do? (Not rhetorical because I actually want to know). You know what would have been an altogether better approach? Not trying to show me up. If you thought I was incorrect or missing large chunks of information, perhaps you could have *nicely* offered to help me understand the current Marvel world a little better instead of metaphorically sneering at my supposed ignorance.

If you were *not* the anon who sent me the initial questions, then why would you add such venomous snark to the discussion when you obviously saw the whole thing had been resolved? In some ways that’s even worse than just straight up swearing and yelling abuse (at least then I’d be able to dismiss your behaviour as irrational and heated). Imagine if I’d been someone of a more sensitive disposition. Imagine how terrible that could have made me feel.

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” you say. Just what authority do you have to make that demand of me? Are you, in fact, the Questions-Police? Do you have a system to rate just how clever a question is? Do you go around all of Tumblr telling people off because the questions they’ve asked don’t meet this (I’m assuming) very scientific and important questions-rating-system you’ve developed? Can we see it? Do you have a staff topped with a question mark like the Riddler does? (Let’s play a game, shall we? How many of those questions were actually rhetorical?)

Alright, perhaps I am being just a little bit unfair, dear anon. For all I know, you really were one of those initial anonymous posters and my resulting answer (which segued into a spirited discussion about the follies of Marvel’s decision to make Steve Rogers a HYDRA agent) somehow embarrassed or offended you (was it because I called Marvel “fu*k!ng a$$hats”?) and as a result you took a pot shot in the hopes it would make you feel better.

If that is the case, I’m sorry you feel that way. My HYDRA!Steve rant was not in any way aimed at you (after all, you’re not Marvel Entertainment LLC… are you?! Because if you are, then I have several burning, non-rhetorical questions which need answering).

And if helps, all is forgiven on my end, so there’s no need to worry.

Less snark, more love next time, ok? (Rhetorical).

(Sorry, last one. I couldn’t help myself).

First Impressions vs. Actual Dude: 2p!Hetalia or 2ptalia!:

This is a very special ask. The anon requested that i introduce the 2p!’s, just basics and so i added my impressions and the things i keep in mind while writing for them. It’s hella fuckin’ long, just warning you.

Allies! (THESE ARE MY IMPRESSIONS OF THEM. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT and honestly I don’t care if you do.)
America/Allen Jones-
First Impressions:
Irritating, cocky, and violent.
Actual Dude:
Allen is a tad bit egocentric outwardly, but on the inside he constantly worries about gaining the approval of others. He’s more obsessed with his weight than 1pAmerica and I’ve heard that he may actually be anorexic or at least skinnier than he should be. He is violent but only when the moment calls for it, or when he’s fighting with Matthew. He doesn’t act recklessly as people think, but he can be impulsive. He doesn’t have a habit of holding grudges but that doesn’t mean he won’t get pissy and pout around for a few hours.  
China/Xiao Wang-
First Impressions:
Sex crazed, crude, violent.
Actual Dude:
He actually is rather violent minded. The way I’ve seen him portrayed and write him myself do that justice. He isn’t so much rude as he lacks a filter for what he says, that or he doesn’t care who he offends. He’s just very honest and open about his opinions and feelings. Sexual or otherwise. He is a pervert, but I doubt highly that he’d go so far as to make anybody uncomfortable, he’s playful flirtatious. Not threatening flirtatious. I’ve read he has a liking for things such as knives (or long swords), and even guns. Also be warned, he is one kinky mother fucker. I’m just saying.  
Canada/Matthew Williams-
First Impressions:
Quiet, Brutish, violent.
Actual Dude:
The anger is similar to his brother (Allen) in that they fight. But this is to blow off steam and rarely a result of actual hatred. But he does have more of a temper than the others. He snips and curses a fair amount, and is then forced to drop a dollar in the swear jar. He loves the outdoors and nature, big, big camper. He uses these outings to hunt and kill poachers however, the only people he truly hates. He does look very rough and tumble but he is in fact a sweetheart. Tsundre is the word, I believe.  
England/Oliver Kirkland-
First Impressions:
Psychotic, poisoning, energetic.
Actual Dude:
He is not as crazy as people make him out to be, in my opinion. Sure, he may poison the occasion asshole, but I don’t buy it when people insist he bakes human flesh into his food. He is very happy go lucky and always has a smile to share. He gets embarrassed and blushes very easily. He is very affectionate to those he loves, just ask Matthew and Allen. He has a fondness for baking, particularly cupcakes and other sweets. He doesn’t have much of a sexual side in public, but is very affectionate. He prefers tea over coffee and other beverages, especially in the mornings. He has a soft spot for France, so he normally lets him slide on many things he’d reprimand others on. He’s a sweet little cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.      
France/Francois Bonnefoy-
First Impressions:
Alcoholic, asshole, apathetic.
Actual Dude:
…I actually agree. On the apathetic part. He cares little about what others say or do, as long as it doesn’t affect him. He is rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth. And he frequently sips from a wine glass. He is very sexually active but doesn’t have long term relationships. He goes from vice to vice trying to live in the moment because he finds life dull otherwise. He eats only the finest foods, therefore I could see him insulting Oliver’s cooking frequently. But I strongly feel that when he does have emotions he completely falls into them.  
Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
First Impressions:
Silent, sarcastic, and blunt.
Actual Dude:
He is a take no shit type of man. He doesn’t speak unless he is directly spoken to or otherwise forced. He doesn’t care for people, so crowded areas are out of the question. If you say something ignorant or otherwise moronic you’ll receive a sarcastic answer. He does not trust others, so earning it is no small ordeal. Given his honesty it’s easy to offended others, but I can’t see him apologizing. He is very sensible and relies heavily on logic to get him through relationships with others. He likes cooking and is talented in the area. I’ve also read that he enjoys Oliver’s cooking. Like his counter part he is an insomniac, I like to think it’s because of his trust issues. (personally i can’t sleep if my door is unlocked.)    
Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-
First Impressions:
Cat obsessed, Perverted, drunk.
Actual Dude:
That is a one hundred percent accurate assumption. Lutz is just a lazy fun loving man, with a very open sexual nature. He adores cats because they’re so similar to himself, easy going and adorable. He enjoys beer just as much as his counter part, but more often. He is very affectionate to those he cares about and can be a smart ass. He often argues with 2p!Italy, but he’s cautious about letting it get too far. (I‘ve heard his scars ~the one‘s on his arms and the one on his face~ are from him. But I‘ve also heard a theory that they‘re from after wwII when Germany was divided into four areas that were governed by the allies…anyway.) He’s into kinky things, so you know, watch your ass…literally.  
Italy/Luciano Vargas
First Impressions:
Psychotic, knife fucking, cannibal.
Actual Dude:
He’s a slightly more assertive hopeless romantic. I don’t believe he’s a cannibal but I do believe he is a very good mafia interrogator. He does have a large fondness for knives, that does border on obsession. He is crazy, and I mean Yandere crazy. He loves with everything he has and hates with all his might. But he’s really still just a suave Italian. His relationship with Romano is, I believe, an improvement over their twins. Even on the worst day Luciano tolerates his brother, because it’s the only family he actually cares for.  
Japan/Kuro Honda
First Impressions:
Pervert, knife loving, honestly just sort of a weirdo
Actual Dude:
I can’t really argue. But he is highly artistic, although he does draw Hentai, it’s not he only thing. He is a very talented tattoo artist as well. Kuro does like traditional and functional long swords, such as Katana’s. He can be a little reserved around strangers, but is open around his friends. Around strangers he is very polite, but this is due to his high level of honor, not respect. He won’t often speak unless spoken to. And from what I’ve read he only smiles when he’s taking pity on someone, or thinking something perverted.
Romano/Flavio Vargas
First Impressions:
Gay, crybaby, weak
Actual Dude:
(His sexuality is whatever, this is just what I‘ve heard.) He does have an eye for fashion and likes to dress his best. He is protective over his little brother Italy, and will race to defend him. Romano can be emotionally manipulative, but not to hurt the people he cares about. He loves small children and animals, also astrology. He is very outwardly affectionate and just a cheery person in general. He’s a sweet baby basically.  
Prussia/Gillen Beilschmidt-
First Impressions:
Mute, depressive, etc…
Actual Dude:
I whole heartedly believe Prussia has depression. He does speak just not to people he doesn’t know well. He’s fairly organized and clean, and often wears his hair in a neat fashion. He’s quite cynical, but can be a total sweetheart. From what I’ve heard he’s an amputee, his left arm is severed and he has a robotic replacement. He has large self esteem issues that affect his ability to love himself and others. I’ve never heard positive things about his relationship with Lutz, but I doubt it’s bad. He’s very shy and just a sweet little muffin that needs to be protected.  

