crows hat

please, my darling inej, treasure of my heart,

won’t you do me the honor of acquiring me a new hat?

Thins to kno about the Crows

- thers 6 plus tha other one they r trying to get rid of
- thers a smol silent one 
- thers one who looks like deth, the scheemin deth basterd 
- thers tha big one with tha musles who wud be good at a farm
- thers tha tall prety one who lovs tha big one and crackrs
- thers waffles 
- thers a one who is in tha wrong place who makes big explosions and is gud for jes 
- they live in a tomb 
- might alredy be ded an are ghosts
- oh and thers jes who needs help

anonymous asked:

You should make someone happy (me) writing something with Harry and his 3 year old boy watching games and being cute together...... (Puppy eyes) 😊

This was sent when Snowbound started, so I set it in its universe. It’s pretty general, though, except for the middle part… I dunno, give it a whirl if you’re so inclined! ;) x

Gentle Reminder: requests are CLOSED! New ones will likely be posted without response to be catalogued. 

060. Lions and Vikings and Bears – Oh My! - Optional Snowbound Extra

“Careful, bug,” Harry laughs as he straightens the Cheesehead hat on his son’s curly hair. “Whoops,” he mutters to himself as he knocks it askew again and the triangular shape falls over his son’s face.

“It’s too big for him,” you remark from your spot next to him on the couch.

“I know,” he sighs and he grasps it with one of his large hands and removes it.

“No!” his son exclaims with a great shriek of protest. A miniature chin trembles and ten fingers reach up high for the cheddar hat that’s been robbed from his head.

“S’too big, yeh goose,” Harry retorts. “Fallin’ all over your face!”

Little hands reach for the hat regardless, and the boy on Harry’s lap is nearly wailing so he sets the too big hat on top of his head again, holding it in place.

“He’s going to be a nightmare to get to sleep,” you fret. “He’s already up past his bedtime, he’ll be so tired—“

“S’jus’ the once, love,” Harry argues gently. He’s looking at you with green eyes that melt you in his favor. “Big game for us Cheeseheads.”

Your son is practically drowning in a Packers jersey all his own but that is still too big for him  (“He’ll grow into it,” Harry had told you when he’d first brought it home for him) and his eyes are shining with a level of excitement that, you think, has little to do with the game.

He’s more excited to be spending time with his daddy who has been Stateside for the better part of the last two months, and you have to admit you’re feeling a similar level of excitement and relief. You enjoy a good game, but the Packers are Harry’s – he’s the one with the tattoo, and the American football, and the jerseys, and the other pieces of memorabilia. He’s never forced you to watch a game with him, but he’s always lit up a bit when you do decide to settle in on the couch and cuddle into him, only to be jostled when he leans forward on an exciting play.

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