cruddy sketch


Couldn’t decide whether I liked the original better so I decided to stop worrying about it and just post both…

minena  asked:

If MC had beautiful singing, how will the boys react? Will they adore her or watch with tears? (I think this is the worst question I got)

Thanks for asking~

My art skills aren’t really cooperating lately TT_TT (my brain is kinda fried too, so sorry about this. >.> HOW DO PEOPLE DO THESE HEADCANON THINGS IT’S SO HARD OTL)

So have some cruddy sketches. Some are cruddier than others OTL


  • Is awed at your skills
  • Loves your singing
  • Wants to listen to it more
  • Asks for lullabies at night


  • Loves your singing and wishes to hear more
  • If possible, wants to act in a musical together with you, thinking that it would be the best thing ever
  • You sing duets together sometimes


  • Loves your singing and acknowledges your talent
  • Won’t hesitate to call up big wig producers to give you your big shot at stardom (even without your consent)
  • You end up having to refuse him until he understands, but he still asks you from time to time (lol)


  • Loves your singing
  • (probably post route story line) Records your singing and makes it viral via virus. Later creates a tripter bot for you (like with Zen lol)
  • Secretly has your recording playing on repeat all the time when he misses your voice (aww)


  • He doesn’t have much of an interest in music but he likes your voice.
  • He won’t admit it though. (You tsundere)
  • Likes hearing your voice in the BG because it makes him feel secure, and not lonely. ;-;


  • Loves your voice, whether singing or just plain talking
  • Since his eyesight is going awry, he loves it even more
  • Would probably be the type to cry if you sing an emotional song lol

I finally got around to draw some Princess and the Frog au!!
I plan on making more eventually but finals are coming up so who knows how much time I’ll have ;v;


hello friends finals are almost over so here are some cruddy artemis fowl sketches colored very cruddily in krita (im so glad to have my laptop back sobs)

i haven’t reread the books in ages and i’ve nEVER drawn these guys before so i’m sorry if they look off but here’s what they’ve always looked like in my head??

y’all if you haven’t read these books go read them they’re so good…. so good