And I have returned.

Camera’s battery is dead, otherwise I’d have better photos to show, but what are you gonna do.

I am now the proud owner of an Olympus OEV203 and a Sony 14M2MDU, manufactured in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

The Olympus is simply a rebadge of the 20M2MDU, and as such is essentially the long lost twin to one I already had. It seems to have considerably less hours on it, as there doesn’t appear to be any signs of streaking with it.

The 14M2MDU is the kid brother to the above monitors, with the same line count tube and inputs only in a smaller form factor. It is also in quite wonderful condition with one exception:

Not 3 minutes after leaving the previous owner’s home, it took a little hit from a sharp turn onto the interstate, and as such has discoloration if used in it’s proper orientation. Turning it to its side seemed to get rid of the the problem for at least a few minutes, as did facing the tube upwards. That as well as it’s stability when placed upside down leads me to believe that a simple yoke adjustment should get it back in working order.

As well as the above monitors, the gracious /vr/ anon that gave these to me also threw in a bag of assorted cables. Sadly there was no Genesis lead, but I do now have a much better SNES SCART cable(considerably less audio buzz), an actual Playstation SCART cable, an NES SCART cable(composite+mono), and another SCART breakout cable. This should make taking photos of my various monitors (of which are all on different floors) worlds easier.

The only thing that could have made this any better would for them to be Multiformat sets and/or have the SCART leads I’m currently missing, in which case I’d be spasming on the floor in joy rather than writing this post.

In short:

Shane is a pretty cool guy, eh gives away RGB monitors and doesn’t afraid of anything.

New PVMs, woo!.