croxy lalonde

Some requests! If u ordered any of this u kno who u are 

there is: Cronus/Roxy, damkri, johndave, solfef, katnep, John/Equius

someone also wanted a transparent Callie for their blog but I can’t find a fucking working free version of photoshop ANYWHERE and i dont know any other way to make a picture transparent :c

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ROXY: oh no hes hot

what if porrim became friends w/ roxy and roxy told porrim about her love for wizards? porrim would probably go “hey i know a wizard” and then she’d tell meenah and latula about her plan to F I N A L L Y hook someone up with cronus. and meenah has her doubts about it and makes a bet with porrim and i just exploded bc this is totes what would happen. also theres protective observant dirk to make sure no funny business happens 

even latula gives this ship a thumbs up and SO SHOULD U!!!!

pls ship this im begging u

it absolutely perfect

its messy but idc i finally drew something other than a single character facing the left. also pretend i can draw hands and backgrounds for 5 minutes

featuring the strategic ‘hand in the pocket’ trick

for the anon that asked for red croxy ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Country girl Roxy Lalonde meets Cronus at a western bar.  She laughs at his leather jacket which sticks out like, well, a greaser in a western bar.

“On a scale of missed bus stop to time traveler, how lost are you?”

She notices the wand poking out of his back pocket just as he spots the spell book peeking up from her purse.

“Maybe I’m in juuuust the right place at the right time.  Like magic.”  Cronus wags his eyebrows as she scoffs, clutching her purse close, cheeks pink.

“Sounds like hocus pocus to me.”  A devilish idea occurs to her.  "Well city slicker, if you can last on the bull for three minutes I’ll show you my magic tricks.“