A lot of people have been talking about why they’re not voting for Clinton this election cycle. This is my response for those people. 

I hear some people saying “well Tim Kaine is a horrible running mate because he’s bad on trade so I won’t vote for Clinton” and “Clinton sucks because she only wants to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 an hour so I’m not voting for her.”
First off, I would like to point out that you are not going to agree with a politician on every single issue that exists. This is a multifaceted election. This election is not about one single issue. People need to start looking at the bigger picture rather than fixating on one specific issue. No one is going to have the same exact political views as you, but out of the two people that are running, one is bound to share more political views with you than the other. And come on, we all know that trade is not the most important issue of this election. This is the bottom line, and the bigger picture that I urge all of you to consider:
There are two people running this election. (Because we all know that third party candidates don’t win, and to overhaul the political system you would have to do it from the inside, and you can’t suddenly decide that this election is going to be different because it doesn’t work that way. Voting for a third party candidate this election will NOT change the party voting system and a third party candidate will NOT win, and instead the only thing voting third party or writing something in will accomplish is splitting the democratic vote and take away votes from Clinton).
If you want to have any say in the outcome of this election, and I would think you would, because do you really want to give up your power to decide your future to someone who is misinformed and stupid, than you are faced with either voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Both are flawed candidates, but no one is perfect. And people need to realize that not everything is black and white. There are degrees of faultiness. And Donald Trump is about to break the scale.
You can either vote for a fear mongering, racist bigot that has no clue about politics, no experience, has no regard for the truth, the future of this country, or anyone besides himself, and who has built his campaign on fear and hate using his divisive rhetoric, and who has no actual solid plans for the future of this country, who is continuously changing his views (and for anyone who says Hillary has changed her views, at least her views have moved in the direction of progress, and her changing views have also spanned over a much longer period of time and has remained fairly consistent about her views since the start of her campaign), a man so reviled by his own party that there are republicans saying that they refuse to vote for him.
Or you can vote for a democrat that has a long history and experience in politics, who will not turn off all of our world allies with hateful and unfiltered speech, and is far more progressive than Trump will ever be. It makes no sense for Bernie supporters to not vote or vote for Trump because Clinton’s positions align much more closely with Bernie than Trump’s do, and either Trump or Clinton will be president.
Also, I would like to point out, that while some people may find faults with Hillary’s character, it is undeniable that she is more experienced and qualified for the job. Trump not only has an egregiously repulsive personality, but he has no idea what he is talking about and has no experience whatsoever.
And to all of the people that say “well Trump can’t do any of these things, it’s only talk.” Even if he can’t do these things, and even if he never tries to do these things, it’s still immensely problematic that he would even say these things. Just because you think he won’t act on it doesn’t mean that it is okay to spew hateful rhetoric. The first problem with spewing hateful rhetoric is the effect that it has on others. Look at the people that have punched protesters at Trump rallies. This violence is a direct result of Trump’s behavior and language. If we elect someone like this, we are teaching people that it okay to act like this. And while you may believe Trump will not act on it (which I actually believe to be false) other people inspired by his rhetoric might. It will also make other world powers view us as a joke. While there are presidents that you may dislike and don’t agree with, I think it is fair to say that a majority of past presidents have spoken with a diplomatic and respectful manner. We can’t allow people like Trump to ruin our diplomacy, and our respect for ourselves as a nation.
Also, to everyone who says “I just can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary because she doesn’t represent my views.” Well, she may not represent your views on some issues, but does Donald Trump better represent your views? If he doesn’t, than you should vote for Hillary, because saying “I won’t vote for her because I don’t love everything she does” is selfish and misguided. Using your moral standard as an excuse is selfish because Donald Trump is far more immoral, and voting for third party or not voting will cause Trump to win. So I’m sorry if you don’t feel she is moral enough, or you feel you can’t go against your conscious, but that is selfish. Not voting for Clinton to make yourself feel better will have a negative impact on the whole entire country, and is unfair, selfish, and plain entitled. Suck it up and vote for Hillary for the good of the people my god.
When it comes down to it, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to be elected in November. That is a cold hard fact, and anyone who tries to deny it is delusional. This is why it is imperative that everybody goes out in November and casts a ballot for Hillary Clinton. People need to see the bigger picture and realize that while Clinton may not be your first choice, she is better than Trump. Unless you truly want a Donald Trump presidency because you whole heartedly believe what he stands for (in which case you are detached from reality), than I would think you would try to stop that from happening. And the only viable solution to preventing him from becoming president is to vote for Hillary Clinton, end of story.

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  • Crucial
  • Prince
  • The Work Volume 2 (1984-1988)

Prince - Crucial (Unreleased 7 minute version from ‘86)

Includes a lengthy saxophone solo by Eric Leeds which was added at Prince’s request. This was eventually discarded & replaced by Prince himself as the solo was 'where the guitar solo would be’, even though he requested it in the first place!

Baby, you’ve got to be from a different world 
Cause just one look from you could make an army surrender 
Baby, you’ve got to rescue me girl, girl 
A prisoner in love with the opposite gender 
I ain’t saying you’re better, baby, but I ain’t saying you’re not 
I ain’t saying anything until you stop 
Never forget that cause baby, I’ll be your jack of all trades 
A mind & body well made