People of the World: Christian Edition II

Jerusalem, Israel


Nairobi, Kenya


The Horn of Africa

Seoul, South Korea

Colorado, United States

New York City, United States

Vatican City, Italy


Lalibela, Ethiopia


United States

Amman, Jordan


Rome, Italy

Gonder, Ethiopia

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Please fire me. My boss reprimanded me for having a “this is what a feminist’s coffee looks like” coffee mug because it’s political and divisive and has no place in our inclusive work place. This from the woman who wears a huge cross around her neck and has a fish sticker on her work laptop.

Oldest Viking Crucifix Uncovered in Denmark

A solid-gold cross depicting Jesus with his arms outstretched may be Denmark’s oldest crucifix, dating back more than 1,100 years.

The gorgeous pendant was unearthed in March by a hobbyist with a metal detector. Found in a field on the island of Funen, Denmark, the Viking jewelry piece may have been worn by a Viking woman, according to the Viking Museum at Ladby, where the pendant was on display.

“It’s a completely sensational find that dates back to the first half of the 900s,” Malene Refshauge Beck, a curator and archaeologist at Østfyns Museum, told the Danish newspaper DR Nyheder. “This object will definitely need to figure in future history books as it could alter the period when it is believed that Danes became Christian.” Read more.