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hey, this is a random question but i plan on doing porrim in the future and i was wondering if you had any recommendations for body makeup for porrim's tattoos??? usually when i see people cosplay her the tattoos look faded and i was hoping to avoid that. thanks in advance uwu

For tattoos I always recommend no-tack prosaid (which is a type of PAX). My boyfriend who cosplays Kamina/Mugen/Ace/lots of characters that have tats uses it all the time and it works kinda like second skin.  It really doesn’t rub off without extreme scrubbing or remover so I would def give it a shot.  (a few times we have done his tattoos the night before, he’s slept in them and they were still fine the next morning/days to come, I’m pretty sure he still has his Mugen tattoos slightly intact from colossal last weekend lol)  Basically all you do is mix 50/50 ratio of prosaid to non-toxic acrylic paint and paint in on your skin, it works great.  :)  I wouldn’t rec it for full body coverage because it’s doesn’t breathe very well (aka: troll paint) but it works great for tattoos and high traffic areas of your body.  Good luck on your Porrim cosplay!   

how breezy and i show affection
  • breezy: I just realized my birthday is in twelve days omfg
  • tree: that omfg was very unenthusiastic lets see you kick it up a notch to 'frEAKIng tHE FUCk ouT' tier mmkay
  • breezy: No you don't understand everyday I have been really psyched and just occurred to me this late in the day that its only 12 FUCKING DAYS
  • tree: thats better wanna see some fuckin exclamation points up in these texts get nice n friendly like with some shout poles cuz yOU GONNA BE 21 IN 12 DAYS BUTTCHEEKS
  • breezy: Did u just call me buttcheeks
  • breezy: U did
  • tree: i mean you have eyes u can read right like u didn't suddenly become blind and incapable of reading my subtle affections hidden in insults
  • breezy: I am going to punch you so hard in the buttcheeks next time I see your dumb face
  • tree: i love you too lil shit stain <3
  • breezy: Yeah I guess I love you too fucktruck
  • tree: wheres my less than three you lil fucker dontchu hold out on me u broken excuse for a crisper drawer