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I’m posting this here in case no one has seen this yet, 

The Curse Weekly- Jacky Learns to Drive

He’s absolutely precious :3

anonymous asked:

Are you fucking retarded? Those guys are ugly as fuck.. Seriously bad fucking taste.

Ahhh I’m going to assume you are refering to the lcs player post i made and not my usual anime crushes (haru bby i can be your water) 

Let’s address your question piece by piece. first of all, excuse you I am not fucking retarded. If you are taking the time to send hate message to a girl you dont even know half way across the internet about her opinion on men, then you are the one that probably has some problem. 

I’m going to be a dick and point out that your anger probably roots from jealousy. Not about me since you dont know me but its very apparent that those lcs players have what pretty much everyone wants at this point. they play a game that they love for a job for quite a bit of money, the get to live with their friends and all four of those players who’s pictures i posted, all have very attractive girlfriends. 

So I will link my post here again in hopes that you will look at them again and realize that very, very few people in the world are actually ugly and on some of chance that jacky or hai or ecco or link does see it (never in a million years ahahaha), thats not a very nice thing of you to say. Don’t be rude to others just because you have the veil of internet anonymity protecting you.