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theresstillme said:

OKAY. Six words, six characters, arrange them as you will into as many drabbles as you want. Orange, the witching hour, blood, yesterday, sweetheart, psalm. Bela, Dean, Kevin, Sam, Cas, Hannah. (alternate character: Jody Mills.)

Okay, so somehow this turned into Kevin x Crowley? Whoops. But yeah, idk, ficlet after the cut: 

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KBB 2015: Author/Artist Pairs

Announcing the author/artist pair-ups for the 2015 Kevin Big Bang. 

prodigal-anon & amberdreams 

mako-lies & tkodami

smalltrolven (on lj)/deansmixtape & smercurial    

cutiepiekevin & Emmatheslayer (on lj)  

For our intrepid authors and artists… art drafts are due November 1st and posting begins November 15th. Be sure to contact each other ASAP (if you haven’t already), and good luck!

We had artists express interest in making more Kevin & Osric related art for the bang. So! Next week, we’ll be announcing another avenue for artists to make KBB art. We’re putting together a “For Further Reading” list of already-published Kevin fic by fandom favorites. These fics will be by authors who are willing & excited to have art made for them. The artwork for these fics will be posted during amnesty week. Stay tuned for more information next week about how to participate!  

Sign-ups going strong!

dustyjournal here! After the kbb’s first week of open sign-ups, we’re going strong for a first time bang. For those of you on the fence about writing, we could really use you!

For those of you just joining us, the Kevin Tran Big Bang is looking for authors! This is a character-based bang, for fic about Kevin Tran or Osric Chau. There are two writing tracks, the mini-bang (7.5k) and big-bang (15k+). All ships are welcome, RPF is welcome. AUs, Fusions are welcome. Basically the only thing you can’t do is write cross-overs with other shows, but you sure as hell can write an AU about it if you love that world!

Have a Sevin fic idea that you’ve been dying to write? Or a Crowvin hurt/comfort plotbunny that just won’t leave you alone? Castiel + Kevin frenemy fic in the bunker?? Sign-up and join us for the first ever KBB in the fall!     

Interested? Sign-up here