• sirius: fist me
  • remus: what the actu-
  • sirius: *holds his fist out for a fist bump*
  • remus: oh fuckshit thats what you mean- okay Jesus fucking chr

@quidditchleaguenet‘s august challenge: house quidditch members -

the slytherin quidditch team’s snapchat, run by reserve seeker terence higgs, is full of unexpected shenanigans and expected trash-talking [click for captions!]


character posters: fleur delacour 

A young woman was standing in the doorway, a woman of such breathtaking beauty that the room seemed to have become strangely airless. She was tall and willowy with long blonde hair and appeared to emanate a faint, silvery glow.

for @vernondursley: happy birthday my dear (05/05)


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“You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.”

want one?


@hpminorcharnet creation event: Quidditch Players

Charlie Weasley, seeker

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn out better than Charlie Weasley, and he could have played for England if he hadn’t gone off chasing dragons.”


                                  ||   you are  m a r v e l o u s 
                                                         the gods wait to delight in  y o u   ||

                                                ( requested by @aliciaspinnte )

  • Sirius: Holy shit you're so beautiful, will you marry me?
  • Remus: We've literally been married for 6 years, please stop doing this.