I got diagnosed with Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder today. It is awful. Not being able to sleep until 4 am every night takes its toll very quickly. Its making everything hard, and having GAD is just sooo fucking pleasant on its own. No sleep makes anxiety 10000x worse. Yay.

Today is a big day for us. We are launching the members area section of CRSD Media. Now, all members can log in and loot at the latest new and meetings, check the notifications, and even share their favorite things! All members can now sign up and enjoy.


Music makes us creative!

Our hit of the week is the latest song All of Me, by John Legend. He has a beautiful voice, and an emotional song with deep lyrics, that motivate and inspire us to be more artistic.

The full Spotify playlist of our office hits will be coming soon!


Ryan Higa - the YouTuber

Ryan Higa is a popular American youtuber who is famous for his funny skits and videos. Besides the perfect video attitude, he is also a great video editor. He is truly an example for supreme video editing, and his comedy skills are off the charts!

TFiOS - our favorite book

The fault in our stars is currently our favorite book. It is a beautiful love story, which strangely, appels to everyone no matter age or sex. It is an amazing story about Hazel Grace, a cancer patient, who meets the guy of her dreams, whom with she has her “little infinity”.

We would definately reccomend this book to you. Get it on Audible (audiobook) or on Amazon for a verry affordable price.