cruddy gif

I spent all day drawing this. Well, took multiple breaks but still.

 So I heard if you call Ink smol/short/cute he gets angry? Yeah. So what better way to make your mortal enemy mad than by calling them smol?

 I seriously can’t stop drawing these two. I don’t want to draw them too much, however. That could be annoying to some people + the other Sanses need love too! This is the first time in a while I’ve draw full body Sans, or full body anything. And Ink’s design was a little complicated, this is only my second time drawing him. He’s still so adorable though.

 Sorry the shoes look cruddy(I suck at shoes) And I’m sorry for the lazy shading. It’s late and I kinda wanted to get this done. Making this a simple gif was a last minute choice. Speaking of gifs, I might do more detailed animated ones of sanses. I don’t know yet, but maybe.

 Hopefully not all my posts will be three paragraphs long. We can only hope.

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There’s Sensei Wu’s wish to train a future generation of ninja, who didn’t seem to learn anything cool or ninja-like in the Reboot’s first episode. From a practical viewpoint, teenagers (or kids) who didn’t finish high school are pretty cruddy teachers, though cheap to hire. The ninja could’ve just taught them how to spin and fight, and leave the necessary curriculum to competent college graduates.

Maybe the teaching jobs were only way to sustain the ninja. Where else will kids with no high school diplomas (or even grade school diplomas) get a decent job, even if they were ninja? Spinjitzu and fighting aren’t applicable skills for many jobs, except wrestling, blue-collar jobs, and tutoring others those skills. And so, teaching jobs. (Though I would’ve finished at least high school if I were them, but not even the Japan-based Pokémon supports that.) 

Maybe he knew they might become wrestlers or something and sink low.  As if Sensei Wu already knew that a lack of worth would turn Jay into a TV host and Cole into a wood chopper. Would be a bad image for ninjas, in general.

Maybe Sensei Wu just wanted them to stick together

Could Sensei have turned them into teachers because he wanted them ready for battle in case it comes? Because he expected evil still lurked in Ninjago? No – there wouldn’t be any difference if they were students, teachers or part-time sushi chefs. If he wanted that, he would’ve given them a more fighting-advantageous job.

Well, being teachers is way better than living as a low-end wrestler or lumberjack, at least when it comes to respectability.

*editted typo