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Hey there mylove! I am looking for a job after my master degree, so my future is pretty scary for me right now. Thus, Tomorrow (the song) is my anchor at the moment. Right now I am finishing a part of the Temeraire series (Crucible of Gold), check it out if you like dragons! Unsurprisingly I would like to visit Korea (heh), but Japan would be my first destination (been wanting to go there for years-recently picked up learning the language again).

hi ♥!!! whats your masters degree?? i hope you find a job!! i freaking love that song it is amazing

i do love dragons!!!! ill check it out!

japan would be an awesome place to visit but korea is number one in my heart as a travel destination! i hope you get to go to japan soon!


ChaRActers + First & Last appearance
Movie + Theatre edition

  • The Crucible
  • Into the Storm
  • The Hobbit
  • Captain America : The First Avenger
  • Miss Marie Lloyd : Queen of the Music Hall

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