But love, sooner or later, forces us out of time. It does not accept that limit. Of all that we feel and do, all the virtues and all the sins, love alone crowds us at last over the edge of the world. For love is always more than a little strange here. It is not explainable or even justifiable. It is itself the justifier. We do not make it. If it did not happen to us, we could not imagine it. It includes the world and time as a pregnant woman includes her child whose wrongs she will suffer and forgive. It is in the world but not altogether of it. It is of eternity. It takes us there when it most holds us here.

– Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow


I did a thing!!!

So about a hundred years ago I posted a shrine I made for a friend of mine… got lots of comments and @patron-saint-of-smart-asses asked me if I had an etsy… I mulled that around a bit… and now that I’m an unemployed weirdo with lots of time on my hands I finally set one up!

Also I made little slide lid boxes with white bees wax candles and little frankincense incense and little holders for both to be given away with each shrine to be blessed by a priest for use in devotion ^_^


“He who wishes to cleanse his heart should keep it continually aflame through practicing the remembrance of the Lord Jesus, making this his only study and his ceaseless task.”

~St Diadochos of Photik

(Photo © dramoor 2017 Santa Maria de Montserrat Basilica, Catalonia, Spain)