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Scenario: Aku separates Jack and Johnny and runs him through a gauntlet of every kind of manipulation and attack Aku has learned in his long, LONG existence. Doesn't work. Absentmindedly messes up Johnny's hair while on the verge of giving up and THAT gets a reaction. Aku then strives to give Johnny Bravo the worst hair day of his life to bring out his evil heritage. (he's got some competition considering the time with the chili, bugs, birds, cats, dogs, and giant ant)

YES OH MAN, I had an idea about Aku separating/tormenting them anyway, that’s a perfect reason for it to happen! And then Aku would probably throw them right back together as soon as Johnny is seeing red from the worst hair day in history.

Celebrity crsh (Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Reader)

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Could you write one shot with Aaron Taylor Johnson x female reader, make something up.

  • Amount of Words: 1.819
  • Pairing: Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Female Reader.
  • Warnings: fluff
  • Author Notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/E/C) is your eye color, (Y/P/of/C) is your program of choise (just imagine whatever you want to study)

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Your university program was finally over and you felt glad to go back to your own place for Christmas, seeing your family again really made things a lot better; it had been a tough 5 years period and you needed to have some real food, the warmth of a house and the love of your parents. Your neighborhood wasn’t very changed, but you did see a big black SUV that you had never seen before; parked outside the Johnson’s house. Perhaps it was Aaron’s; he was a movie star now and he sure had to have one of those big cars.

A brown haired man got out of Johnson’s house and he stood there in the porch looking at you for a few seconds; his eyes were narrowed as if he tried to take a better look from you; you gave him a little smile thinking he was one of the neighbors’ guests. You got into your house and your parents were waiting for you with a small brunch. The table had your favorite things to eat and on the ceiling there was a poster that said “WELCOME HOME (Y/N)!!

“You guys really shouldn’t have!” You went to hug both of them.

The brunch went quite well as you ate your favorite things while your parents kept listening to your stories about school, your classmates and your teachers.

“Guys, can I ask who’s the owner of that car across the street? I mean, I know it’s the Johnson’s house, but they had a smaller car I think” You asked your parents.
“It’s Aaron’s car, since he broke up with his wife he has been here for a while, oh, and actually he came by the other day and asked about you, we told them that you were coming for the holidays, want to know what he said?”
“What?” You asked trying to play it cool, of course you couldn’t.
“He said he’d come around another day when you’re here” You blushed and went back to your room to see if you had something nice to wear these days you were going to be at home. Being in Wycombe again was good, but having a celebrity on the other side of the street that looked for you, was even better.

Aaron, his sister Gemma and you were very close when you were little, and you could say he was your first kiss (it was more like a little kid’s thing because you are a few years younger than him). You spent a lot of time in each other’s place and your parents were really close. Your memories of them were the best things you had, but as Aaron left to pursue his acting career you two haven’t seen each other in quite a while. You decided to go for a walk to the grocery store as you needed some things that you didn’t brought from your apartment. In that moment, you saw Gemma, Aaron’s sister walking with a little baby in her arms. “Does she have children already?” You wondered to yourself as here was only a few years difference between you and her. She looked at you and immediately ran towards you to give you a warm hug.

“(Y/N)!! Oh god! I haven’t seen you in ages!!” She screamed
“Gemma!! How are you!! Who’s this little man in here?” You said waving at the baby who waved back at you. “Oh, this is Romy. Say hi to (Y/N) sweetie” the baby muttered a “hi” and then hid his on Gemma’s shoulder “He’s quite shy you know, but anyway, how you’ve been?”
“Oh, I came back for the holidays, and you, how are you, how’s Aaron, your parents?”
“We’re all fine, well, except for Aaron; poor little thing. He’s getting divorced and perhaps he won’t get the custody for the children”
“Children? He has children? What?!” You weren’t much of an updated person, you knew he was famous now for his roles in Kick-Ass, Godzilla and The Avengers, but it’s not like you were fully aware of what did he do with his life “But how come?”
“Yeah, I know, but I guess those things happen, anyway, Romy is Aaron’s youngest child. Wylda is at home with my parents, and my brother went for a walk around town; hey, why don’t you come by tonight? I’ll tell Aaron and my parents. They are going to be so excited about it!” Gemma told you in an enthusiastic voice, you couldn’t refuse the offer because you wanted to see your neighbors so badly. You missed them and the Johnson’s house was like a second home for you.
“Yeah, sure!” You answered her “Gemma, I have to leave you know because I have to go buy some things I left at my apartment” You apologized.
“Oh right, go ahead. Perhaps you’ll find Aaron there, he went for things for the kids; were not quite sure if they get to spend the holidays with us”
“I’m sure you will” You gave her a sympathetic smile “Bye Romy” You wiggled your fingers at him and he waves back with a small smile.