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Underswap Naps and Sans please?

i’m writing an underswap-reader fic so i’m just overflowing w headcanons ngl

Underswap-Napstablook/Napstaton Headcanons:

- He is such a show-off?? Like in all honesty, he goes all out for every single entrance he makes. But unlike coming in through a cloud of smoke like Mettaton would, he bursts through the door via light-show lasers.

- He’s rude, he’s crude, he’s a party dude. Actually he’s not rude (kinda, he can be a little pushy sometimes), & he’s definitely not crude, but he is most certainly a party dude. Party over here, party over there, if you’re his friend, there’s gonna be a party everywhere.

- Happstablook is his first priority, after they make-up. Napstaton goes all out when it comes to lavishing attention & praise on his humble little cousin, & if you wanna be his lover, you gotta git gud with his family. Of course, Happstablook is a pretty sweet-natured spirit, so it’s not hard to get them to warm up to you.

Underswap-Sans Headcanons:

- THE MAGNIFICENT SANS is such a little bundle of energy he will run you absolutely ragged by the end of any date you have, platonic or romantic. He loves to show off as much as possible on these excursions, & relishes in any praise thrown his way, whether by you or others (though he absolutely melts when you’re the one complimenting him).

- If you’re showing him any sort of affection, like hugging or kissing, or even just hand holding, he will cling to you. Straight-up, arms around your legs/waist, hand in yours, eyes sparkling like so many stars. He’s filled with so much joy by just being near you.

- He surprises people a lot with just how strong he is. You know he’d never actually hurt anybody, even if he was in a “battle” with someone. But there’s a reason why Alphys agreed to “train” him to be part of the Underground’s Royal Guard–he’s a tough little cookie.

“Uhhhh..? Is your vending machine supposed to be doing that?

“Not that I know of”

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I don't believe in any kind of privilege, because (here in the western world, at least) every person has the opportunity to make something of themselves if they have the drive. Can we all be doctors and lawyers? Absolutely not. But is the alleged overrepresentation of whites indicative of a kind of skewed playing field? Nah. It might be a little hard for you to admit this, because if what I say is true, that would mean you are responsible for your own success or lack thereof. No ad hominem thx

I remember when I was 18. I thought I had it all figured out too. Is this your first semester in college? How’s it going? Finals are approaching very quickly so make sure you get lots of sleep and be sure to set aside time to study! I know how busy it can get, but hang in there and make time for yourself.