Eyes on Fire

//Requested Crowvin! Kind of smutty, thanks to the song. :3//

Shuffle song: Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Time: 5:02

“I haven’t even started with the true torture, Kevin.”

Kevin believes it. His arms ache terribly, suspended over his head and held there by shackles. Blood drips from his forehead into his eyes, courtesy of the crown of thorns that one of Crowley’s heavies had jammed on to his head.

“I agreed…” he whispers. “I-I told you everything.”

Crowley smiles, and an almost painful shiver runs up and down the length of Kevin’s spine. He knows that smile.

 “Are you certain? Is that your final answer, Kevin?”

Kevin shakes violently when the knife touches his thigh, and then his groin, and Crowley palms his flaccid cock.

“It would be a shame to permanently disfigure such an attractive young lad. Yet.“

Prompt Fill

theresstillme said:

OKAY. Six words, six characters, arrange them as you will into as many drabbles as you want. Orange, the witching hour, blood, yesterday, sweetheart, psalm. Bela, Dean, Kevin, Sam, Cas, Hannah. (alternate character: Jody Mills.)

Okay, so somehow this turned into Kevin x Crowley? Whoops. But yeah, idk, ficlet after the cut: 

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