You kept walking to the grocery store that was a few blocks from your place; and when you got in, you stood under the warm air from the air conditioner. Toothbrush, shampoo and some fruits were the things you needed to get. Out of a sudden, your cart and someone else’s collide and you immediately stutter to apologize. When you look up, it was him.

“(Y/N)?” Aaron asks still not believing his beautiful blue eyes. “(Y/N), is it you?”
“Aaron?” You blushed; he was so gorgeous and you thought parenthood had done an amazing job in him. “Hey!”
“Oh, how are you?” He asked walking towards you to give you a warm hug; he was now stroking your back and tilting both of your bodies to the sides. “I haven’t seen you in ages! I visited your parents the other day and they told me you were coming for the holidays”
“Yes, I haven’t spent a Christmas here in years so I needed some family love; besides my university program is over and now I have to work on my thesis, so perhaps I will stay here for a while”
“Really? What did you study?”
“(Y/P/of/C), it’s been quite an ordeal but I’m glad it’s over for now and I get to spend family time” “We should see each other one of these days, (Y/N). We need a lot to catch up” He said picking up a bottle of ketchup from his own cart and showing it to you.
“You are such a dork! You haven’t changed a thing!” You laughed.

Your families spent Christmas together just like when you were children, and for New Year he joked about kissing you, and because of alcohol you did, but you laughed afterwards. After that, you and Aaron spent a lot of time together; he often invited you to dinner or to the movies just to hang out, but you kept wondering if he was just catching up with you or if he wanted to have something else.

His divorce paperwork was finished and he was once again Aaron Johnson and as Gemma predicted, he couldn’t keep the full custody for his children, but he could get to see them very often.

“You look quite nice today, (Y/N). Are you doing something special?”
“I’m going on a date and Gemma decided to help me getting prettier” you said walking sister’s his sister’s room; Aaron’s face turned dead serious by now.
“And who would be the lucky guy?”
“Not telling you” you winked at him and then Gemma got out of her bedroom to drive you to your date.

You waited at the bar for what it seemed to be at least an hour but your date didn’t show up, you wanted to call Gemma to tell her, but when you picked your mobile, you were calling Aaron and he answered before you could hang up.

“Baby what is it?” He said quickly.
“Can you pick me up? I’m in the bar, the one that opened a few days ago” You answered and Aaron knew right away what happened.
“I’ll be there in 5, stay there ok?”
“Thank you” you sighed. And as he promised, he got there in five minutes, in his enormous and pitch-black SUV; he got out and ran towards you because you were outside. You had a sleeves black dress and your hair was let loose. You looked gorgeous. “What happened? Did he do something to you?”
“Yeah, he didn’t show up” you shrugged.
“What a jackass, hey, come here” He grabbed your hand and gave you a big hug. “Don’t be sad, he’s missing the opportunity of being with the most gorgeous, cute, kind and funny girl in the world” he petted your back and you felt better.

You looked up, to take a look at his face; your heart skipped a few beats as his sky blue eyes seemed to be piercing your soul. You caressed his shaved cheeks and he leaned forward to softly capture your lips in a slow yet passionate kiss. His strong hands grabbed your waist tightly and when you tried to break the kiss, he wouldn’t let you do it by pulling you closer to his trained chest covered by a black shirt and a grey open sweater. You finally gave up to trying to break the kiss, mostly because you were enjoying it, and you could feel how he curled his lips into a smile.

“Aaron… N-no” you breathed against his mouth while your foreheads were pressed together.
“I like you a lot (Y/N) and when we were younger I had a major crush on you. Back then I was just a stupid kid with the dream of acting but now I’m a grown ass man with that same dream… And the same crush on you…” He confessed with his gaze jumping from your eyes to your lips.
“Aaron…” You managed to mutter and stood on the tip of your toes to reach out to his lips to him again. You didn’t know why but you felt like it was meant to be. He broke the kiss to look into your sparkling (Y/E/C) eyes once more; the tip of his nose played with yours and you both giggled. You feared what was going to happen now; you had been friends for the longest time and now this kiss changed everything. “Aaron what’s going to happen now?” You asked “you have children…”
“We’ll go slowly if it’s what you want; my children know you as a friend and we will keep it like that for a while… They’re young and I’m sure they will understand. Wylda is such an intelligent little girl, you can’t imagine” he assured you “we’ll figure it out, I’m telling you”


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